Vizio TV Won’t Connect To WiFi? Here Is How To Get It Fixed

Vizio TVs inevitably run into the same problem, in which for some reason they are not able to connect to WiFi at all. Some people wonder how to fix a Vizio TV that won’t connect to WiFi, and this article will explain how to do it.

Numerous TV owners have reported experiencing the Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi problem. For months, some have dealt with the issue repeatedly, on and off.

A very simple fix should solve about 70% of the problems with Vizio TV that won’t connect to WiFI.


What is the reason behind the Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi problem and how can it be fixed?

In the event that your Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi, restart it by unplugging it and waiting a full sixty seconds. In the event that the TV is not plugged in, squeeze the power button for around thirty seconds. It should be a possibility for you to be able to connect your Vizio TV once sixty seconds are up.


It will be a prerequisite for you to detach the Vizio TV from the wall.

In spite of the fact that this fix for Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi may seem obvious. Unplugging the TV from the wall socket will usually restore WiFi connectivity.

It is essential that you actually wait the full sixty seconds in order to get the best results. Just prior to plugging it back in, be calm and let it sit for no less than a minute.

The power button on your Vizio TV needs to be held for about thirty seconds after it has been unplugged. Keep your TV’s power button, not the remote, in your hand!

It’ll allow the TV to soft reset itself after draining any residual power. However, turning the remote on and off isn’t the same as turning it on!


You should be given the option to power up the TV again after sixty seconds by plugging it back in.

This solution should work for about 70% of Vizio TVs that won’t connect to WiFi. But the remaining 30% may be a bit challenging. The following fixes may help you fix the Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi if you’re still having trouble.


It is possible that the network type is the reason Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi.

Ensure that you are connected to the right type of WiFi network if a quick power cycle didn’t help you connect to WiFi on your Vizio TV.

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Getting access to a Guest network or a shared network, for example in a university dormitory or resort, requires a username and password. It may be required to contact the Network Administrator to get your TV connected.

The Network Administrator is likely to require specific details from your TV to log into these networks since Vizio TVs do not have browsers.

Admin & Privacy, System Information, and Menu are all options you have on your Vizio remote control.

(Note: Earlier Vizio TV models require you to go to the System tab and then to the System Information tab).


It is not impossible for a wrong password to lead to Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi.

It is of the utmost concern to ensure that your WiFi network is password-protected, and be mindful that passwords are case-sensitive.


Ensure that your smart TV is connected to the correct WiFi network and that you have entered the correct password.

In some cases, your smart TV will automatically attempt to reconnect with a different WiFi network if it disconnects from your WiFi for whatever reason.

In order to know if your TV is attempting to connect to the correct network. Additionally, just check that it is still trying.


You will need to reset your router/modem in order to fix Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi.

It is as a result of this that it is possible that you won’t be able to connect to the WiFi on your Vizio TV if your router/modem isn’t working correctly.

A simple solution to the Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi issue is to unplug the router for a short period of time, and then plug it back in again. You should be eligible to connect your Vizio TV to the Internet once the router has been completely reset.

To get a stronger connection, you might want to run an internet connection test and move the router closer to your Vizio TV if this doesn’t work.

The last resort is to hard reset your router/modem. You can hard reset by pressing the small button on the router/modem with a paper clip or ballpoint pen.

The first step is to re-setup your WiFi so that all your devices can connect to the new network.

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In case you still have problems after unplugging and hard resetting your router/modem, contact your internet service provider.


There may be an ISP outage causing Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi.

When all that is done and your Vizio TV still won’t connect to WiFi, be sure to check if your Internet Service Provider is out of service.


It doesn’t take place very often, but it is known to come up from time to time. Other smart devices, such as your smartphone and laptop, can also be used to check if the internet is down.

The most practical option you have in this situation is to wait for the servers to come back online.

If you follow your internet service provider on social media. Such as Twitter, they may inform you when the internet will be restored. Further information can also be found on websites such as DownDetector.


Update the software on your TV to fix Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi.

In the event that the software on your Vizio TV isn’t up to date, you are likely to run into a lot of problems. To fix this, simply check for any new updates to the Vizio TV OS.

It only takes a few minutes to find the latest firmware update for your TV model. There are times when these updates are missed, but they usually happen automatically.

The firmware on your Vizio TV can be updated by powering it on. Firstly, select “Menu” on your remote, and then selecting “System”.

Please click on “Check for Updates” if you see it on the screen to see if any updates have been released.


There will now be an automatic search for any available updates on your TV. In the event that there is a new one, you will be notified, and your TV will install it for you when it becomes available.

It is imperative that you keep your Vizio TV updated with the most recent software!


The Vizio TV needs to be reset to factory settings.

If nothing has worked so far, it may be time to try a full factory reset in order to fix the problem of Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi.

As soon as the TV is turned on, you will be able to access the menu button on the remote control.

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Within the menu, you can find the “System” option in the left-hand column, which can be found in the menu bar.

You need to locate the “Reset & Admin” option on your TV and then select the option that says “Reset TV to Factory Defaults”. Sometimes Vizio TVs require a code before they can be reset, and the most commonly used code is four zeros, 0000.

You’ll basically be restoring your Vizio TV to what it was on the day you bought it.

The WiFi Network name and password will probably have to be re-entered, but hopefully everything will work now.



It is not unthinkable that there could be a number of reasons behind the fact that your Vizio TV won’t connect to WiFi. The good news is that you can try each of these proven fixes if you are experiencing Vizio TV Won’t Connect to WiFi issues.

  • It is imperative that the Vizio TV be power cycled in order to resolve this issue.
  • In the case that you are having challenges connecting to a network, check the type.
  • It is very pertinent that you use an accurate password when connecting.
  • It is vital for you to restart your Wi-Fi router/modem in order to resolve this issue.
  • In case your ISP has an outage, you should check to see if you can fix it.
  • The most critical thing is to verify that the Vizio TV’s operating system has been updated.
  • It is possible to factory reset Vizio TVs with or without remotes.

The Vizio support team should be able to help unblock you if you’ve tried all these fixes and nothing has worked.

Have you been successful in trying to solve the problem with your Vizio TV that Won’t Connect to WiFi? Don’t forget to let us know how you did it in the comments section below if you did.


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