Dish Remote Not Working? – Multiple Simple Yet Effective Methods [2022]

Rather than cable, my friend has satellite TV and has been on the DISH network for quite some time without any problems. It is possible to fix network issues such as the dish voice remote not working by following the guide below.

However, she had recently come over to my house to ask for help with an issue she had been having with her dish network set-top box remote which was not working.

Sometimes the TV would lose connection with the remote and not respond to any input, but would reconnect after a while.


How To Fix A Not Working Dish Voice Remote Control?

For more information on how the remote worked, I logged onto the internet to find out what might have caused the problem.

It took me less than an hour to fix the dish network voice remote that was not working after several hours spent reading forum posts and articles about the issue.

I have compiled everything I found that will help you fix problems like Dish network remote not working in minutes.

If your Dish network remote is not working or is having any other problems, make sure it is in the right Function mode for controlling your TV or receiver. Resetting the receiver or replacing the batteries might also work if that does not work.

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Discover how to program your remote without a code and how to reset your Dish receiver.


Replace the batteries if the dish remote is not working due to weak or dead batteries

Your keypresses won’t be transmitted to the TV if the remote doesn’t receive enough power.

This can happen when the batteries are inserted incorrectly or when the remote has weak batteries that need to be replaced.

Ensure the batteries are inserted in perfect alignment by taking off the remote’s battery cover. Moreover, new batteries should be installed if they are damaged.

Once a rechargeable battery has been charged a few times, it can wear out and lose capacity.


Using the Function Mode Key on your remote control

The Dish remote control can also control your AUX device, set-top box, and TV.

To switch between devices you need to control, you can use the buttons on the remote that are labeled for each input.

When the remote’s mode is not set to TV, it will not control the TV, but rather whatever device it is set to control.

There is a TV button on the side of the remote control that can be used to control the TV.

Afterwards, try using the remote like normal to see if this resolves the network problem with the Dish voice remote not working.

However, if the first time you tried to press the key did not work for you, try pressing it again a few more times.


The Dish Remote Must Be Paired

In the event that the remote can’t pair with your TV, you’ll be unable to control it and you’ll need to re-pair the remote.

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Generally, Dish remotes pair automatically without requiring a code; if yours does, the manual will tell you what it is.

Dish 40.0-50.0-52.0-54.0 remote controls can be paired with your receiver in the following ways:

  1. Press the System Info button on the receiver.
  2. To use the remote, press the SAT key.
  3. You can now cancel or go back by pressing Cancel or Back.

Other remote controls:

  1. The receiver’s System Info button should be pressed.
  2. The SAT key on the remote should be pressed.
  3. After that, press the Record button.
  4. By selecting Done, you will exit the system information page.

You can now use the receiver to control your TV once you have programmed it to your remote control.


Your receiver needs to be restarted

Trying restarting the Dish receiver and checking on the remote again may solve the Dish voice remote not working issue if reprogramming did not fix it.

Here’s how:

  1. Dish receiver should be turned off.
  2. Take it out of the wall socket.
  3. Typically, it takes one minute to process.
  4. By plugging it back in, the receiver will turn on.

If the remote doesn’t work after turning on, pick it up again.

Recreate the exact situation where you had problems with the remote.


Your receiver needs to be reset

To fix the remote not working issue when a restart does not work, consider factory resetting your Dish network receiver.

When you factory reset your receiver, your favorites list and any changes you have made to the settings will be erased.

In order to reset your Wally, Joey, or Hopper receiver, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the Menu key or triple-click the Home key.
  2. You can access tools by going to Receiver > Tools from the menu bar.
  3. There is an option on the receiver to reset to factory defaults by choosing Reset To Factory Defaults.
  4. Please confirm the prompt that appears.
  5. Restart the receiver after waiting for it to restart.
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Make sure the remote works normally after going through any initial setup process.


DISH customer service

In the event that a reset does not solve the remote not working issue, you should contact Dish network customer support.

The more information they have about your TV and set-top box, the better they will be able to suggest troubleshooting steps.

A Dish network technician will be able to fix the not working remote if they can’t fix it over the phone.


Final Thoughts: Fixing Dish Voice Remote Not Working!

Using the steps above, we will fix an individual function of your Dish remote, such as the volume control.

You need to set the remote to control the volume and the function mode keys to control the TV.

If these problems persist and you are close to the end of your 2-year contract, you can choose to leave Dish, but you will have to pay an exit fee.


FAQ – Fixing a Not Working Dish Remote Control:

What is the procedure for resetting a DISH remote?

You can reset your Dish remote by reprogramming it to the receiver by following the steps for your model.

The batteries of the remote can also be removed and reinserted.


Does your phone work as a remote for DISH?

You can control your Dish receiver from your smartphone using the Dish Anywhere app if you have an internet-connected receiver.


Can Dish Network be controlled by a universal remote?

Set-top boxes from Dish Network come with a universal remote, but you can use your own.

To find out what models Dish receivers support, contact their customer support.


Would you be able to switch the remote control for DISH?

You can use multiple remotes with your receivers from Dish, but before you do so, you must pair them with the receiver you wish to control.


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