How to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 102?

With a Samsung smart TV, you can watch all your favorite shows from the comfort of your living room. Nevertheless, launching an app and receiving error codes can be very frustrating! Samsung TV error code 102 is a very common error code.Error Code 102

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Samsung TVs that display Error Code 102 are having a problem connecting to Samsung Smart Hub servers. Most likely, your router or Smart Hub servers are to blame, and restarting your router can sometimes solve the problem. Some problems may, however, require a more in-depth investigation.

Here, we’ll examine the meaning behind this code in more detail. We’ll then show you some techniques to fix it.

What Does Error Code 102 Mean?

Error Code 102The message “There was a problem in the network” appears when Error Code 102 appears on your TV. What is the exact problem? The Smart Hub is not connected to your TV.

There are a few possible reasons for this. A problem with your router, your device’s software or firmware, or even the Smart Hub servers themselves could be to blame. If the problem is caused by any of the following reasons, you can try the following solutions in an attempt to resolve it:

  • You need to reboot your router.
  • The Samsung TV needs to be rebooted.
  • Your router’s settings need to be changed.
  • The TV’s Wi-Fi module should be checked.
  • A DNS server can be manually changed on a device.
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The following sections will describe how each method works.

Reboot Your Router

Your Smart Hub might not be able to connect to your TV sometimes merely because your router needs to be rebooted. By doing this, all previous sessions will be wiped clean, and all drivers will be restarted, which can hopefully resolve the issue. Once you have turned off your router, allow it to sit for a few minutes before turning it back on. Resetting the router will take some time.

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Reboot Your Samsung TV

Trying to reboot your television might help if rebooting your router does not work. Before plugging your TV back in, unplug it from the wall, then wait about 10-20 minutes. Software malfunctions can be resolved by reinitializing the drivers.

Change Your Router’s Settings

Occasionally, you may have to change the settings on your router to allow your TV to communicate. This can be caused by encryption. An encrypted router shields the network from unauthorized devices. Check your TV’s connectivity by turning off any encryption you are using.

Try changing the frequency of your router if this does not work. Some devices work better on 2.4 GHz than on 5 GHz frequencies. Almost all routers support both frequencies. Rather than checking the connection using the 2.4 GHz setting, try checking it with the 5 GHz setting. At a higher frequency, devices with high bandwidth, such as smart TVs, perform better.

The access control setting is the last thing you need to check. It is possible that your router is blocking access to your TV if you have never connected it to the network before. Some devices will only connect to certain MAC addresses. This can be resolved by disabling access control or by whitelisting your TV’s MAC address.

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Check the Wi-Fi Module

From the Samsung TV home screen, select “Support” followed by “Contact Manufacturer” to find out your Samsung TV’s MAC address. You need a number and a letter for this address. Your network adapter may be malfunctioning if you see dashes and zeros instead.

A network adapter can be purchased if this is the case. Through this, you can access internet features without having to use an adapter built into your television. A LAN cable could also be purchased if you prefer.

Manually Change the DNS Server

It’s possible that your router or device is not the root cause of your problem – it could be the Smart Hub server! The server may require maintenance or be experiencing a problem. The problem will eventually go away on its own, but some users have reported success by manually specifying their DNS server.

Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Go to “Network Settings” on your smart TV.
  2. Choose “DNS.”
  3. This field should be filled with a publicly accessible IP address, such as Google’s (

The above tips might not work if you wait a few hours. Should the Smart Hub server go down for any reason, the problem will resolve itself after a while.

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Final Thoughts

Smart TV error codes are never fun to receive. If error code 102 keeps popping up, you might need to troubleshoot your router or device, or you might need to wait for Samsung to resolve a server issue. Your favorite shows will be available for watching again as soon as possible, whichever method you choose.

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