Sony TV Remote Not Working: How to Fix?

Sony is a TV manufacturer that offers voice-controlled remote controls that are user-friendly. Unfortunately, the remote can malfunction from time to time. In the event that your Sony TV Remote Not Working, what should you do? 

The batteries should be removed from your Sony TV remote after one minute, if your Sony TV Remote Not Working. After the batteries have been replaced, try again. Replace the batteries with new ones if that doesn’t work, and make sure your TV’s remote receiver is not blocked by anything.

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You can try the following troubleshooting steps if these didn’t resolve the issue, but just in case they didn’t, here are a few more you can try.

TV Remote Control Not Working How To Fix?

Sony TV Remote Not WorkingBatteries should be replaced

Remote problems are usually caused by a dead battery.

Do the following before replacing the batteries in your remotes:

  1. Troubleshooting the remote requires removing the batteries and pressing the power button for a few seconds. This step resets the remote by removing any residual power.
  2. Put the batteries back in your remote after waiting at least one minute.
  3. Try again if the remote isn’t working.

The old batteries may need to be replaced if this does not work. By replacing the batteries with new ones, you eliminate the possibility that the batteries are the cause of the problem.

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Eliminate obstacles

TVs receive information from remotes that are connected to transmitters. With a receiver built right into the television, the remote reads the signal coming from it.

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If your TV’s remote isn’t working, see if anything is blocking the receiver.

On your TV stand, or near it, I suggest getting rid of any plants or picture frames. The Sony TV should be free from anything that is close to it or in front of it.

Additionally, you can try shrinking the distance between the TV and remote control.

Button on remote is unresponsive

Sometimes just a few buttons on the remote aren’t responding, rather than the entire remote.

You can use your smart phone and open up the camera to see if a button on your Sony remote is broken. Press the button in question with your remote.

When the button is working, the remote will flash when it picks up your smartphone’s infrared sensor.

The button likely jammed or is broken if it doesn’t flash. By pressing the button repeatedly, you may be able to clear the jam.

If the IR sensor of your smart phone has stopped working, check your camera again.

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Voice feature troubleshooting

Using a different method to troubleshoot the Sony TV remote if its voice feature doesn’t work.

You must do the following:

  1. You can check the status of the MIC button by looking at the status light. Located on the remote’s top front side.
  2. An amber LED indicates that there is no connection between the TV and remote.
  3. Press the power button to reset your TV.
  4. Your remote will also need to be repaired for voice command.
  5. From the remote, press HOME.
  6. Now select the Settings option.

In the remote control menu of most TVs, you can select from three options: Remote Control, Remote & Accessories, or Voice Remote Control.

  1. On your TV, select the appropriate option. 
  2. The Connect via Bluetooth option is available for both Remote Control and Remote & Accessories.  
  3. Activating the MIC button is all that is needed for Voice Remote Control.
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Note: Using a remote control with no battery or one with insufficient battery power can cause pairing to fail. 

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Restart your Sony TV

Sony TV Remote Not WorkingSony TVs sometimes have problems, but not the remote.

You can try these things:

  1. Install a power outlet near your TV. 
  2. Using the Power button on the TV, you can turn the TV on.
  3. If your Sony TV can be operated, the status light should be visible.
  4. You’ll have to perform a power-cycle on the TV if you see a red blinking light when you press the buttons. The problem can be resolved by simply unplugging the TV and holding the power button for two minutes. The problem can be resolved by simply unplugging the TV and holding the power button for two minutes.
  5. You can now power on your TV by plugging it back in.
  6. Using your remote should be possible after you have reset your TV.

Note: If you have a Sony Android TV, you simply need to hold down the power button for 10 seconds in order to do a factory reset.

Your TV’s software needs to be updated

Smart TVs require regular updates in order to function properly. Without regular updates, the remote may malfunction.

Make sure your television is up-to-date by checking for software updates.

It is unlikely that outdated software is the cause of your issue, but sometimes it can disrupt remote connectivity.

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Check your TV’s mode

There are times when neither the TV nor the remote is causing the problem, but the TV or remote is set to the wrong source or mode.

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In case your remote doesn’t work when you try to change channels, follow these steps:

  1. Simply press Input on your remote. 
  2. There are several options available: HDMI3, Blu Ray, HDMI2, and HDMI1. You have to consider what type of connection you have to your TV. 
  3. Your TV’s remote will be unable to change channels if it is in one of these modes. Therefore, you will need to switch it back to the TV setting on your remote. 
  4. Now, try changing channels. 

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What to do when you need a new Sony TV remote

Sony TV Remote Not WorkingWater inside the device, falls on your remote control, or sitting repeatedly on it can affect the circuit board for quite some time.

In that case, you will likely have to replace your Sony remote.

Amazon offers high-quality remote controls for Sony TVs. Depending on the features and the model, a new remote can cost from 20 to 40 USD. 

If you buy a remote control, make sure it is compatible with the television model number you have.

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There is no need to replace Sony TV remotes after years of use. The Sony TV Remote Not Working occasionally, though.

If your Sony TV Remote Not Working, here’s what you can do:

  1. After removing the batteries, wait for 60 seconds and then replace them
  2. New batteries should be installed
  3. Your TV’s remote receiver should be free from obstructions
  4. You can unjam the remote by pressing the buttons repeatedly
  5. To get voice controls working again, you will need to pair your remote via Bluetooth
  6. Unplug your Sony TV for 2 minutes to power it on again
  7. Update your TV’s software
  8. Check your TV’s input mode

It’s possible that you’ll have to buy a new remote for your Sony TV if none of the steps above work.

How did you fix your Sony TV Remote Not Working? Share your experience below!

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