Microsoft Surface Pro 9 – Everything You Need To Know [2022]

What You Need To Know About The Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Microsoft is expected to merge the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 and Surface Pro X lines, according to sources. In 2012, we first learned about the Microsoft Surface line of tablets, which at the time were running Windows RT. Almost every year, Microsoft releases a new Surface, leading many to speculate that Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is close at hand.

There has been no official announcement from Microsoft regarding the next Surface Pro, but the Microsoft Surface 8 Pro was released back in October 2021 and included Windows 11 as its operating system. Featuring a stunning design, display, and speakers of reasonable quality, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 has received outstanding reviews.

The device does not have a USB-A port, but it does have USB 4.0 and Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports. A Microsoft Surface 9 entry-level model with the keyboard and pen included instead of expensive extras would be great.

We are preparing to release the next version of what we consider to be an excellent iPad alternative. As far as the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 release date, pre-order options, and price are concerned, we’ll cover everything we know and want to know.


The release date of the Surface Pro 9 is predicted

Microsoft Surface Pro was not released in 2020, which was highly likely due to the old pandemics. In recent months, we’ve also seen major processor manufacturers making progress with their next generation processors, such as AMD and Intel.

We predict the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will be released in the same period of 2022 as the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. At present, we don’t know what Microsoft is planning, but if the Surface Pro X refresh doesn’t skip a year, we might see the Microsoft Surface Pro 9.


Is it possible to pre-order the Surface Pro 9?

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will not be available for pre-order until it is officially announced. Following the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, pre-orders will be available soon.

Checking the Microsoft store is the best way to keep up with pre-order dates.


Estimate cost of the Surface Pro 9

While it is impossible to predict the exact price for the Microsoft Surface Pro 9, it is likely to be close to the price of the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. At first, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 cost approximately $750, with additional extras costing around $1,000.  The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 started at $1,099, topping out way beyond $1,699.

Therefore, we don’t expect to see a significant price increase, though specifications will play a role as well. Microsoft Surface Pro 9 would have to justify a price hike big time, remember the keyboard and trackpad type cover weren’t included with Surface Pro 8. In my opinion, Microsoft would be better off selling this as a 2-in-1 bundle.


Surface Pro 9 specifications compared to Surface Pro 8

Surface Pro 9 specs are nothing more than rumors until the company announces it. However, Microsoft Surface Pro 8 specifications are likely to be very similar, but with improved processing power. It is possible that Intel 12th-gen processors will be introduced.

Enhanced display features, such as higher refresh rates, may also be included. A significant improvement has been made for handheld devices and laptops since AMD launched the Ryzen 6000 series. We believe AMD CPUs will not be included in the next line of Surface Pro/X products, but they may be included in some laptops.

ARM and Intel configurations of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 may be available from Microsoft. Additional nice-to-have features include 5G, interesting color options, and an OLED display, among others.



What will the new Microsoft Surface Pro 9 look like in 2022?

Neither a formal announcement nor a timeline have been released. Every year, Microsoft releases a new Surface Pro model, despite the Surface Pro X being refreshed this year.

Which Microsoft Surface model is the latest?

It is currently the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 that is the newest Microsoft Surface.

What is the best generation of Microsoft Surface Pro?

This generation (8th) is considered to be the best so far, bringing Microsoft's tablet solution into the discussion.

Does Microsoft plan to discontinue the Surface?

Throughout the years, the Surface line of devices has made great progress and improvements.


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