Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On? – Here Is How To Fix It

Magnavox TV won’t turn on and you are seeking for a permanent fix for this problem? Here is a post that is specifically designed for you, and it will show you how to fix the Magnavox TV won’t turn on issue!

Magnavox makes great electronics, but they can still have problems like any electrical equipment.

In the case of Magnavox TV not turning on, many customers can have problems when they face a problem like this.

During today’s lesson, we’re going to get to the bottom of the issue, and you’ll learn how to turn on your Magnavox TV and how to resolve any issues if it won’t turn on.

It is possible for your Magnavox television to exhibit strange anomalies throughout its lifetime.

In the event that your Magnavox TV won’t turn on, restart it at factory settings, and that should fix the problem. The static accumulation on your television can be solved by resetting the power on your television if the problem persists.

Here is a guide that will help you fix the problem of why your Magnavox TV won’t turn on.


It is not unusual for a variety of reasons to cause your Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On.

If you have a Magnavox TV that won’t turn on, there are some possible causes that you may want to consider. The following are some reasons why your Magnavox TV won’t turn on.

  • There is a glitch with Magnavox TV’s connection.
  • A faulty power supply of a Magnavox TV is to blame.
  • The circuit breaker has been tripped.
  • The static build-up in your television could be the cause.
  • The power plug has a blown fuse.

To get the Magnavox TV to turn on, however, we must first make sure we are following the correct procedure.


What is the procedure for turning on a Magnavox TV?


Method #1 Using the remote control.

You must push the POWER button underneath the TV to change the setting to STANDBY or ON.

A red LED will indicate STANDBY. While a green LED will indicate ON depending on the mode the TV was in before being switched off.


Method #2: Magnavox TV won’t turn on due to no accessibility to a remote control.

Due to a lost or destroyed remote control, your Philips Magnavox TV may need to be configured differently.

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During use, the remote may become unusable if it has been dropped too many times or if the battery chamber has become oxidized.


Step #1: You will need to press the power button on your Magnavox TV in order to turn it on.

In order to begin, we will need to turn on your TV by pushing the power button on the side of it.


Step #2: Turn on your Magnavox TV and then go to the Control Panel.

On the control panel of the TV, there is a Menu button that needs to be pressed in order to bring up the menu on the screen. The television’s control panel is located on the front.


Step #3: Make sure the Auto Program option is selected.

Using the remote control, you can navigate through the menus and select specific items by pressing the Ch +/- and Vol +/- buttons. You can proceed by selecting Auto-program, selecting Start now, and clicking the Vol+ arrow.


Step #4: The final step is to finish the setup on your Magnavox TV.

There are three options available to you: Cable, Next, and then Start. Be patient until the screen displays a message indicating that auto-programming has been completed. Once the first channel is remembered, the TV will switch back to it.


Step #5: Once you’re finished with the TV settings menu, exit it.

Your TV control panel has a Menu button that you can use to program other options.

By pressing the Ch+/- and Vol+/- arrow buttons, you can move between the menus. By pressing the Vol+ arrow button, you can select an item.

Once you have selected the Exit option on the TV control panel, you can exit the menu by pressing the Menu button.


Have you ever wondered why your Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On? Fixing the problem in a complete manner.


Method #1: Reset the Power on your television to fix the Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On Issue.

It is necessary to first restore the factory settings of your device in order to fix the Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On issue.

By doing this, you will be restoring the TV to its original factory settings, undo any changes you have made to the files, and, most of the time, fix the Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On problem.

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Depending on what TV model you have, the procedure may vary significantly. It is therefore necessary to review the official manual that you have been supplied with.


Step #1: Unplug the Magnavox television from the power outlet.

The power button must be pressed on the Magnavox television console. If you hold it in place for ten seconds, the screen will turn black, and you’ll know it’s turned off.


Step #2: You will have to turn on the Magnavox TV.

I would like you to wait for the full five seconds before proceeding. Check if the Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On issue has been resolved or if the issue is still occurring by turning on the television to see if it has been resolved.


Step #3: Disconnect the Magnavox TV from the wall.

If the Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On problem still persists, you might want to try unplugging the television from the wall outlet that it is plugged into. If you don’t give it at least five minutes before moving on, troubleshooting may not work.


Step #4: Verify that the Magnavox TV is connected to the wall outlet once more.

In order to determine if the problem has been resolved, make sure that your Magnavox television is plugged into a wall outlet.


Method #2: Resetting the Magnavox TV to Factory Settings will fix the Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On Issue.

You can reset your Magnavox TV to factory settings by following these steps.

  1. If you want to navigate to the Main Menu, tap Menu on your remote control.
  2. Press Enter once the TV Menu has been selected.
  3. Once you have clicked Reset to Standard, press Enter.
  4. You will be prompted to simply click on OK to finish the reset.


Method #3: Tighten the wires and plugs to Fix the Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On Issue.

Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On if it is not connected to a power source correctly or if it is not fully connected to a power source. It is important to ensure that the TV is connected to the power source correctly and that the power cord is fully extended.

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Check whether your television’s wiring has fallen loose by disconnecting and reconnecting it.

Make sure it is solid and does not move, and if it does, you will need to switch the outlet if it does.

You can also use an adaptor to make the connection better protected. This will increase the chances of the power source working.

Note: Be sure to turn off the electricity prior to disconnecting and reconnecting plugs.


Method #4: There could be a power supply issue causing the Magnavox TV Won’t Turn On issue.

In the event that you’ve tried all of the above and your television is still not working, your power outlet could be damaged.

Step #1: To remove the television from the wall, unplug it from the wall outlet and remove it from the wall. Verify that the TV’s power socket works by plugging something like a working light or phone charger in.

Step #2: Try plugging the lamp into a second power outlet if it does not turn on when plugged into the television’s power source.

Step #3: Performing a power reset is the next step if the power source is functional. Unplugging the set will perform a power reset.

Don’t let go of the power button for one minute after connecting the TV to the socket.

Step #4: If the TV turns on within the next few days, a power supply repair is very likely to be required.

You can fix the problem where a Magnavox TV won’t turn on by resetting the TV in order to get the TV to power on again. Make sure your Magnavox TV is connected to a working power source. Turn it on the right way after resetting it to factory settings.



If you follow the instructions in our guide, you shouldn’t have any problems resolving Magnavox TV won’t turn on going forward.

More troubleshooting tips can be found by contacting Magnavox’s dedicated customer support team.


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