Is iPhone 8 Waterproof? Let’s Face The Truth!

Is the iPhone 8 something you are contemplating purchasing? Have you dropped your iPhone 8 in the sink recently? As a result of either one of these situations, you may be wondering: is iPhone 8 waterproof or water resistant? 

In this article you can quickly and clearly learn everything you need to know about: whether the iPhone 8 is waterproof.


This is one of the foremost frequently asked questions: Is the iPhone 8 Waterproof or Water Resistant?

To begin with, let us clarify what the difference between waterproof and water-resistant actually means. It is imperative to remember as you read these definitions, that the iPhone 8 is water resistant, not waterproof.

If a device is waterproof, it’s entirely sealed off from the inside so no liquid can get in. Therefore, waterproof products can be submerged in water indefinitely without leaking.

Alternatively, “water resistant” refers to a device that is protected against water under certain conditions. Water resistance is typically determined by combining water pressure with exposure time. 

According to our article on whether the iPhone XR is waterproof, Apple observed water resistance up to a depth of 1 meter (3 feet) for half an hour for this model.

The question then becomes, how long is it possible to keep the iPhone 8 waterproof? In other words, what are the limitations of the iPhone 8’s resistance to liquid damage.


IP Rating of IP67: Is iPhone 8 in reality waterproof?

Depending on who you ask, the IP rating of a device is either labelled “International Protection” or “Ingress Protection”, depending on whom you ask. Water resistance is measured by the IP code of a product.

It is important to note that the iPhone 8 has an IP rating of IP67, and the IP code has two numbers. Generally speaking, the first number (6 in this case) indicates a product’s resistance to dust and other solid particles. Therefore, the iPhone 8 boasts a perfect seal that keeps solid particles out of the device!

Water resistance is indicated by the second number of the IP code (7 in this case). The range of this number can be anywhere between 0 and 9. In terms of technical terms, this rating indicates that the iPhone 8 is not waterproof. 

According to its waterproof rating of 7 on a scale of 9, the iPhone 8 can be submerged in fresh water for up to thirty minutes under 1 meter (3 feet). 

Detailed explanations of what each IP moisture rating means can be found in the following table:


When it comes to water damage, does Apple’s warranty cover it?

It is unfortunate that Apple does not cover water damage in its insurance policy. 

In spite of Apple marketing the waterproof nature of its iPhone 8, the company’s warranty excludes liquid damage to the phone. It is explicitly stated in Apple’s warranty documentation that this is the case. 

In addition to this, Apple specifically advises that you do not bring your iPhone 8 into contact with water. As it is not waterproof, Apple will not repair or replace your iPhone 8 if it has water damage without charging you their out-of-warranty replacement fee.

Every iPhone 8 is equipped with a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI), which activates on contact with liquid. In spite of the fact that the iPhone 8 is not waterproof, it can survive for some time if it accidentally falls into water. Due to water damage, Apple is unlikely to honor the warranty on your iPhone if the LCI has been activated.


What To Do If Your iPhone 8 Has Become Wet despite not being waterproof?

Despite not being waterproof, the iPhone 8 is likely to be fine if it comes into contact with water.

According to the IP rating of your phone, it should be able to withstand up to 30 minutes of fresh water immersion.

In spite of this, Apple warns that the waterproof seal may diminish over time, so you should still take these precautions: 

  • Turn off your phone if it’s on and leave it off if it turns itself off!
  • Remove as much water as feasible by wiping it with a cloth.
  • Remove any excess water from the charging port of the device by lightly tapping it against your hand.
  • Keep your iPhone 8 in a dry location while it’s drying (we suggest the well-known bowl of rice).

If you’re going to charge the device while it’s drying, make sure you don’t do it while it’s wet. Ideally, you should aim a cool air fan directly at the charging port to speed up this process.

Make sure it is inspected by a certified technician or at the Apple Store when in doubt.


Is it still waterproof if you have a cracked screen on your iPhone 8?

If your iPhone 8 has a cracked screen, the waterproof guidelines mentioned may not apply. In Apple’s literature, it points out that all devices including iPhone 8 have a temporary waterproof rating, and that wear and tear can diminish it. 

Consequently, a cracked screen on your iPhone 8 won’t protect the device from water damage. The water seal on your iPhone 8 can be compromised if any cracks appear on it.

There is a higher risk of water damage to your iPhone 8 if the outer condition of the device is materially worse than when you bought it.


Is the iPhone 8 waterproof or resistant to other liquids besides water as well?

In this article, we will assume that your iPhone 8, despite being non-waterproof, was dropped in water rather than coffee or juice. 

The IP rating provided by Apple only applies to fresh water, which is an important distinction. Under controlled lab conditions using fresh water, the smartphone manufacturer determined the iPhone 8 waterproof rating.

In the event, however, that you splashed a liquid other than water on your iPhone 8, you usually won’t need to worry about it. When you wipe up the liquid promptly and/or rinse it with water and then let the phone dry, your iPhone 8 should not be damaged assuming it was just a quick splash. 

Your iPhone 8 may be damaged by liquid damage if it is submerged in a liquid other than water for a long period of time (as opposed than a minor splash). Some exceptions may apply, however, depending on the unique nature of the incident. Taking it to a local repair shop or Apple store to get an idea of the damage before turning it on may be a wise idea.


Despite being non-waterproof, how do you minimize the risk of iPhone 8 water damage?

According to the information above, we definitely don’t recommend taking your iPhone 8 into the shower. You should avoid contact with water altogether in order to prevent liquid damage to your iPhone 8.

You should consider purchasing a waterproof case for your iPhone 8 if you want to minimize the risk of water damage. By increasing the IP moisture rating from IP67 to IP68, these cases effectively increase the waterproof rating of the device.

Your iPhone 8 will now be able to withstand water depths of an additional 0.5 meters for the same amount of time (thirty minutes).


In the event that your iPhone 8 gets wet, what should you do?

Put your iPhone 8 in a sealed bag with desiccants if you’re worried about liquid damage. No matter what you do, please do not put your water-resistant iPhone 8 in a rice bag! The internal components of your iPhone 8 could be damaged if rice gets stuck in the ports.



The purpose of this article is to help you understand whether or not the iPhone 8 is waterproof or water-resistant. If it did, make sure to spread the word on social media to everyone you know! Feel obliged to write a comment at the bottom if you have any other questions about your iPhone 8!


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