Fixed: LG remote not working [Complete Guide]

LG TV remote not working 2022

If your LG TV remote not working, your TV is controlled by radio signals and infrared signals. A Bluetooth module and an infrared transmitter allow the lg tv remote control functions to do this. To connect the remote to the TV, you must pair it for the first time if it is new. Replace the batteries in the remote control after replacing them, and you may need to pair it with the TV. Rarely does this happen, the remote should still remember the TV if the power is turned off after using it. When the devices are turned off, the pairing is maintained. In this case, the remote control and TV won’t work properly because the connection protocol software is malfunctioning.

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how to fix LG magic remote not working 

LG remote not workingTry these solutions if your lg magic remote wheel not working

  • Unplug your TV for 20-30 seconds to restart it.
  • Connect the TV remote to the TV

Most often, a malfunctioning remote control does not indicate it is defective. Modern televisions function as computers. You must load a number of programs to allow the TV to work properly. Some of these programs are necessary for certain functions of the television. Using the remote control requires a program to decode commands and activate the signal receivers in the TV. The TV receives commands via Bluetooth such as moving the cursor across the screen or sending voice commands. The devices may need to be paired again after removing the pairing (remote + TV).

It depends on the model of your TV (year of your TV) how to pair the remote control. Follow these tips to pair a remote control and TV.

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Pair LG remote to TV

You must have the TV on.

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For the remote control to pair correctly with the TV, here are a few conditions.

  • You must turn on the television.
  • The other LG televisions nearby should be turned off if there are others nearby. Each TV can be controlled with the same remote control.
  • A television’s operating system needs time to start after you turn it on. After turning it on, pairing will begin in 20-30 seconds.
  • Setup of the remote control must be done next to the TV, and the TV and remote must have a strong bluetooth signal to be paired properly. This prevents the TV from being paired with a different TV accidentally.

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Pairing LVxxxx, LKxxxx series TVs with the Magic remote control for 2010-2011

LG remote not workingMagic remote for 2010-2011 televisions. You can see how the LV and LK series remote looks below. The LV and LK series were among the first smart TV remote controls.

Pressing OK or MUTE on the remote control while holding it at arm’s length lets you pair it for the first time. A message will appear on the screen after the remote control has been paired with the TV. A blinking backlight will provide visual indication of the pairing process on the remote control.

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Models and remote controls of TVs from 2012-2021

Remote controls powered by magic (2012-2021 – M, W, S, N, A, B, C, F, G, H, K, P series). LG TVs have come with these remotes since 2012. Even though the appearance of the remote controls has changed over time, the method for pairing them with the TV has not.

For the remote control to pair with the television, you must turn it on, insert the batteries in the remote control, face the TV (you must be close to the television), and press OK (this is the computer mouse wheel). The pairing message appears on the TV screen as soon as you hold down the OK button.

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LG TV home button not working

Most people use the Home button to access their TV’s menu. You may not be able to use the Home button because of various reasons, such as malfunctioning of the TV or remote control. You may need to replace the batteries in your remote control if they are dead. Try reconnecting the Magic Remote to the TV if the problem persists after replacing the batteries. It is possible to reconnect the remote control and TV by removing the pairing, and then pairing it again.

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How to reset LG TV remote

The remote control was previously paired with the TV and you want to reconnect it or set it up. You must unpair the remote control from the TV before you can connect it. This is done by pressing HOME and back at the same time on the remote control. You’ll need at least five seconds to hold the buttons down. Once you do, the remote will be reset to its original settings.

How to Re-pairing the remote control to the TV

LG remote not workingYou pair the remote control the same way you would a new one. Now that you have the Magic remote control in front of you, you can control the TV with it. When you see a message on the TV screen, pair the remote control with the TV.

You have to repeat the pairing process if it does not succeed. First, you need to reboot the TV and turn it on and off again so the program cache can be cleaned and the service programs can be started.

LG TVs from 2016 include the ability to connect and disconnect the remote control with a single button, for users’ convenience. Hold the GUIDE button for 5 seconds while pressing the remote control. After the TV disconnects the Magic remote, it reconnects itself to the TV (removes pairing). All steps should be completed near the TV while using the remote control.

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TV and Magic remote sync problems

You may encounter this problem, where you try removing the remote’s binding and pairing it again, but nothing works, and the remote has no effect on the TV. A defective remote is most likely to blame in this instance. With its Bluetooth module, gyroscope, and gyro sensor, the LG remote is a sophisticated device that can control the TV with the mouse in real time, as well as respond to voice commands. The remote has a 3 month warranty since it is a portable device. Since the remote is often dropped, some elements may not work. If you are unable to pair your Bluetooth TV remote and your TV, you will need to buy a new remote. A faulty bluetooth module might occasionally be present on the TV’s main board.

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standard LG remote control not working

LG remote not workingFollow these steps to fix your LG TV’s standard remote control if it stops working.

The standard remote control should work. If the remote control has an infrared LED, you should point the camera at it. You can see the remote control clearly with the camera pointed at it. A flashing LED on the camera may be seen when you press any of the buttons on the remote. Remote controls emit infrared light, which is not visible to humans, but is detected by cameras through infrared electromagnetic waves.

It means the remote control is working if the LED on the remote control blinks. There is no infrared receiver on the TV. Ensure that nothing blocks the signal reception. TVs are now computers, so you must unplug them from the wall outlet for about 1-2 minutes to reset them. Try turning on the TV in 1-2 minutes, check the remote, if it works, then the problem is in the TV. The TV must be repaired if it doesn’t respond to the remote even after that.

If the remote control does not blink, a new set of batteries should be installed.atteries. You will need to buy a new remote control if replacing the batteries does not resolve the problem.

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Buttons on LG TV remote aren’t working

LG remote not workingThere are usually issues with the remote control’s most frequently used buttons. For example, the channel switch button normally malfunctions. Contact pads on the board are contaminated, resulting in the malfunction. A solution to restoring the functionality of a remote control is to take it apart and clean it with an alcohol-based cleaner. Most remote controls will work again after this procedure.

Using a remote control without a TV

Using smartphone apps, you can control your TV via your phone if your remote control is broken. You can use LG TVs with your phone over Wi-Fi if they are connected to Wi-Fi. You need to connect your TV and phone to the same network in order to use the TV control app. 

Android and Apple users can download LG TV Plus, a Smart TV application for phones. If you don’t have a remote control, you can still control your TV with this app.

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Final Thoughts

LG Smart TV remote controls need to be tweaked here and there, but do not need to be replaced. To fix an LG remote not working, you can replace the batteries, use fresh batteries instead of old ones, or check its range and its connection with the TV. You can clean it with a soft cloth as well.

There’s no age or distance too far for us to help. If you need a remote to work or your DIY project isn’t going according to plan, we’re here to help.