How To Fix Samsung TV Black Screen Issues in 2023

The Samsung screen mirroring service will not work if you see a Samsung TV Black Screen. Here are some possible causes and solutions. A black screen on a Samsung TV is caused by a number of common problems, which will be discussed in this article.

Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

Starting with the most frustrating and serious issue: the “black screen of death” is described as a situation in which an electronic device, such as a Samsung television, displays a black screen that is inoperable.

There can be a range of causes for this, including hardware, software, power, or HDMI connection problems. Restarting the TV or resetting it to its factory settings often fixes the Samsung TV Black Screen of Death. Depending on the severity of the problem, a professional might have to repair the TV.

How To Solve Black Screen On Samsung TV:

Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

1. Restart Samsung TV

It is often possible to resolve minor issues with your Samsung TV by restarting it. You can do it by following these steps:

  1. The TV should be unplugged from the wall outlet.
  2. Please wait at least a minute
  3. Reconnect the Samsung TV.

You can also restart your Samsung TV using the following method if that fails:

  1. The TV should be unplugged from the wall outlet.
  2. Your TV’s power button should be pressed and held for a few seconds.
  3. Make sure you hold the button for at least a minute.
  4. Reconnect the TV.
  5. Restart the TV.

2. Check your HDMI and power cables

You must securely connect the HDMI cable between your TV and your cable or satellite box if you are using a cable or satellite box. It may be impossible for the TV to display a picture if the box is not functioning properly.

The HDMI cable needs to be disconnected and reconnect to fix this problem. See if the problem is resolved by using a different HDMI cable.

It is also important to check your power cable in case of a black screen on Samsung TV. You should make sure that it is securely connected to both the power socket and your TV. Otherwise, you might not be getting enough power to your Samsung TV. The screen can become black as a result of that.

Let’s go wireless!

Check all of your cables for proper functioning. In the same way as any appliance, wires need to be replaced from time to time if they become damaged. Are you ready to cut the cords for good? Check out our Samsung TV screen mirroring apps for iPad, iPhone, Macbook, and Android!

3. Check the input on TV

If you are trying to display a device on your TV, make sure the input source is set to the correct one. A TV remote control has a “Source” button that you can use to do this. TVs cannot display pictures from devices if they are not set to the correct source.

Are you getting black screens on Samsung TV even with the correct input? If your HDMI cable is not working, try inserting it into a different HDMI socket on your TV. You should then adjust your input accordingly.

4. Update your Samsung TV

Until the black screen problem is resolved, try updating the TV’s firmware. You should first check to see if your TV has a firmware update available. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. Select “Settings” from the menu.
  2. Click “Support,” then “Software Update.”

It is sometimes possible to fix TV problems with a firmware update.

5. Factory reset Samsung TV

You can reset your Samsung TV to factory settings by following these steps:

  1. The TV’s “Settings” menu can be found there.
  2. Click on “System”.
  3. Select “Reset.”

You will be able to return your TV to its original, out-of-the-box state by erasing all your personal settings. If none of the other solutions work, try this one.

6. Reset the satellite box

If the box is not responding, you can try resetting it or contact your service provider. You may have a problem with the cable or satellite box if the TV menu appears but the screen remains black when you try to watch a program.

A power supply problem may be the cause of a black screen despite trying all of the above steps. Ensure that the power cord is not damaged by unplugging the TV from the wall outlet. It will be necessary to replace the cord if it is damaged.

7. DRM Solution

Digital Rights Management is an acronym for Digital Rights Management. Businesses use it to prevent content from being copied unauthorizedly.

Your sender device’s screen is mirrored on your receiver device by using screen mirroring. DRM understands casting to your Samsung TV as copying, even though it’s your smartphone, tablet, or MacBook that sends the image.

The good news is that DRM can be bypassed! You can learn how to solve the problem by watching the video below.

Using the following method:

  1. Using AirBeamTV, you can stay connected.
  2. Install Chrome or Firefox on your computer.
  3. Choose a browser and launch it.
  4. Visit Disney Plus.
  5. You can watch any content you like.
  6. Enjoy yourself, sit back, and relax!

Disney Plus Black Screen

There is no doubt that Disney Plus is a popular streaming platform. As well as Disney and Pixar titles, it also has exciting franchises, such as Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. That makes it the perfect entertainment package!

The big Samsung TV screen might make sense for you if you want to watch Disney Plus. You can use screen mirroring apps to do this, for example! In most cases, however, you get a black screen when you try to play a movie or series.

8. Remote batteries need to be changed

It is not uncommon for batteries to run out at the most unexpected times. This is especially true for something like a remote control for a TV. Samsung TVs can display a black screen due to malfunctions like those.

A new set of batteries could solve your Samsung TV remote’s problems!

Samsung TV Remote app

Keep your remote control’s batteries charged to avoid having to replace them frequently. Using this method, you can save plenty of money and no longer have to go to the supermarket. Use your iPhone or iPad to control your Samsung TV using the handy Samsung TV Remote app. There is a free version of this iOS application available today.

9. Disable Samsung TV’s Power Saver

Power Saver can be turned off by following these steps:

  1. Select Power Saving Mode from the Settings menu.
  2. Then click ‘Off’.
  3. Your TV should be turned off.
  4. Please wait 30 seconds.
  5. Restart your TV.

A Samsung TV’s Power Saver feature reduces energy consumption. In essence, it turns off your TV screen when you aren’t using it. However, it may cause your Samsung TV to display the infamous Samsung TV Black Screen of Death.

10. Contact customer support

You can reach Samsung customer service at any time. Throughout this article, there are many solutions that you can try, but if none of them work for you, they can help you.

There is a good chance that the problem goes deeper than a simple reset if the black screen persists. You will receive assistance and recommendations from customer service.

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Why Is My Samsung TV Screen Half Black?

Samsung TV Black Screen of Death

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan when appliances like TVs, mobile phones and laptops start up. Your Samsung TV might have a half-black screen because of this.

If that happens to you, restart your Samsung TV by unplugging it for a minute, waiting for it to recharge, and then plugging it back in. In that case

The backlights on your TV screen may also stop working due to this issue. If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to get it repaired or buy a new one. There are quite a few costs associated with both options!

This is a cost-effective DIY solution if you’re into DIY. Using this method requires you to replace the LED strips in your Samsung TV, so make sure you know how to do it before you try it! Additionally, you must remember that performing such fixes may void your warranty.

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There is sound on a Black Screen Samsung TV

It is possible to hear the sound even when your Samsung TV Black Screen of Death.

This problem can be solved in several ways. Try these in particular:

  1. Plug your Samsung TV back in after unplugging it for a minute.
  2. You may wish to move your HDMI cable to another socket if it is not fully inserted.
  3. Reset the factory settings.

You may also want to try the other methods mentioned in this article if none of those work.

How To Reset Samsung TV With Black Screen Without Remote?

Using your remote control, here’s how to reset your black screen Samsung TV:

  1. Make sure your TV is unplugged.
  2. Using your TV, hold down the volume down and power buttons at the same time.
  3. You’ll need another person to reconnect the TV while you’re holding the buttons.
  4. To complete the reset, follow the steps on the screen.

In the event that both your Samsung remote and TV are malfunctioning, you can use this solution.


Why is my Samsung TV screen black?

There could be several reasons why your Samsung TV screen is black, including a faulty cable or input, a software issue, a power problem, or a damaged screen.

How can I troubleshoot a black screen on my Samsung TV?

You can try several troubleshooting steps, including checking the input and cables, unplugging the TV and waiting for a few minutes before plugging it back in, resetting the TV to its default settings, and checking for any software updates.

What should I do if none of the troubleshooting steps work?

If none of the troubleshooting steps work, it’s best to contact Samsung support or a professional technician for assistance.

How can I prevent a black screen issue from happening again?

You can prevent a black screen issue from happening again by properly maintaining your TV, keeping it away from power surges, avoiding overuse, and regularly updating its software.


A black screen on a Samsung TV can be frustrating, but it’s often fixable with a few simple troubleshooting steps. If you’re unable to resolve the issue on your own, don’t hesitate to contact Samsung support or a professional technician for assistance. By properly maintaining your TV and following best practices for usage, you can help prevent black screen issues from occurring in the future.

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