Smart TV With Alexa Built In – The 3 Best Smart TVs of 2022

The majority of the TVs we see today are called smart TVs. However, not all smart TVs are created equal. Each model offers different benefits and features. Some of these features can be difficult to distinguish. It’s not the same as having a smart TV that is Alexa compatible as having a TV that has Alexa built-in.

Many Smart TVs are built to work specifically with Amazon’s Fire TV, Roku, or Android OS platforms. Some models have their own smart operating system and come preloaded with streaming services such as Netflix.

Check out this article to learn what a Smart TV is.

A new generation of smart TVs has been developed by manufacturers who have partnered with Amazon. They include Amazon’s built-in Alexa, making them some of the best smart TVs. This article aims to help you sort through the actual differences between those two and make a more informed decision.


What are the benefits of having a  smart TV with built-in Alexa?

Would you like built-in Alexa on your smart TV? Probably not. Could it be useful? Home automation controlled by voice is definitely one of the greatest modern conveniences. More than 1/3 of households have a smart speaker as of January 2020, and that number keeps growing.

Using an Amazon Echo and compatible smart TV products, you can control the volume, change channels, or even switch inputs using voice commands. You can also turn your TV on and off using your voice. You can even search for your favorite music, TV show, or movie without even touching a remote control. The experience becomes more powerful when Alexa is built-in into the smart TV.

With this truly hands-off experience, these television sets stand out. Additionally, you can use your smart TV with built-in Alexa to control other smart home accessories in your home. Dimming the lights, locking the front door, and viewing your Ring Doorbell Camera on your TV screen are all options.

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Here are the 3 best smart TVs with Alexa built in

In order to create this guide to the three best smart TVs with Alexa built-in, we’ve examined the top models in the TV industry. There is a smart TV for every budget and requirement. Let’s check them out!


Insignia Fire Edition Smart TV with Built in Alexa


The best Fire TV Edition Smart TV

We recommend the Insignia Fire TV Edition (found here on Amazon), which has the same operating system as a Fire Stick. A smart TV with built-in Alexa and with this picture quality produces deep blacks and a high native contrast ratio. The Amazon Alexa voice assistant is perfect for various purposes, and there are several reasons to love this model.


Sizes of screens available

This Insignia Fire TV Edition is available in screen sizes of 43″, 55″, 50″, and 65″, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. You can choose whatever size fits your needs best. Price is obviously a factor. The model can provide you with excellent value for your investment regardless of its size.


Refresh Rate

The Insignia smart TV features a 60 Hz refresh rate to give you a smooth viewing experience for all your HD videos. With the incredible 4K resolution, you can enjoy an immersive TV experience.



Crystal clear displays with incredible detail are made possible by 4K resolution. You can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and videos in excellent quality, featuring an HDR-compatible LED screen.


Types of connections

A smart TV with Alexa built-in has three HDMI input ports, a digital TV tuner, and standard remote control. Additionally, a 3.5 mm analog audio jack can be connected to an external speaker system if needed. Additionally, the smart TV with built-in Alexa has a composite video input if you would like to plug in an input device that supports it.

You can also connect a USB drive to the TV’s single USB port. Fire TV 4K Edition can connect to the internet through your WiFi connection or directly through an ethernet cable plugged into its ethernet port. That’s right. You can also connect the 3.5 mm jack to a soundbar, but the system comes with superb built-in speakers for loud and clear audio.

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Samsung 85″ Class Crystal Smart TV with Built In Alexa


A cinematic experience like no other

The Samsung TU-8000 Series Class Crystal (found here on Amazon) wins the Best Cinematic Experience award. I think this is the best overall smart TV on our list with built-in Alexa. Samsung is a household name in the TV industry, even among true smart TV aficionados.

Please note: You can upgrade to a QLED display for better contrast by checking out the Samsung Class QLED Q90T Series (found here on Amazon). This smart TV also has Alexa built-in. However, they are becoming more expensive.


Sizes of screens available

Samsung’s TU-8000 Series TV is available in screen sizes of 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, and 85″. Each user can find a size that suits their needs. Whether you’re creating a state-of-the-art home theater system or simply need a new UHD TV for your bedroom, Samsung has the TU-8000 display suitable for every room.


Refresh Rate

The Samsung TU-8000 also features an impressive 120 Hz refresh rate, making the viewing experience much more immersive and smoother. One more specification that sets it apart from the other TVs on our list is that it has built-in Alexa. The picture will be much clearer by reducing motion blur to 120 Hz.



Samsung smart TVs offer stunning 4K UHD pictures with built-in Alexa at a reasonable price. As close to the real thing as you can get with dark blacks and vivid colors, this is one of the best TV screens. You can only tell that this isn’t an OLED TV if you set it next to one. The Crystal Processor instantly converts anything you watch into crystal 4k. An HDR-compatible TV gives you the superior color definition you won’t find in regular HD TVs.


Types of connections

There are three HDMI ports, two USB ports, an optical audio port, composite video inputs, and an Ethernet port on the TU-8000. WiFi is available if you don’t want to use an Ethernet cable.

The smart TV has both Bixby and Alexa’s voice assistant built in. Apps on Samsung are more limited than on a Fire TV.

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Insignia 720p Smart TV with Built In Alexa– Fire TV Edition


Budget-friendly option

Nobody said. Otherwise, you can find a built-in Alexa TV on a budget. You can’t go wrong with the Insignia 720p smart TV if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money. Insignia’s NS-32DF310NA19 (available here on Amazon) is another Fire TV edition. In this case, you will also receive built-in Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant in addition to basic smart TV features. The picture will still be HD, but the resolution won’t be as good as our other two Alexa smart TVs.


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Again, they compromised in this area to provide you with an affordable smart TV with Alexa built in. This TV won’t be an ideal home theater TV due to its 720p resolution. However, it cannot compete with 1080p models with the smaller screen size. This TV will be just as good for many users as any 25″ or 32″ smart TV.


Sizes of screens available

The Insignia smart TV with built in Alexa is available in 24″ and 32″ screen sizes, making it perfect if you want a TV in your bedroom without taking up too much space. Alternatively, you can mount it on the wall in your kitchen or in the kids’ room.


Refresh Rate

A TV of this size should have a 60Hz refresh rate. This software delivers a smooth viewing experience for all your favorite TV shows, videos, and movies.


Types of connections

You’ll find all the connections you need in a smart TV with Alexa built in. There are three HDMI inputs, one USB input, an Ethernet port, a headphone jack, an RCA input, and an optical audio output. You can connect to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet cable as with other models. There is also an RF antenna input if you wish to use it.

The TV can be connected to a soundbar for better sound, but its built-in speakers provide better audio quality than expected. With Alexa built in, the Insignia smart TV offers a lot of big features in a smaller package (and price point).



Smart TVs with Alexa built in are becoming increasingly popular. Smart TVs with Amazon Alexa built in offer the convenience of a voice assistant and a full entertainment package. These are the best smart TVs with built in Alexa. In the end, it’s up to you to decide.


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