539 Area Code – Are there any risks involved? [2022]

539 Area Code – Is It Safe Or Risky?

Does your business reach out to people in Tulsa, Oklahoma? You are most likely to call numbers with a 539 area code if that is the case. Your local business phone number does not have the same area code as the people in this area, however, if your business is remote.

Although it may seem challenging to reach remote customers with a local phone number, it is possible. You can get an area code and phone number for people in this area easily. By having a local presence, you will be able to do better business.

Learn about the history, location, and details of the area before you get your local phone number. This will enable your business to better serve the local population.


Location of the 539 area code

This area code is most well known for its location in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Additionally, it’s the area code for the entire northeastern region of the state. 

There are also cities like Tahlequah, Broken Arrow, Jenks, McAlester, Muskogee, etc. With a population of just over 400 thousand, Tulsa is the largest city with the 539 area code. There are 1,678,826 people served by the entire area code.

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What is the History of 539 Area Code?

Area codes in Oklahoma are relatively young, with this area code being the youngest. When Oklahoma was created in 1947, it had a single area code – 405. There was a new code introduced in 1953, however, called 918. 

Oklahoma’s northeastern region was served by 918 until 2011. In 2011, the 539 area code became the first overlay area code for Oklahoma. The area’s residents and businesses now have both 539 and 918 area codes.


Area Code 539 Details

Tulsa is the largest city in this area code, but it is only 196.8 square miles in size. Compared to this area code, it covers an area of 19,910.72 square miles. On a map, it covers the entire northeast corner of the state, so it’s basically almost a quarter of the entire state.

People in this part of the country affectionately refer to it as the Green Country. Due to the rolling green hills in the surrounding area, there may be a reason for this. Agricultural production is booming in the country. Central Time Zone is the time zone for this area code. Therefore, people in this state share the same time as those in Iowa, Alabama, and Missouri.


Is there a 539 area code in the USA?

Oklahoma telephone numbers correspond to this area code in the USA.

The prefix 539 is used for phone numbers in this region, so if you call a number in this region or receive a call from it, the number will have this prefix.

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Can the 539 area code have different locations?

As for 539 area code, it will always be a telephone located in Oklahoma, since the prefix always has the same location.

Modern mobile phones usually indicate the location from which a call was made automatically, but older phones do not. When you receive a call or need to place a call to a phone with a 539 area code, and you ask yourself: Where is this area code located? Oklahoma is always the right answer.


What is the best way to call an area code 539 phone from abroad?

A telephone number in this area code can be called from abroad by dialing the international prefix of the United States (+1), the 539 area code, and the local telephone number. To put it another way, you must dial:

+1 539 [Phone number]

Do you think 539 Area Code is safe or risky?

The cost of calls from one country to another, such as calling to this area code phone number from outside the USA, will be higher than calls made within the same country. 

Depending on the telephone company with which the call is made, the final cost will be determined. Although this area code does not pose a risk, it does not indicate trustworthiness of the caller.


Vanity phone numbers for business in Tulsa

With a vanity phone number, you can get a local number with a Tulsa area code. To reach people in this part of Oklahoma, you can use these numbers to pair with your current business phone system.

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What time zone does area code 539 belong to?

April 1, 2011 marked the first day of service for the this area code. After long usage of the 918 area code, this new area code was created. Central time is the time zone for this area code. America/Chicago is also known as the Central time zone.



In spite of the fact that Tulsa is Oklahoma’s second-largest city, it has more than one area code, namely 918 and 539. Businesses may be able to benefit from reaching people in this part of the state if they are able to reach those people.

Having a phone number for the city of Tulsa may be helpful if you need customers in Oklahoma. As a result, you will be able to provide a professional business phone number to residents in this area.

Is Tulsa and its surrounding cities something you want to call? Global Call Forwarding can help you choose an Oklahoma telephone number. With your own customizable features, you can create your own virtual phone number account.


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