Hisense Roku TV Troubleshooting Guide – Multiple Methods [2022]

A Hisense TV is one of the most popular brands of smart TVs that is both affordable and popular today. A common feature of modern Hisense TVs is an OLED display and streaming apps pre-installed. In the event that your Hisense TV is not working and eventually experiences problems while being used on Roku, here are a few troubleshooting methods you can try.

It’s happened to some users that their Hisense TV won’t turn on while they’re using Roku all of a sudden, and what are the best steps for troubleshooting it? Power supply issues are the most likely cause of the Hisense TV power light on but no picture issue. Using common troubleshooting workarounds, this guide will help you fix the Hisense TV not working on Roku issue.

Here are some troubleshooting measures you can take if your Hisense TV is not working with Roku.


What are the troubleshooting steps for Hisense Roku TV Won’t Turn On?

If you encounter a sudden power issue with your Hisense TV while using Roku, you can try the following troubleshooting steps below. Take a look at each of them one by one to see which one will work best for your Hisense TV.


Fix #1: First troubleshooting method is to cycle your Hisense Roku TV.

Power cycling can be a quick and easy troubleshooting solution for most smart Hisense Roku TV glitches. By doing this, all of the TV’s internal components are reset to their stable state. Your smart TV’s saved data won’t be deleted by this harmless fix.

Your Hisense TV can be power cycled by following the steps below.

  1. Unplug your Hisense TV’s power cable and wait for thirty minutes before plugging it back in. In addition to pressing and holding the power button for ten seconds, you should also turn off your TV.
  2. You can check if the problem has been resolved by plugging it back into the socket and turning it on.

You can also check the power cable of your TV to see if it has been damaged. In some cases, an inoperative TV can be caused by a tear in its cable or slight play in its pins. As a troubleshooting step, try replacing the power cable to see if the Hisense Roku TV problem is resolved.

You will then be able to move on to downloading apps for your Hisense Smart TV if the TV turns on.


Fix #2: The second troubleshooting step is to try a different wall outlet to see if that helps to fix not working Hisense Roku TV.

If you’re plugging your Hisense TV into an old wall outlet, there’s a good chance there’s something wrong with it. A loose connection inside an outlet can cause an inconsistent power supply, which can damage your TV. A red indicator light should appear on your TV once it receives power before turning on.

See if your phone charges consistently when you plug in another device, such as a phone charger. It is likely that your Hisense smart TV is the source of the problem if it is working in this case.

It is recommended that if the socket does not work, you try using other sockets in your room to see if they work. If you have other devices connected to your Hisense TV, you should avoid using power strips and surge protectors.


Fix #3: Make sure that all connected devices are disconnected.

There are some input devices that can cause your TV to go into Standby Mode if they are not properly connected. This can cause your device to display a black screen with audio but a black screen with audio. Check if all your connected devices are in good shape first, then disconnect them.

You may have to unpair your smart assistants from your phone in order to disconnect them. You must make sure that your Hisense TV has Bluetooth turned on before reconnecting them.

It’s important to check the cables they’re connected to (HDMI, VGA, USB-C, etc.) and replace them if they’re damaged. You should also check the ports to make sure that they are not damaged or corroded. Try using the other ports when the current one doesn’t work.


Fix #4: Make sure the remote of your Hisense TV is working properly.

Upon powering up your Hisense TV, if it does not turn on, you may need to replace your remote. If your Hisense TV does not turn on, try replacing its batteries first. Trying turning your TV on with a working remote will help if it is still unresponsive. Ensure that there are no interferences that might be affecting the TV remote’s signal.


Fix #5: Run the Flashlight Test and see if it works.

The flashlight test can help you figure out if your smart TV has problems with its LED backlight. You may experience a black screen on your TV’s display if you experience this problem with many Hisense TV models.

Follow these steps to perform the flashlight test on your Hisense TV:

  1. Point your flashlight at the TV screen at a close distance while the Hisense TV is turned on.
  2. Your Hisense TV’s LED backlight system might be damaged if you see blurry words or images on the screen.

It may be necessary to replace your LED backlights when this happens. Consult Hisense Support if this happens.

Hopefully one of these troubleshooting methods allows you to get your Hisense Roku TV to turn on.

Hisense makes our list of Worst TV brands, so perhaps you should consider a new TV from a different manufacturer.



Hisense TVs are one of the most advanced smart TVs on the market at an affordable price. It is possible, however, for it to suddenly not turn on as a result of a power issue. As a result, this guide is intended to assist you with troubleshooting Hisense Roku TV not turning on issues.

Whenever your Hisense TV has damage to its power board, fuse, wiring, or other internal components, contact Hisense Support for assistance.


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