Roomba Not Charging: How To Fix?

My first encounter with the Roomba was while walking around the aisles at Walmart.

The brand wasn’t well known in those days. My fascination with the prospect of a robot doing my housecleaning compelled me to get one.

Since then, the Roomba has advanced significantly and now has a number of advanced features.

I realized quickly from the flashing lights that my friend’s 600 series Roomba needed reseating when he brought it to me that it wasn’t charging.

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My friends also come to me when they have problems with their Roomba. is my roomba charging?

So no, I won’t say it has anything to do with my knack for repairing technology around the house.

So, I decided to put together a troubleshooting guide for Roomba Not Charging so you would know what to do if it wouldn’t charge.

To clear dust, hair, or accumulated gunk from your Roomba’s charging port, use rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth.

You might also have to reinstall your battery or replace the charging dock, or you may have to reset the Roomba back to factory settings.

Contact points must be cleaned

You might remember the iRobot commercial featuring the Roomba 600 series, which had the tagline, “Cleans hard so you don’t have to.”

Well, the Roomba does indeed keep your house clean, but it does so at the cost of some love.

As a result, it is important to clean the Roomba every other day in order to avoid many problems, which will result in a shortened lifespan.

As an example, the charging port may accumulate dust and dirt due to an oxide layer forming on the electrical contacts.

In addition, deep cleaning your Roomba does not require a professional.

There is nothing more you need than a few household cleaning products you can find at Walmart or your local mom-and-pop store.

If necessary, clean the contact points with 99% iso-propyl (rubbing) alcohol and a soft, dry cloth.

The charging contacts can also be cleaned by rubbing with a microfiber cloth or melamine foam.

If Having cleaned the device but not been able to resolve the Roomba Not Charging issue, it’s time for troubleshooting.

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Reset the Roomba

Roomba Not ChargingThe problem is sometimes not with the hardware, but rather with the software. It may seem that the Roomba isn’t charging because of a bug. In reality, it may not be charging!

Thus, as our first measure, we will conduct a soft reset. Roomba is restarted, but the default settings are not restored.

The following steps will help you reset your Roomba:

  1. To clean and dock the device, press and hold the buttons
  2. As soon as you hear a beep from the device, release the buttons
  3. You should see the Roomba charging once you plug it back in.

A dedicated reset button is available on Roomba 700 series and 800 series models. This button can be pressed for ten seconds to reset the Roomba.

Alternate power outlets

I recommend making sure our wiring and sockets are in good condition before moving on to more technical troubleshooting.

You should see the power light flash when the Home Base is connected to a socket.

 The GFCI outlet probably tripped if you don’t see the light. Ensure you plug into a tight connection while connecting to a new power outlet.

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The docking station needs to be cleaned

If the Roomba does not receive sufficient power, it may be unable to charge.

Charger contacts can become clogged if dirt accumulates on them. When this happens, the outlet and ports are no longer connected.

To prevent the accumulation of debris, the docking station should be cleaned periodically. By doing so, you may be able to resolve the issue sooner.

The following steps should be followed:

  1. Take the Roomba off the caster wheel by flipping it over
  2. Make sure the wheels are free of debris
  3. Rub rubbing alcohol over the charging contacts and wipe them with a soft cloth

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Battery repositioning

The battery can shift or fall out of position due to shipping or other reasons.

To determine if you should replace the battery or claim the warranty, make sure it is inserted in the right place.

To gain access to the battery compartment, remove five screws from the back panel and reinstall the battery in the right place tightly. Plug in the Roomba after you’ve reinstalled the screws.

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How long does a Roomba’s battery last?

Roomba Not ChargingWithout batteries, Roombas are nothing. The robot will therefore be affected by any minor inconveniences.

It The Roomba’s battery life can be extended when maintained properly.

The runs usually last one or two hours (they should be longer at first). Also, I noticed that charging usually takes between two and three hours.

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I Before charging the robot, remove the yellow pull-tab. When you receive a brand new Roomba, make sure you charge it overnight so it will last as long as possible.

Taking the battery out when you aren’t using your Roomba for a while is another excellent way to extend its battery life.

While you are on vacation, you might want to leave the battery disconnected. Use the battery until it has completely drained after recharging it.

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Replace the Battery

Roomba Not ChargingIt is possible to roomba battery reset if you are not satisfied with its performance or if it is defective.

The market offers several types of batteries, but which one is best?

 The best batteries for optimum performance are iRobot original batteries. You can extend the life of your charger and prevent charging problems by performing proper maintenance.

To help your Roomba’s battery last longer, here are a few tips:

  1. As the Roomba uses a rechargeable battery, it can perform more cleaning cycles when used frequently.
  2. For charging and storing, choose a cool, dry location.
  3. Periodically clean your device to prevent the accumulation of hair or dust
  4. Plug your Roomba into the charger whenever it is not in use to keep it constantly charged

While charging a new lithium-ion battery, you should also practice patience. Allow the battery time to acclimate.

Plug in the base station first and place it on a level surface. Your base station should glow when you plug it in.

Attach the Roomba to it, wait for the base station to shut off and the Roomba’s light to flash and eventually stop.

Displays the charging status of the device. Please wait for a few seconds.

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Factory reset your Roomba

If none of the Roomba Not Charging solutions work, you can perform a factory reset. A hard reset will return your device to its factory default settings and bring it back to like-new condition from a software point of view.

It A virus infecting the memory or a software bug that affects that Roomba Not Charging can be easily fixed with this method.

It takes no more than ten seconds to factory reset your Roomba. Here’s how to do it:

  1. For ten seconds, hold down the Clean button.
  2. Following the flashing of the indicator lights, the device should be restarted

In the event that you reset the Roomba to its factory settings, all of your customized settings and schedules will be lost. The Roomba can be reprogrammed.

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Get in touch with Customer Support

Roomba Not ChargingIf Your Roomba will flash its troubleshooting light when there is a problem.

A particular error code corresponds to the number of blinks. The iRobot App on your phone or PC provides details about eight different error codes.

Call 1-877-855-8593 to speak with a technical expert at iRobot customer care. If you have any questions about the codes or need assistance with your Roomba, please contact 1-877-855-8593. More information is available on their website.

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Claim your Roomba’s warranty

If The Roomba Not Charging issues were not resolved by any of the solutions. Your Roomba may be defective.

In the case of a warranty claim, you can directly contact iRobot for replacement or refurbishment.

Any internal circuit problems you have may have to be repaired by iRobot or a third-party service provider outside the warranty period.

You should let the professionals handle the troubleshooting once you have used all of your troubleshooting methods.

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Replace the Dock

Docking stations can also be replaced if they are faulty, much like batteries. In case cleaning the dock didn’t solve the problem, you might consider purchasing a new dock.

IRobot replaces docks if your warranty is still intact within a week. You can also find one compatible with your Roomba on the free market.

Get a new Roomba or charge your old one

Roomba Not ChargingAt the end of Roomba Not Charging. A simple hack can kickstart the Roomba and allow it to run for a few more cycles even though the battery is dead.

The manufacturer does not recommend jumping a fully charged battery into a lithium-ion battery.

 The Roomba won’t be as efficient now, but it should last a few more days.

Wire 14-gauge copper wire through the corresponding terminals of the dead battery to that of the fully charged one. Attach them with tape and hold for two minutes.

Now that the battery is in the Roomba, the device should be turned on. Charging will begin.

Furthermore, keep an eye on the charger’s flashing lights when you are troubleshooting. The battery may become too hot when the red light flashes.

Flashing red and green lights do the same thing, indicating an incorrectly seated battery. The iRobot app provides more information about the codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Roomba charging?

If the CLEAN button has an LED indicator, you can determine its charging status.

  • Solid red: No power
  • Flashing amber: The charger is charging
  • Green: The charge is complete

Furthermore, the 16-hour charging mode is indicated by a fast pulsating amber light.

Is there a way to tell when you need to replace the battery in your Roomba?

  • Within minutes of standard operation, the battery drains abnormally fast.
  • When the Roomba is not docked, it cannot work for more than 15 to 20 minutes.
  • There is no flashing of the power light.
  • The performance of the Roomba is not affected by a soft or hard reset.

When charging, does the Roomba base light remain on?

Roomba switches off the base lights after flashing for about four seconds to conserve energy.

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