You Must Know These Strange Sky TV Codes

What are all the strange codes that you see on your Sky TV? Do you know what they mean?

However, we will explain how to decode Sky TV mystery codes in the following guide.


Strange SKY TV Letter codes

SKY letter codes appear beneath the titles of the shows on the channel.

In addition, the extra features are described here to give an idea of what a show might offer.

You might find that a show offers better image quality or that sign language is supported.

Below is a complete list of all the letter codes that you can find on Sky TV.

AD: There is the option of listening to audio descriptions to provide supplemental commentary for people with visual impairments.

DS: In this case, it means that the TV show is compatible with surround sound systems.

HD: This is a show that is in high definition (and it is also widescreen).

 S: There is a subtitle option available.

SL: It’s a show in sign language (which cannot be turned off).

UHD: It is a 4K Ultra HD show, so you can expect better quality than usual. The only thing you will need is a 4K compatible screen and a good internet connection in order to watch this.

W: You will be able to view the show in widescreen.


SKY TV Rating codes

It is likely that you are much more familiar with the rating codes that SKY uses.

However, based on the age of the child, these ratings can be used to determine whether a show might be suitable for a child to watch.

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It is always a good idea to check before you put a film on in the living room before you watch it.

U: Universal – everyone has access to watch.

PG: Parental Guidance – it is the parents’ responsibility to determine whether it is suitable for very young children or impressionable children.

12: The series or show is not suitable for children ages 11 and under.

15: The series or show is not suitable for children ages 15 and under.

Since Sky is constantly being updated, it is possible that you will see new codes appearing in the future as a result.

As new Sky TV codes are added, this article will be updated with the latest Sky TV codes as soon as they are available.


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