How To Reset LG TV Without Remote? All You Need To Know

My LG TV had been running into a few issues lately, black screens, no audio, and all that, so as part of trying to get it fixed, I thought of resetting my TV. There are, however, many people who wonder how to reset LG TV without remote.

It was worth trying out because I had expended all my options up to that point, and I was okay with losing all my settings.

The only obstacle was that I had lost the TV remote in the middle of trying my fixes.

But I knew there should be some way around this, so I went online to find out how to reset your LG TV without its remote.

I had to spend a few hours going through LG’s support pages and quite a few user forum posts to get to the bottom of this.

Using everything I found that is known to work, as confirmed by LG and other users, you will learn how to reset LG TV without a remote.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to learn how to reset your LG TV without your remote in seconds.

In order to learn how to reset an LG TV without a remote, navigate to the Settings menu on the side, then select Reset. A universal remote can also be set up to control LG’s ThinQ app or using LG’s ThinQ app.

Keep reading to know what type of LG TV reset to do for what kinds of issues and how to connect your phone to your TV with the ThinQ app.


How Do You Reset Your LG TV Without Using Your Remote?

Most types of reset wipe your accounts and data from the device you’re trying to reset, which is why resetting your TV should be the last step in troubleshooting.

Before resetting the TV, make sure that you have exhausted all the options you have before resetting it.

Soft resets and hard resets are two different types of reset that are used to solve different types of problems.


Have you heard of and wondered how to perform a soft reset on LG TV without using a remote?

Soft resets mostly reset the system’s electronics, leaving the software and firmware untouched.

When the TV is power cycled, anything in its RAM is deleted and its electronics are refreshed, allowing these resets to take place.


Have you heard of and wondered how to perform a hard reset on LG TV without using a remote?

In a hard reset, all settings and changeable options are reset to factory settings.

All software and firmware updates are rolled back, all installed apps are removed, and all accounts are terminated.

The soft reset fixes the more minor problems, whereas the hard reset fixes the more annoying ones.

Throughout the sections that follow, I will explain the differences between the two kinds of reset.


Have You Ever Wondered How To Use The Buttons On The LG TV Without Using A Remote?

It is possible to perform either a soft reset or a hard reset on LG TVs, depending on what you need to do.

The following steps will guide you through soft resetting your LG TV.

  1. On the side of the LG TV, it is quite easy to find the power button.
  2. The LG TV can be turned off by pressing and holding the button.
  3. At least fifteen seconds should be spent holding the button.
  4. To turn the LG TV back on, press the power button again.

It is possible for you to do a hard reset by going through a few steps.

  1. There is a Home or Settings button on the side of the TV that you need to press.
  2. To navigate to General, use the Volume or Channel Up and Down keys.
  3. Make sure you select Reset Initial Settings from the menu.
  4. Passwords may be required if you’ve set one before and if you haven’t, 0000 or 1234 are the defaults.

It is quite likely that you may have reset your TV, try seeing if the reset helped with your issue.


A universal remote control can be used to control your LG TV.

Getting a new remote would be a great replacement for a lost one, but rather than getting the same remote, consider getting a universal remote.

You can also use these remotes to operate your audio system and other entertainment devices.

If the code search method does not work, you’ll also need LG’s code for your specific remote.

You can even configure your smart home lights and other fittings with a universal remote. Moreover, it allows you to do more with your TV.

Follow these steps to reset the TV once you have the remote set up.

  1. On the remote control, you will need to push the Home button.
  2. This can be carried out by navigating to Settings > General.
  3. It is recommended that you choose Reset Initial Settings as the first option.
  4. If you haven’t set a password, 0000 or 1234 can be used as the default password.



You can also access almost all of the settings of your LG TV without your remote, you just have to follow any of the methods that I’ve talked about here, and you’ll have complete control of your TV in no time.

You can also learn how to restart or reset your LG TV without a remote by following the steps mentioned above. Using the buttons on the side or unplugging and plugging it back in is all you need to do.

You just need to know where to look if you lose your LG remote or another third-party brand.



How to manually reset my LG TV without using a remote?

The LG TV’s Settings page has a General section that allows you to manually reset it.

After selecting Reset To Initial Settings, you’ll be prompted to start the reset process.


How do I access the manual buttons on my LG TV?

It is usually near the logo on the side or front of the TV where you will find the button.

LG TVs may not have buttons, so if you can’t find the button, your TV might not have one.


How does LG TV’s Quick Start work?

When you turn off your LG TV, Quick Start puts it in standby mode permanently.

It is because of this that the TV is able to boot up faster whenever it is turned back on again.


Do you know what is the best way to connect my LG TV to WiFi without a remote control?

Using a USB mouse will help you navigate the user interface on an LG TV connected to WiFi without a remote control.

To connect to your WiFi, follow the steps the TV shows you, but use the mouse to navigate.


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