Vizio TV Won’t Turn On? – Instantly Fix It With These Methods [2022]

When your Vizio TV suddenly won’t turn on, it can be very frustrating for you. In addition to being high-priced, the repair of a new TV can take a lot of time and effort.

There is no need to panic if your Vizio TV won’t turn on, you don’t have to worry about it. When the Vizio TV won’t turn on scenario occurs, there are several possible causes, and most of the time, it’s not a broken TV. Generally, a few minutes of troubleshooting and a few minutes of waiting will restore your TV to full functionality.


Here are some tips on fixing the Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Issue

In order to troubleshoot your Vizio TV that won’t turn on, we need to make sure that it is getting power.

  • To find out if your TV is on standby, you should check the standby light. If your TV has a red indicator light, then that means that it is in Standby mode, which means that it is powered off. You may have a backlight issue or a different input screen if you see the blue indicator light but still see a black screen. The TV may not receive power for some reason if you don’t see any light at all.


Vizio TV that won’t turn on with the Standby Light on.

What you can do if your Vizio TV won’t turn on despite the standby light being on, and what the possible reasons are.


Make sure the remote control is working

It is possible that there is no problem with your Vizio TV at all if it won’t turn on using the remote that came with it. You might need to replace the remote control rather than the remote itself if you have an issue with it.

  • Often, one of the most common problems that you will run into is a problem with the batteries dying or they are already dead. It is important that you verify that the underlying problem has been rectified by replacing the batteries and turning on the TV again.
  • You can try holding the power button for 20 seconds if nothing happens when you remove the batteries from your remote control. Try turning on the TV after 20 seconds of pressing the Power button after reinserting the batteries.
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Troubleshooting a Vizio TV without a standby light.

The power issue is probably the reason why your Vizio TV won’t turn on, or the standby light in the corner isn’t turning on.


Vizio TV won’t turn on due to a malfunctioning power source

It is logical to start by checking the power.

  • Start by pressing the Menu button to see if any results appear. It is not uncommon for the TV to be on but display a blank screen when it is on. In addition to a Menu button on the remote control, there is also one on the TV. Try pressing both buttons (but not at the same time) if the menu does not appear.
  • When the menu test fails, the TV may be off, and the power source could be the problem. Make sure your TV is attached to a power source properly in order to turn it on again.


A good power cord should be in good condition

Your TV may not turn on because of a loose or damaged cord. Despite our best efforts, even the most technically savvy of us can run into problems with a loose power cord.

  • Plug the TV and power outlet together if the cord does not fit well. You may not be able to unplug your TV from its power source if your power cord is slightly loose. Verify that the cord is properly plugged into the outlet. It can be properly plugged in by unplugging and replugging it. A different outlet may also work if you plug the cord in there.
  • Verify that the TV’s cable is firmly wired to the wall outlet after checking the outlet. Especially if your children or pets run around the TV, loose power wire connections are more common than you might think. Longer cables become tighter, which can cause them to loosen when rotating or moving the TV. Ensure the power cord is fully inserted and secure by unplugging and plugging it back in.
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If testing the TV’s remote, testing its power source (wall outlet), and inspecting its power cord does not work, there are a few other things you can try.


It is possible to fix a Vizio TV that won’t turn on by Power Cycling It

Your Vizio TV should be power cycled first if you suspect that there is a problem with its power supply.

Your TV’s power button will be needed to complete this process. Are Vizio TVs equipped with buttons? It is common for all buttons to be found on the back of devices, but this varies from model to model.

Power cycling your Vizio TV is straightforward and involves the following steps:

  1. Your TV’s cord should be unplugged and left disconnected.
  2. Your Vizio TV will have a power button located on the back of it.
  3. It’s easy to notice how the buttons blend in nicely with the background if you look closely.
  4. To drain any reserve energy from your TV, hold down the button for about ten seconds.
  5. You might want to try turning on your TV again after a while.


In many cases, the steps that have been outlined above should work. Hold the power button down for at least 10 seconds each time you try any of the procedures if none of them work the first time. These steps will help you fix your Vizio TV so you can relax.


If your Vizio TV still won’t turn on, contact Vizio Customer Support.

The Vizio customer service department can assist you if none of these tips work. Depending on your model, Vizio may provide instructions on their website.

There is a chance that calling tech support will fix the Vizio TV won’t turn on problem, but there is also a possibility that there are other issues with your TV that you cannot fix on your own.

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You may be able to resolve your problem by calling Vizio customer service or sending your TV in for repair.


It is necessary to replace the internal components of the Vizio TV.

Troubleshooting boards to identify power problems is possible if you understand electronics.

There is a possibility that the power supply board of a Vizio TV may be faulty if it won’t turn on. On power supply boards, capacitors, transistors, and diodes are most commonly defective.

Vizio TVs, or any other TV for that matter, should be disassembled by a certified repair technician if you’ve never done it before. There is a lot of precision and detail in disassembly, plus there is a risk to your safety! With all those tight, brittle connections and high-voltage circuits, you could damage the TV or yourself with just one wrong move.



You are at your own risk if you decide to service your Vizio TV on your own. There is no responsibility on the part of for any actions or outcomes pursued by a user. There is a risk of electrical damage and shock as a result of your actions!


Conclusion: Fixing Vizio TV Won’t Turn On.

When something isn’t working, such as a Vizio TV that won’t turn on, the problem can be identified. In order to resolve the problem, you must first identify what caused the problem to occur in the first place. Start with simpler solutions and then move on to more advanced ones, as you probably already know.

Depending on whether you have any tips or recommendations for troubleshooting this issue, please let us know in the comments.


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