Disney Plus Not Working On Firestick? A Bunch Of Ways To Fix It

The Disney Plus on-demand service allows you to watch Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and other partnered channels. Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television provide most of the movies on the channel. There are also a variety of streaming devices that support it, including the Amazon Firestick. However, in the following instructions, you will find out how to fix it if Disney Plus is not working on Firestick.

However, a few users have reportedly reported having problems with Disney Plus not working on Firestick. As a result of a variety of reasons, the streaming service and the Disney Plus app are primarily to blame for this. The purpose of this article is to explain the biggest possible reasons why the Disney Plus app is not working on Firestick. There is also a section in the article that explains how to fix Disney Plus not loading on Fire Stick.


Here are a few of the most frequent causes of why Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick.

Disney Plus can also experience problems with its in-app services, just like other popular streaming services. Most of the time, it is caused by a problem with a service or an app. There is also a possibility that it could just be a bug or glitch on your Firestick device that is causing this issue. There are a few common causes why you cannot connect to Disney on Firestick.

  • The Disney Plus app may not be working on Firestick due to service outages in your area. You should check these things first in order to fix the Disney Plus app not working on Firestick. If the app is currently experiencing server problems, wait until the server is back up after a while before checking if it’s working.
  • Having a Firestick that supports 4K is one of the basic requirements for watching Disney Plus in 4K. If you are using a Firestick that does not support 4K, Disney Plus may not load for you.
  • You may be unable to connect to Disney on Firestick due to a glitch in your account. In some cases, the app may be unable to recognize your account if you log out and log in again.
  • You may not be able to use some apps on Firestick if your internet connection is slow. SD content requires a minimum of 3 Mbps and HD content requires a minimum of 9 Mbps. Disney Plus and other streaming services require a download speed of 50 Mbps or higher to stream content continuously.


Do you have any idea if there is a way to fix Disney Plus Not Working on Firestick?

You should also make sure that your smart TV is within your WIFI signal in addition to checking if Disney+ is down. For streaming content from the app, make sure your signal is strong and your bandwidth is sufficient. To stream content on-demand continuously, you should have at least 50 Mbps of bandwidth.

The following fixes may help you access Disney Plus on Firestick if you have a strong and fast internet connection. Ensure you review each fix individually to determine which one works best for your device.


Solution #1: The most critical thing you need to do is reset your Firestick.

Whenever you experience app crashes, delayed sounds, screen freezing, or other issues, you’ll need to reset your Firestick. When you use your streaming device, it temporarily closes all apps that are currently active, including those that are causing a problem. It is possible to reset your Firestick in two different ways.


A forced restart has been performed.

  1. Keep holding the Center and Play buttons on the Firestick remote for fifteen seconds.
  2. Launch the Disney Plus app after the restart process has finished and check if it is now working.


There is a way for you to fix the Disney Plus not working on Firestick problem by restarting the settings.

  1. The Firestick remote’s Center button should be held down for a few seconds.
  2. Restart your Fire TV by selecting Settings > My Fire TV.
  3. As soon as you have finished, open the Disney Plus app and check if the problem has been resolved.


Solution #2: Open your Disney Plus account again and log in.

If you are having trouble connecting to Disney on Firestick, try logging out and logging back in to your Disney Plus account. Then, if the problem is caused by an account glitch, you will be able to solve the problem this way. 

Enter the correct login details when logging in and check if the Disney Plus app recognizes your account after that.


Solution #3: Clear the Disney Plus cache and force stop the app

It is possible for the Disney Plus app on your Firestick to malfunction if you use old cache data. It is possible for cache data to overwrite other app data on your device, causing errors and freezing.

If you want to force stop Disney Plus and clear the cache on your Firestick, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Applications on your Firestick after turning it on.
  2. Choose Disney+ from Manage Installed Applications.
  3. Choose Force Stop, Clear Data, and Clear Cache once the data has been cleared.
  4. Once your Firestick has been rebooted, launch the Disney+ app and log in if prompted.
  5. Make sure the problem has been resolved.


Solution #4: Make sure your Firestick is updated with the latest firmware.

There is a possibility that some apps may not work properly if your Firestick has outdated firmware. With a stable WIFI connection, you can easily update your Firestick OS. You may be able to open installed apps, including Disney Plus, with some updates that contain compatibility fixes. 

The following guidelines will assist you through updating your Firestick’s firmware.

  1. You can find out more about your Firestick device by going to Settings > My Fire TV > About.
  2. Once you select Install Update, your Firestick will begin to search for and download the latest software updates.
  3. Select the newly released OS update and click Install.
  4. See if the problem persists after rebooting your Firestick device and opening Disney Plus.


Solution #5: Reinstall Disney+ on your Firestick

If clearing the app data didn’t work, you can try reinstalling the Disney+ app on your Firestick. You may experience errors if you are still using an old version of the Disney Plus app on your streaming device. In addition, it forces your device to have the latest app version, so it’s a risk-free solution.

Here are instructions on how to reinstall Disney+ on your Firestick.

  1. You can manage installed applications by navigating to Settings > Applications.
  2. Choose Uninstall from the Disney+ app menu.
  3. Reboot your device, select Appstore from Settings > Applications.
  4. If you search for the Disney+ app on the app store, you will be able to download it and use it.
  5. Check if you can now stream Disney+ content after launching the app and logging into your account.


Solution #6: Reset your Firestick to its factory default settings.

If none of the fixes above do not work, your last resort is to reset your Firestick to factory defaults, which should resolve the problem. This program uninstalls all downloaded apps and deletes all user data, including media files, app files, and configurations. Some users experienced the same Disney Plus app issue, but this proven solution worked for them.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to reset your Firestick to factory defaults.

  1. On the Firestick remote, click on the Home button to access Settings > My Fire TV.
  2. After selecting Reset to Factory Defaults, wait for the process to complete.
  3. Connect your Firestick device to your WIFI network after setting it up.
  4. Log in to your Disney+ account after you download Disney+ from the Appstore.
  5. If Disney Plus is not working on Firestick, there is a reason for you to check if it has been resolved.



With the Disney Plus app, you can stream a variety of Disney content and partner brands. The Disney+ app is accessible via Amazon Firestick and is supported by Amazon Firestick. Hopefully, this tutorial will help you to fix Disney Plus not working on Firestick.


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