iPhone Randomly Restarts? Here Are Multiple Quick Fixes

There is usually a high level of reliability and long-term durability associated with iPhones. When you take good care of yours, it should be able to serve you for several years, at the very least. It is important to note, however, that your iPhone can malfunction just like any other electronic device. You may have noticed that your iPhone randomly restarts without any action from you. You might want to try and figure out a way to fix it as soon as possible if this is the case, as it can be very frustrating. Taking a moment to discuss what might be causing this problem would be a great idea, as well as how you might resolve it.


Could There Be an Explanation for Why Your iPhone Randomly Restarts?

In the event that your iPhone randomly restarts, it could be the result of either a hardware or software issue. The internal circuitry might have been damaged if the device was dropped or sustained some other kind of impact. Alternatively, some liquid or debris may have gotten inside it and caused some damage. It seems likely that the iPhone randomly restarts after it has been handled roughly recently, and the phone has been handled roughly recently as well.

In the case of software issues, the phone may be overdue for an iOS update, or a system glitch might be the cause. In addition, it is also possible that you just got through updating it, and that is when the trouble began. You might want to take a look at a new version of iOS that is faulty if this is the case.

There is also a possibility that your iPhone will keep restarting after you have just installed a new app on it. It’s possible that a bug still makes its way into an app from the App Store, despite its thorough testing.

You may have rendered your iPhone in order to download apps from sources besides the App Store on your iPhone. When you render a device, you use a special program to modify the software of the device in a fundamental way. As a result, you have more freedom when it comes to what apps you are allowed to have on your smartphone. There’s just one problem: some of those you might install might cause system problems like spontaneous restarts.

The best way to diagnose why the iPhone randomly restarts is to follow a systematic approach. Prior to moving on to complex solutions, it’s important to try the simplest ones first.


Your iPhone may have potentially harmful apps on it that you need to be aware of.

iPhone owners who complain about their iPhones restarting randomly tend to attribute this problem to faulty apps more than anything else. The most likely cause of this issue is downloading a new app or updating an existing one.

From the Home screen, select Settings to access your iPhone’s settings. The Show Activity option will appear when you click Battery. Go to the section where it says Show Detailed Usage and click on it. You’ll now see a breakdown of what apps and services are running on your iPhone, and how much background activity they’re doing.

It is possible to view a detailed overview of your battery usage by tapping Battery Usage. The Last 24 Hours button will give you a detailed breakdown of your power consumption by app. It is also possible to tap on Last 10 Days, which will give you even more information.


The Best Way to Delete Harmful Apps from Your iPhone.

The apps that seem to be taking up an inordinate amount of space on your phone are what you’re looking for. A dead battery is the reason an iPhone restarts randomly when these types of apps lead to battery drain. If any of these apps need to be updated, make sure to check the App Store. If they do, I strongly recommend you update them immediately and see if that helps. Deleting those apps is your best move if it doesn’t.

The first thing you need to do when you want to delete an app on your iPhone is go to the Home screen. Keep your finger on the app icon when it begins to shake. In an upper corner of the icon, you should see a small “X” that appears in the middle of it. Tap the X if you are prompted to do so and then tap Delete if you are prompted to do so. By doing this, all of the app’s data and backup files will be deleted along with the app itself. Besides freeing up space on your phone, you may also be able to fix the issue where your iPhone restarts randomly. You will need to tap the Home screen again to stop the other apps from shaking.


Is there anything you can do if you have already rendered your iPhone software?

Rendering in iPhone software should never be done since it leaves your device vulnerable to vulnerabilities that wouldn’t otherwise exist. You should delete all apps that aren’t from the App Store if you haven’t already. Getting rid of one of them may solve the problem, as it is possible one of them causes iPhone to randomly restart. Substituting a different app with similar features might be a good idea.

There is a possibility that Storage Management might be able to solve the iPhone Randomly Restarts Problem.
One of the most common reasons why your iPhone randomly restarts for no apparent reason is if you are running low on device memory. When your phone is overloaded with apps and saved content, it might force it to restart to compensate. You might be able to breathe new life into your phone if you get rid of old messages, files, and apps that you are no longer using.

In the Settings section of your iPhone, you’ll find the iPhone Storage options. Take a look at the apps that you have on your phone, especially those that take up a lot of space. Check if you’ve used any of these apps in the past week or month. Utilize the method we talked about before if there are any that you don’t use frequently.

Following this, you will be able to delete all of your old message threads as a next step. Delete any threads you think are no longer active in your Messages app. You can also delete old media files that you don’t need anymore. Such as videos or photos that you don’t need anymore. It is also possible to transfer some of those to your laptop or desktop if your phone is taking up too much space.


It is now time to update both your iOS and your apps.

The next logical step is to check iOS and your apps for updates. There is no doubt that iOS is Apple’s universal operating system, which is used on all of its devices. The software needs to be updated periodically in order to fix bugs and glitches that may occur. 

Go to iPhone Settings from the Home screen, then General, to update it. When an update is available on the iPhone Software Update page, click Download and Install. If you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, you can do it that way as long as you have a stable connection. Furthermore, iTunes can also be used to transfer your files if you prefer. Choosing Install Later will allow you to install the update later if you are busy. Upon waking up the following morning, you will see that the update has been installed. Your iPhone cannot be updated if it is not wired to a power source. 

A little white number in a red circle will appear on your Home page whenever an app update is available. In this circle, you can see how many updates your apps have. After hitting the App Store icon, follow the prompts to update those apps.

Let’s monitor your phone for the next couple of days and see if the randomly restarts on iPhone are no longer occurring. In the event that the problem persists, move on to the next fix if it is still not working after trying the previous one.

If you’ve tried all the options that we’ve mentioned to this point and you haven’t had the desired results. Then the next thing to do would be to reset all of the settings on your iPhone. That sometimes fixes randomly restarts iPhone issue.


If you have an iPhone that randomly restarts, you might find these steps helpful:

From the Home page, head to Settings. Then click General, and then scroll down until you see Reset. You can reset all options by tapping the Reset All Options button. All your preferences will be removed and the phone’s options and values will be restored to their original settings. If you get a prompt, hit Reset again, confirming this is what you want. This will take a few moments for the device to reset and then restart after it has been reset. When it boots up again, you will be able to enable any of the features that you like once again.


iPhone randomly restarts can be fixed by erasing your content and settings.

In the event that none of this has worked and your iPhone randomly restarts, you can erase all of your content and settings. This will get rid of your customizations, contacts, downloads, and personal information. You should back up your device either using iCloud or iTunes before you do this. You can recover all of your vital files later.

When the phone is backed up, tap Settings from your Home screen. Hit General, and then scroll down to Reset. Hit Erase All Content and Settings. Enter your passcode when prompted to do so. As soon as you tap the option to confirm the factory reset. You will be asked to wait a few moments while the process is being carried out.


What should I do if my iPhone Always Restarts Randomly?

When you’ve tried every option on this list and the iPhone still randomly restarts. There’s a good chance it’s a hardware issue. Water or some other liquid might have gotten inside the phone due to a flawed power component or a damaged battery. Obviously, if you know for certain that something like that happened to your device. You can skip the rest of the steps and move right on to this.

If there is damage to the iPhone’s hardware, the only viable solution is to take it to an Apple Store with a Genius Bar. It is possible that they will take a look at it and hopefully figure out what is wrong with it. You may be covered by your phone insurance, depending on the terms of your policy. It’s unlikely the original factory warranty will help, since it’s for faulty components, not for damage while in your possession. 

If you do not have insurance, you should consider the cost of the necessary elements and the age of the phone. Your phone might be better off being sold off for parts if you feel it has reached the end of its useful life. No phone lasts forever, so if yours is several years old and severely damaged. It might be better to cut your losses and move on.

Now, you know what to try if your iPhone randomly restarts. It is possible to fix your iPhone that randomly restarts with a little troubleshooting, and hopefully the problem will turn out to be minor.


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