What Channel Is CW On Dish Network? – Ultimate Guide [2023]

I recently switched to The CW Channel on Dish Network so my niece could watch Riverdale’s latest season. It is true, however, that many people are curious as to know what channel is CW on Dish Network?

In spite of not knowing much about CW, I did some research to get her the channel so she could watch the latest episode. 

When researching what channel is CW on Dish Network, I discovered some entertaining shows on The CW Channel. It seemed to me that this channel would become more popular with time, so I decided to write an article about it. 

The CW Channel is a local station, so your TV provider and location will determine the channel number. Dallas, TX (ZIP code 75215) and Cleveland, OH (ZIP code 44102) have Dish Network channels 33 and 43, respectively. The Dish Network website will tell you which CW station is available in your area. 

In addition, I will discuss what is the best Dish Network plan to get The CW Channel, whether it’s free, and other alternative ways to watch it.

What Channel is CW on Dish Network?

Its channel number depends on your location and television provider since The CW Channel is a local station.

What are the Dish channel numbers for CW in major metropolitan areas?

Enter your ZIP code on the Dish Network website’s local TV section to find the channel number for CW or any other local station. 

Alternatively, you could use your television’s Menu to find CW by searching for the channel or titles.

What are best Plans on Dish Network that Include CW Channel?

There are currently several Dish Network packages that include the CW Channel. A monthly fee of $69.99 to $104.99 is charged by Dish Network for its four major packages.

Top 120 Monthly Plan includes the CW channel on Dish Network.

In addition to Discovery Channel, ESPN, Fox News, History, Lifetime Network, and Nat Geo, Dish’s cheapest plan for $69.99 per month offers 190 channels. 

Over 28,000 free on-demand titles are available, as well as 60+ HD channels and local channels. In addition, a Google voice remote and digital video recording (DVR) are included with the plan.

Top 120+ Monthly Plan includes the CW channel on Dish Network.

There are 190+ channels included in Dish’s next plan, which costs $84.99 a month. All the features of the Top 120 plan are included, plus regional sports networks such as Longhorn Network and NFL Network. 

In addition to 110+ HD channels and local channels, this package includes more than 28,000 free on-demand titles.

Top 200 Monthly Plan includes the CW channel Dish Network.

The second most expensive plan is the Best Value plan, which costs $94.99 per month. A total of 240+ channels are included in the plan, including 125+ HD channels and local channels. In addition, it includes the benefits of the Top 120+ plan. 

Dish Network’s best value plan offers channels such as Animal Planet, CBS Sports, DIY Network, Disney XD, A&E, Sundance Golf Channel, Hallmark, and many more. 

A total of over 35,000 free on-demand titles are currently accessible on the website.

Top 250 Monthly Plan includes the CW channel Dish Network.

With Dish’s top plan, which costs $104.99 per month, you will get access to 290+ channels, including 140+ HD channels as well as local channels. 

The top plan of Dish Network includes 17 movie channels, including STARZ Encore channels, Turner Classic Movies, and The Movie Channel. 

By choosing this monthly plan, you will be eligible to access over 36,000 free on-demand titles.

How to Watch CW channel on the go on your smartphone?

Streaming services like Hulu+ Live TV, fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, and YouTube TV allow you to watch The CW Channel live on your smartphone. To watch CW live on your smartphone, you will need to install an app on one of these platforms. 

In addition, the CW app, The CW App, provides viewers with the ability to view full episodes of the network’s programming in a delayed fashion. In addition, there’s an Android as well as an iOS variant of the CW app that can be downloaded.

How can you Watch CW channel for Free on Dish Network?

You can watch the CW shows for free the day after they air on TV the day after they air. On iOS and Android, you will be able to find the CW app from the Appstore or the Play Store. 

It is also possible to watch CW shows on the website of the network. With this site, you can watch CW episodes and seasons without entering your credit card information, but with advertisements. 

In every broadcast, you can count on to see at least 5-8 commercials before the episode ends.

As a result, the CW app only allows you to view the current series and full seasons of a limited number of shows.

Installing the CW Seed App or accessing the website will allow you to watch the older shows from The CW Channel for free.

What other options are there to stream the CW channel on Dish Network?

There are more than 200 local stations in the country that carry the CW Channel, which has been broadcasting since 2006.

It’s more likely that your cable/satellite provider will offer CW if there is a local station carrying it in your area. 

There are a number of cable providers that offer the CW Channel, including Comcast, Cox, Optimum, and Spectrum, among many others. You can also watch CW on DirecTV in addition to these platforms.

What are all Other Streaming Platforms that Offer CW Channel in their Packages?

As long as you have access to streaming platforms such as YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live TV, and DirecTV Stream, you can watch The CW Channel live.

All of them have access to CW either through local TV channels or through CW’s own video-on-demand service. 

By using VOD, episodes of CW shows appear within 24 hours of airing in your Library if you add them to your DVR list. 

On HBO Max and Netflix, you can watch the most recent seasons of CW shows on-demand. 

In addition to the original Gossip Girl (6 seasons), HBO Max offers many older CW shows such as Everwood (4 seasons). Katy Keene, Stargirl, and Batwoman are also available on the network. 

There are a few CW shows available on Netflix, including Riverdale, Black Lightning, and Supergirl.

How to stream CW channel Without Cable on the Dish Network?

By tuning into YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live TV, and DirecTV Stream, it is possible for you to enjoy watching The CW Channel without cable. 

In addition to the CW App, their CW Seed App allows you to watch older seasons of shows as well as current seasons of shows on the CW Network. 

You can also watch CW shows on your TV without a cable subscription on Roku, VIZIO, LG, Apple TV, Xbox, Fire TV, and Android TV

In addition to Netflix and HBO Max, some CW shows are available on these streaming services as well.


CW’s two apps offer free content without a subscription, which is rare in today’s world. 

An audience under 35 is targeted by CW, a partnership between CBS and Warner Media.

By giving away more free content, the revenue model, which relies solely on advertising, may change. 

Many shows are available on the CW Channel, some of which are excellent. On Netflix, I found some popular shows from the CW, which were free to watch on the source site. 

Although advertisements are a downside, they are tolerable for the moment because they are free.


What channel is The CW on Dish Network across Texas?

CW is a local channel on Dish Network, and its channel number is dependent on your location.

To find The CW Channel number in your area, enter your ZIP code on the Dish website.

How can I watch The CW channel for free?

The CW App, available on both iOS and Android, allows you to view current seasons of CW shows for free.

The CW Seed App is a convenient option for you to watch older shows and previous seasons for free.

Does Amazon Prime have the CW channel?

The CW Channel is not available on Amazon Prime as far as I am aware.

Is it possible to watch the CW channel on Hulu?

You can watch the CW channel on Hulu+ Live TV if you have a membership access to it. 

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