Honeywell Thermostat Battery: Replacement and Troubleshooting

Do you have a problem with the battery replacement of your Honeywell thermostat? Have you noticed that it has run out of power? In no time at all, you will be able to escape the cold without having to endure it any longer. Indeed, you can replace the Honeywell thermostat battery following the steps in this article.

Battery replacement for Honeywell thermostats is as follows:

  1. Circuit breakers should be turned off
  2. Disconnect the battery compartment from the baseplate
  3. Dispose of the old batteries
  4. Make sure the batteries are replaced
  5. The battery compartment should be replaced with the baseplate
  6. Circuit breakers should be turned on

A Honeywell thermostat battery can be changed easily. If you end up doing it fast, I wouldn’t be surprised. 

What is the best way to replace Honeywell thermostat batteries? Moreover, here is the Honeywell thermostat battery guide you need to know. An instructional video is even included.


Battery Replacement for Honeywell Thermostats

It always seems that Honeywell Thermostat batteries die when they are least expected. When you try to turn down the Honeywell thermostat after a cold spell, the batteries are dead. At the end of summer, you get some unexpectedly cold days. The Honeywell thermostat’s batteries are dead when you try to turn up the heat.

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Your thermostat’s manual will explain how to change the batteries. Having a shredder that works as hard as mine recently could pose a problem. 

No worries, though! The best instructions for Honeywell thermostat battery replacement are included in this article. However, your Honeywell thermostat’s batteries can be changed using these instructions. Indeed, a thermostat with a basic pull or hinge design can be changed with this tool. Come on, let’s get started!


#1 Start by turning off the power

Using the on/off switch on the thermostat’s face, you can turn it on and off. However, if the thermostat malfunctions when the batteries are removed, this should prevent it from unsyncing itself.

The thermostat should be turned off at the circuit breakers.


#2 The Honeywell Thermostat Battery Compartment should be removed from the baseplate.

Your Honeywell thermostat’s model will determine this step. Check out the table below for the appropriate step based on your model. 

An Overview of the Pull Design Mechanisms & Hinge Design
  1. Put one hand on either side of the faceplate of your thermostat if it has a basic pull design. 
  2. Tease the faceplate away from the baseplate by pulling and wriggling it.
  1. Put your thumbs under the thermostat and your fingers on top if it has a hinge design. 
  2. To unhook the faceplate from the hinges of the baseplate, pull up from the bottom.


#3 Take out the old Honeywell thermostat batteries

The old Honeywell thermostat batteries should be removed from the faceplate. In addition, measure the old battery and make a note of its size. Batteries should then be disposed of.

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#4 Replace the batteries in the Honeywell thermostat 

New batteries should be replaced with the old ones. Two AA batteries are usually required for Honeywell thermostats. You should replace your Honeywell thermostat batteries with the same size as before to ensure safety.


#5 Attach the Honeywell Thermostat Battery Compartment to the Baseplate

Depending on your Honeywell thermostat model, this step will also differ. You can find your model’s step in the table below:

An Overview of the Pull Design
  Mechanisms & Hinge Design
  • Ensure that the faceplate of your thermostat is aligned with the baseplate if it has a basic pull design. 
  • After that, push the faceplate over the baseplate until it fits snugly.

Here’s a tip! Having trouble reinstalling the faceplate? Avoid jamming it into place if this is the case. Align the faceplate and baseplate correctly and push down on the baseplate again. 

  • Realign the top hinges on the faceplate and the top hinges on the baseplate of your thermostat if it has a hinge design. 
  • You should be able to click the faceplate back into place by pressing the bottom down.

Here’s a tip! When you put on the faceplate, does it keep falling off? Ensure that both hinges are aligned properly. Once clicked back into place, the faceplate should not move. 


#6 Power on the Honeywell thermostat

At the circuit breakers, turn the power back on. By pressing the on/off button, turn the thermostat on. Moreover, you will be able to see a new cycle starting on the display after a minute of waiting. In addition, you can use your thermostat again after one minute after it has restarted. 

Your task is complete! Celebrate by dancing around the living room (a must).

How about a short video of all the steps? Here is the video:


Honeywell Thermostat Reset Instructions

Resetting a thermostat may be necessary for a variety of reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • There is a problem with the way your thermostat regulates the temperature in your home. However, turning your thermostat up and down in search of the perfect temperature? Don’t call the plumbers yet. Moreover, it may only take a reboot to get your thermostat working again. 
  • There has been a power outage recently. Indeed, your thermostat could be affected by power outages. In addition, it may be beneficial to restart your thermostat after a power outage. 
  • Most homeowners lower their thermostats by 10 to 15 degrees while on vacation to reduce their electric bills. In addition, simply click the reset button when you return. Indeed, using this method, you can set a comfortable temperature in the house for everyday use. 

Are you having trouble figuring out how to reset your Honeywell Thermostat? In addition, are you having problems resetting it? Whatever the reason, resetting your Honeywell thermostat is easy. Moreover, you will need to follow the steps below according to the model of your Honeywell thermostat.


Honeywell 9000

I’d like to start by discussing Honeywell 9000 models. Moreover, this super modern-looking model comes with Wi-Fi. You can reset them by following these steps:

  1. Choose Preferences from the menu.
  2. To restore factory settings, select Restore to factory settings.
  3. By clicking ‘Yes,’ the factory settings will be changed.


Honeywell 8000

Nowadays, almost everything has a touchscreen display. However, when it comes to Honeywell’s 8000 thermostat series, there is no exception to this rule. You can reset them by following these steps:

  1. Select System from the menu.
  2. For 12 seconds, press and hold the Honeywell Thermostat center button. 
  3. To reset the factory settings, click Reset.


Honeywell 7000

A smart, black and white LED display is built into the Honeywell 7000 thermostats. You can reset these models by following these steps:

  1. Firstly, turn the thermostat off by pressing the >Off button.
  2. Secondly, circuit breakers must be turned off before the thermostat can be turned off. 
  3. Thirdly, Faceplates need to be removed from Honeywell thermostat. 
  4. Then, remove the Honeywell thermostat batteries from the thermostat and turn it off. 
  5. Reverse the Honeywell thermostat batteries before reinstalling them. Positive to negative and negative to positive.
  6. The batteries should be placed the wrong way around for 25 seconds. 
  7. Replace the batteries in the Honeywell thermostat the right way around after removing them. 
  8. The faceplate should be returned to the baseplate. 
  9. Circuit breakers should be turned on.
  10. Finally, the thermostat should be turned on by pressing the On button.


Honeywell 6000

A super-smart Wi-Fi thermostat is also available in the Honeywell 6000 series. In addition, smartphones can even be used to operate them! To reset these models, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, for 5 seconds, press and hold the >Fan and up arrow buttons simultaneously. 
  2. Hold the right-hand side of the faceplate’s first button while releasing the other buttons. Once the number 39 appears on the display, hold onto the button. 
  3. By using the arrows, bring the number 39 down to zero. 
  4. Click the Done button.

Is there another model or brand of thermostat you need to reset? Here are simple instructions for resetting any thermostat.


Do you still need help?

In case you aren’t familiar with Honeywell thermostat battery repairs, don’t worry. However, there might be times when a Honeywell thermostat battery change isn’t enough to fix the problem.

Fill out the contact form of online HVAC experts to receive free quotes from pre-approved contractors.



Battery failures in thermostats are annoying, especially when you need them most. Moreover, you could lose heat or freeze unnecessarily due to flat batteries in a thermostat.

The Honeywell thermostat’s batteries are easy to replace once you know how. However, your home thermostat’s batteries should have been changed after reading this article.

In case you found this article helpful, we have a few more articles and free guides you might enjoy.  

Have an amazing weekend!


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