How to Change the Battery in a Hyundai Key Fob? Detailed Guide

How to Change the Battery in a Hyundai Key Fob: A Guide to Getting the Job Done

The article below will show you how to change or replace the battery in your Hyundai key fob in an easy and detailed manner.

  • Have you ever had your Hyundai key fob battery die on you at the most inconvenient of times?
  • How about changing the key fob battery and taking control of the situation?
  • Using this guide, you will be able to learn how to change or replace the battery in your Hyundai key fob in a detailed and easy-to-follow manner.

Just make sure you don’t accidentally hit the ‘lock’ button while changing the battery or you’ll be stuck having to call an emergency locksmith!


How to Change or Replace the Battery in a Hyundai Key Fob? – Step-By-Step Instructions

1st Step: Make sure you have all the tools you need

  • As a first step, you’ll need to gather a few tools that will help you to make the process as easy as possible.
  • Replace the battery with a nickel or quarter, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a small Phillips head screwdriver.
  • The lithium coin cells CR2032 batteries recommended for Hyundai key fobs should be used.


2nd Step: Find the battery compartment on the Hyundai key fob

  • A small compartment holds the battery on the back of your Hyundai key fob.
  • Your key fob’s battery compartment may be located in a different location based on the model:
    • Key fobs sometimes feature a sliding door on the back.
    • There are others that have a small screw holding the back cover in place.
    • The battery compartment is sometimes located on the side of the key fob.
  • For the correct location of the battery compartment, consult the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

Unless you’re feeling lucky, in which case you can just start unscrewing random panels and hope you find it eventually!


3rd Step: Ensure that you take out the old battery from your Hyundai key fob

  • The old battery should be discarded after removal (or properly disposed of).
  • You will need to place the new battery in the same orientation as the original (+) and negative (-) terminals.
  • The battery orientation is indicated on some key fobs by a small diagram inside the battery compartment.


4th Step: Install the new battery in your Hyundai key fob

  • Make sure the positive and negative terminals of the new battery match those in the compartment when inserting it.
  • Make sure the battery is securely seated by giving it a gentle push.
  • However, to avoid damaging the key fob or the battery, double check that the battery is inserted correctly.


5th Step: Cover the Hyundai Key Fob’s battery compartment

  • You may need to do the following, depending on your key fob model:
  • The battery compartment can be closed by twisting your coin.
  • A new back cover should be installed, and the screws should be tightened.
  • It is important to place the door back where it was originally placed.


6th Step: Make sure that the key fob is working

  • Firstly, ensure that the buttons on the key fob are functioning properly by pressing them a few times.
  • Secondly, try reprogramming your key fob with your Hyundai’s onboard computer if your key fob still doesn’t work.
  • Finally, consult your vehicle’s owner manual or take it to a Hyundai dealership for help if you’re not sure how to do it.


7th Step: Useful hints to help you with Hyundai Key Fob Battery Changing or Replacing

  • In the event that your key fob dies, make sure you have an extra battery on hand.
  • Your old batteries should be recycled properly to prevent damaging the environment.
  • It is advisable to avoid using third-party batteries since they may not be compatible and may damage your key fob.
    • Your key fob’s battery draining frequently may be a sign of a malfunction, and you should take it to a Hyundai dealership for repair.
  • Tips for additional success:

    • To prevent damage to your key fob, make sure you use the correct battery type for your model.
    • To prolong the battery life of your key fob, keep it away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.
    • Moreover, check the battery level before changing the key fob battery with a key fob battery tester.

And if all else fails, try giving it a hug – it just might give your key fob the energy boost it needs!


How to Properly Dispose of Old Hyundai Key Fob Batteries?

  • Firstly, the proper disposal of old batteries should be done in an environmentally-friendly and safe manner.
  • Secondly, if you aren’t sure where to dispose of your old batteries, contact your local government. Moreover, most municipalities have specific recycling programs for batteries.
  • Finally, batteries can also be disposed of by contacting the manufacturer if a recycling program does not exist.


How to reprogram a Hyundai Key Fob?

  • With the help of your vehicle’s onboard computer, reprogramming a Hyundai key fob is a simple process.
  • The process may vary depending on your vehicle’s model, so it’s best to consult your vehicle’s owner manual or take it to a Hyundai dealership for assistance.
  • This can be done at the dealership or by following the instructions in the manual.


Frequently Asked Questions About How to Change or Replace the Battery in a Hyundai Key Fob


  1. Hyundai key fobs require what type of battery?

  • For most Hyundai key fobs, a lithium coin cell battery CR2032 is recommended. Additionally, consult your vehicle’s owner manual to ensure you are using the right battery.


  • Is it possible to use a third-party battery for my Hyundai key fob?

Third-party batteries may cause damage to your key fob and aren’t compatible with it. However, if you have a specific key fob model, it is best to stick with the recommended battery type.


  • The battery in my key fob drains frequently, what could be the problem?

Battery drain may be a sign of a malfunction if your key fob’s battery drains frequently. In addition, to avoid further damage, take it to a Hyundai dealership for repair.


  • Is it possible to reprogram my key fob after changing the battery?

If you change the battery on your key fob, you can reprogram it. Your vehicle’s owner manual or However, Hyundai dealership can provide you with assistance if you’re not familiar with the procedure.


  • What is the recommended frequency for changing the battery in my Hyundai key fob?

Indeed, depending on usage and environmental factors, a key fob’s battery life can vary, but it’s typically recommended to replace it every 2-3 years.


Conclusion: How to Change the Battery in a Hyundai Key Fob [FIXED]

The Hyundai key fob battery can be easily replaced, saving you both time and money. Moreover, with this comprehensive guide, you will be able to accomplish the task with ease and confidence. Plus you’ll get to show off your new key fob battery replacement skills to all your friends! However, don’t forget to consult your vehicle’s owner manual for specific instructions, recycle your old battery properly, and don’t use third-party batteries.


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