Kindle Won’t Turn On? – Troubleshoot Not Working Kindle [2022]

Do you want to know the reason why your Kindle won’t turn on or charge? If you are experiencing a Kindle won’t turn on issue and feel frustrated by this situation it is good to know you are not alone! One of the most common problems I’m told about by Kindle users is that their device won’t turn on or charge. Whatever the case may be, following the instructions below will resolve the Kindle not working issue.

Although the suggestions in this article may not fix the problem if it is hardware-related. The good news is that it is often straightforward to resolve.

Don’t give up on your device until you’ve tried every single tip on this page. I’ve always found that one or another of these tips works whenever I’ve had this problem! 

Is your Kindle not turning on – or is it frozen?

It is quite possible that your Kindle is simply ‘dead’ and that you are having trouble reviving it in order to use it, if it won’t turn on.

Sometimes, however, it freezes or locks up, or something prevents it from waking up. As a result, it can be difficult to distinguish between these situations if the screen is totally dark.

Don’t assume your Kindle is dead when it may simply be frozen, which is why you should try all the solutions below.

The First Solution Is Resetting Your Kindle Tablet

A simple reset can solve so many problems that it is amazing how many problems it can solve!

In addition, it’s one of the easiest fixes for a Kindle that won’t turn on or charge to try as a first step. 

Kindle tablets can be reset easily by holding down the power button for 30 seconds or until they are fully powered down.

It is easy to tell when this has worked when the screen goes black, which is an indicator that it has worked. However, since the screen is already black, it is difficult to tell. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your experience, you need to hold the button down for the full 30 seconds.

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By pressing the power button again, you are able to turn the device back on after that. You will probably not be able to fix the problem by simply tapping the power button once. In order for it to power up again, you will need to hold the button down for a few seconds.

Do you still have the issue that your Kindle won’t turn on or charge? Read on to learn more about how you can fix this problem

The Second Solution Is – Make Sure Your Kindle Is Fully Charged

Considering this is probably the first thing you have tried, this may make you roll your eyes, but please be patient with me.

It may not be enough to plug in the charger and wait 20 minutes or so if your Kindle is totally dead and completely drained of battery. 

In certain cases, it may take a few hours for it to become sufficiently charged so that it can be turned back on.

In the past, I have tried using one of my older tablets after it had died and seemed beyond repair, and I was unable to turn it on. When I turned it back on after letting it charge for a full day, I left it on for a full day to be sure it was fully charged. It worked perfectly after that, bouncing back to life!

Reset your Kindle tablet (The First Solution) once it has been charged for a sufficient amount of time.

When you try to turn on your Kindle after hours of charging, it won’t turn on.

The next thing you should do is take a closer look at your USB cable and your charging adapter (which is connected to the wall).

The cable should be checked for damage, including bent or damaged pins. Adapters and USB cables can be used with each other, or a cable can be used with an adapter. Identifying whether one is malfunctioning will help you fix it. 

The cable can be connected to another USB source if you do not have another adapter available. Kindle tablets can be charged on laptops, but I find laptops charge them painfully slowly. If at all, while my desktop PC charges them faster.

You might find that an official Kindle charging adapter and cable from Amazon is the best option for you, and I always keep a spare of each.

The power source of your Kindle should be working

To rule out the slim possibility that your charger isn’t working, try plugging it into a different outlet.

Does your Kindle support wireless charging?

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You may want to consider charging your tablet wirelessly if you have a new tablet that supports wireless charging.

As a first resort, you might consider borrowing a Qi wireless charging pad from someone if your tablet is compatible.

The Third Solution Is – Make sure that the charging port is working properly

When you try to charge your Kindle but it won’t turn on. You might have a damaged or loose charging port.

When the cable is continuously connected and disconnected, especially if it isn’t done carefully, this problem may occur. 

If you lay your Kindle flat and push the cable in more firmly at first, you may still be able to charge it. The problem can get worse if you do not take extreme precautions once a port starts to loosen. 

It is important to follow two main rules in order to protect the charging port as long as possible:

  • When your Kindle is charging, do not use it while it is charging. When there is an accident, this usually causes the most damage. As my kids read and play games, they often prop up their tablets with the charging wire, which stresses the port and eventually loosens it.

  • Make sure that the port is kept clean at all times. If you have a can of compressed air handy, you can clean all the ports on your phone. As well as all the ports on other devices. Use a needle instead of a sharp object to avoid further damage.

Alternately, you can read this article on how to extend your Kindle’s life by switching to magnetic chargers!

Kindle’s ports may need to be repaired over time if they become very loose (or it may be time to upgrade your Kindle) in order to continue using it.

The Fourth Solution Is – Reset the device to factory settings

If you can’t even turn on your Kindle tablet, you might wonder how on earth you can perform a factory reset.

You may be able to access the recovery menu depending on the model of your Kindle, so it’s worth checking.

To accomplish this, you need to simultaneously hold down the ‘volume up’ and ‘power’ buttons. There should (hopefully) be a screen similar to the one below after around 20 seconds or so.

Several options are available here, including straight-forward reboots and ‘wipe data/factory resets’.

When everything else fails and you’re ready to give up on your Kindle, a factory reset may just be the answer.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that everything will be wiped – your personal information, any content you have downloaded, Amazon account details, etc. (Be sure to store all of your Amazon content securely in the cloud so that you can access it later on).

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You would only do this as a last resort if throwing away your Kindle tablet was your only option.

The volume up/down buttons can be used to confirm your selection of factory reset after pressing the power button. It is recommended that you receive another warning before you perform the reset. So, that you are aware that all your data will be deleted.

IMPORTANT: Certain Kindles require you to press the volume down button along with the power button to get to this screen.

In addition, some users find their devices magically restart themselves after pressing the ‘volume’ and ‘power’ buttons simultaneously, without even going through the recovery process!

Kindle Not Turning On – Solutions from Readers

In this post, I would like to share with you two tips that I received from my lovely visitors. It’s worth a try if your Kindle seems to have died, even if you haven’t personally used them!

Scott from California said:
My Kindle worked after I held the power button for 20 seconds, let go, then repeatedly pressed it“.

Suzzy from New York said:
When I was going to throw my Kindle away. I stopped myself by laying it on the table and smacking it with my hand!

I would appreciate if you let me know if you have discovered any other method to revive your Kindle that I haven’t mentioned.

How to prevent Kindle won’t turn on problems in the future

As a result of some of the advice given here, I hope that your Kindle tablet is working again now that you’ve read this.

You can try to prevent problems like this in the future by doing a few things. Although it is difficult to determine what causes them:

Updating your Kindle apps is essential.
It is especially important to read my article on updating apps if your tablet is connected to the Google Play Store. In some cases, outdated apps may prevent your Kindle from coming out of sleep mode when it should, resulting in it appearing ‘dead’.

Make sure your apps aren’t freezing your Kindle
It is possible that a rogue app may be the cause of your tablet locking up on a regular basis. Despite the fact that free apps tend to have more problems than paid apps. It’s not always easy to identify a problem app. Newly installed apps may be the cause of problems if you have only recently started experiencing them. Remove any new apps from your Kindle to see if it works better without them.

Keep your battery from being completely drained
You can still quickly drain the battery on newer Kindle tablets if you keep apps running or connect to WiFi constantly. When you are not using your tablet, you can put it into Airplane Mode instead of completely turning it off.

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