Back then, only one computer could be connected to the internet at a time using a modem. If WIFI is available, multiple devices can be connected to the internet simultaneously, but in any case, the devices need to be close to the WIFI router to avoid unstable and slow connections. One solution is to use mesh networks. So that the devices can connect to the nearest mesh router, you have multiple WIFI mesh routers instead of one router. However, in this article, we provided a comparison of Eero vs Google WIFI.

The question is, how do you decide which WIFI mesh network is best for you based on your own criteria? Take into account the tri-band connection, parental controls, mobile app compatibility, and ease of installation? In the case of comparing Eero vs Google WIFI, what would be the best option?

Ero and Google WIFI appear to be the best competitors in the world of WIFI mesh networks. In this Eero vs Google WIFI comparison article, we will compare their respective performance.


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Here’s a quick Eero vs Google WiFi comparison table and how we rank them!




Google WIFI




 Type of Wireless System 

2.6 GHz/5.4 GHz

2.6 GHz/5.4 GHz


4 units for upto 5500 sq ft.

4 units for upto 4450 sq ft.


Have two Ethernet ports

Have two GB ports

Parental Control



Weight (Ounces)



Dimensions (Inches)

3.6 x 3.6 x 2.42

4.12 x 4.12 x 3.4


Eero vs Google WIFI : Similarities

Comparing Eero vs Google WIFI, one thing they have in common is that even though they cost different amounts, they are both reasonably priced for most people.

The installation process for Eero vs Google WIFI is similar, taking a few minutes to complete.

You will find that both devices come with Gigabit Ethernet ports as well. In order to support both networks, nodes are located throughout your home.

There are some people who would like to replace their whole router, while others are fine with just extending the range of their WIFI networks. When it comes to Eero vs Google WIFI, each of these products provides bridge mode, although their capabilities may differ. The bridge mode of Google WIFI, for example, will only work if you have just one Google WIFI point.


Eero Vs Google WIFI: Technology

Google WIFI vs Eero, both routers both feature BeamForming technology. It is useful because it sends signals to your devices instead of broadcasting them throughout the house, and the result will be a faster and more stable connection.

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Both Eero and Google WIFI routers feature LED lights that indicate the status of the device and assist with setup.

Their smart-home compatibility makes them ideal. You can connect Eero and Google WIFI routers to a smart hub like SmartThings to connect all of your smart home devices together.

Additionally, your home’s WIFI dead zones are reduced with these two WIFI routers. Using multiple points, they create a mesh around your home, providing WIFI access in every corner.

Now, let’s look at Eero vs Google WIFI in more detail.


The Duel – Nominee For Best Mesh Router


eero vs google wifi
Eero Vs Google WIFI


It costs $249.99 and comes with one Eero, which is the primary unit, and one Eero beacon, which extends the network and covers approximately 2100 square feet. 

Alternatively, Eero offers you a $550 bundle that includes these features:

It provides coverage for 5000 square feet.



A glossy white finish finishes the sleek design of the Eero WIFI router, which has soft round corners. As a result of the router’s minimalistic design, it does not attract a lot of attention or cause any inconvenience.

There are two units in the package: the main unit and the beacon unit. Instead of plugging the beacon into a flat surface, you should plug it into an electrical outlet.


Key features include:

An Eero router would be a good choice for DIYers. Once you have installed the Eero app on your iOS or Android device, follow the simple instructions for setting up the router.

Internet security is something you need to be concerned with if you use the internet, and anyone using the internet wants their data to be protected. With the Eero secure subscription service or the Eero secure+ subscription service, you can receive services like content warning, ad blocking, threat scanning, etc., that enhance network security. Additionally, automatic software updates will make your computer safer and more secure.

Eero can also be downloaded and installed on Android and iOS devices. App features include checking device usage, monitoring your network, sharing your network, and pausing the internet when necessary.

You can also use Alexa to manage WIFI access for devices and individuals within your house with the WIFI mesh network router.

With the built-in WIFI mesh network in the Eero WIFI router, you can surf, stream, download, play games, and more using your fast and reliable WIFI connection. Furthermore, the fact that it covers around 5000 square feet means you have a stable internet connection throughout your entire home  

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Furthermore, it supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac tri-band WIFI and works with your existing internet provider

In addition to beamforming, Eero also enables you to direct your router’s internet signal to your connected devices rather than broadcasting it throughout your home.

Moreover, the device features a RAM of 1024 MB and a flash memory of 1 GB.






Google WIFI

google wifi vs eero
Google WIFI Vs Eero


WIFI dead zones and buffers can be eliminated in your home using the Google WIFI mesh network router, which costs $242.99 for a three-pack or $130 for a single pack.



Google WIFI has a minimalist design that enhances its portability, as well as taking up very little space.

Furthermore, it has a smooth and elegant white finish with a small and cylindrical shape. The router also features attractive LED lights with easy-to-understand color coordination.



A DIY installation is possible for the Google WIFI router. You can download the Google Play store app for Android or iOS devices.

Google Home is compatible with the Google WIFI mesh network. When you connect your smart home hub to your WIFI router, you can use your voice to control all the smart devices in your home using the Google Home voice assistant.

There are 8 GB of flash memory in the Google WIFI router, whereas the Eero router has 2 GB.

During the installation process, a Google WIFI app is also provided. With the app, you can also share your WIFI password with friends, see which devices are connected to your network, and prioritize devices on your network. When it’s time for bed or dinner, you can pause the WIFI on your kids’ devices using this app.

The WIFI is managed in the background by advanced software, so you don’t have to worry about it. In addition, it has Network Assist technology, which selects channels that are clear and fast.

You do not need to change your internet provider since the Google WIFI routers are compatible with a variety of providers.

One Google WIFI covers 2,000 square feet, while three can cover 5,500 square feet, reducing WIFI dead zones in your home.

With WIFI beamforming technology, you can direct the internet signal toward the connected devices instead of broadcasting it everywhere, increasing your internet speed and strength.



  • Superb WIFI reliability
  • Elegant design
  • Broad WIFI coverage
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Compatible with Google Home
  • Features beamforming technology
  • A WIFI app from Google
  • Installation is simple



  • Only one Google WIFI unit is available


Eero vs Google WIFI: Differences

When comparing Eero vs Google WIFI, three Eero units cover 5,000 square feet while three Google units cover 4,500 square feet.

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There is a 1GB flash memory on the Eero WIFI router, and a 4GB flash memory on the Google WIFI router.

With regards to WIFI connectivity, the Eero WIFI router has a tri-band setup operating at 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz, and 5.8 GHz IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, while the Google WIFI router has a dual-band setup operating at 2.8 GHz and 4 GHz IEEE 802.11a/b/g/b/ac.

Google WIFI is compatible with the Google Home voice assistant, while Eero is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Eero’s optional Eero plus service offers more features despite the fact that both devices can be enjoyed at no additional charge. In contrast, Google WIFI does not require subscription fees.

The Google WIFI extends vertically, making it almost twice as tall as the Eero, even though they both have a minimalist design.


Wrapping Up:

A comparison between the two best routers Eero vs Google WIFI shows Eero WIFI to be more advanced, though not by as much. Eero WIFI routers offer a tri-band WIFI connection, which is faster than Google WIFI. Eero has slightly better coverage at 5,200 square feet compared to Google WIFI’s 5,500. Additionally, Eero offers more security and safety, and you can enjoy more features with subscriptions.

The fact that Google WIFI performs well on so many different fronts is also worth noting. As it is cheap and does not require a subscription, it is also the most affordable of the two. 


Eero vs Google WIFI: Editor Notes

The Eero WIFI is our choice when we compare stats of Eero vs Google WIFI since it operates in a tri-band setup better than Google WiFi. There is strong coverage throughout the room with the Eero. In addition, the Eero three-pack will cover at least 4500 feet rather than Google WIFI's 5500 feet. You will enjoy a stable and extendable connection.

You can also use Amazon Alexa with Eero. No subscription yet? It is not necessary to have the Google WIFI unit, but if you are looking for efficiency, you can upgrade to the Eero plus service and use more features that aren't available with the Google WIFI unit.

Last but not least, it comes with more security features that protect your device from attacks and promote security simultaneously.

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