Where Are Sony TVs Made And Who Makes Them? Ultimate Guide

The Sony brand is one of the most recognized in the world. Nevertheless, this is a very common question that people often ask: Where are Sony TVs made and who makes them?

In almost every market that you travel to in the world, you will be able to find the Sony brand.

As of right now, many of the OLED TV products available in stores are manufactured by Sony.

Wouldn’t it be nice to ever wonder where Sony TVs are made and who makes them?

What is the number of TV factories that Sony has around the world?

The purpose of this article is to let you know where Sony TVs are made and who makes them.

  • It is estimated that Sony TVs are made in 8 countries.

  • The company that produces Sony TVs in the present day is.

  • Is there a date on which Sony stopped producing TVs in Japan?


Is there anything that makes you wonder where are Sony TVs made and who makes them?

This is where Sony TVs originated, and where they were actually produced for the first time, in Japan. A number of TV manufacturing plants have been built around the world by their company over the past few years. These TV plants were later sold to various OEM and ODM companies. There are a number of companies that manufacture Sony TVs in Malaysia, Slovakia, China, Russia, Spain, Mexico, and India.

The eight countries that manufacture Sony TVs : Where are Sony TVs made and Who Makes them?

#1: Japan.

Sony began manufacturing televisions in 1969 using cathode ray tubes (CRTs).

It is also worth mentioning that the first Sony CRT TV was also manufactured at the first Sony TV plant in Inazawa, Japan.

As late as 2004, the same TV models were still being produced at this plant.

In order to concentrate on making LCD TVs instead of CRT TVs, the company has officially ceased production of CRT TVs.

Since 2005, Sony TVs have been manufactured at the Inazawa plant. Especially in the case of Japan, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, this is the case.

Trivia: When it comes to the production of LCD TVs, Sony’s Inazawa plant is considered to be the “mother plant” of the company.

Sony has built several more TV plants in Japan over the course of the years. 

As a result, the company began selling many of its plants in the country around the year 2009 to 2010.

As of today, there are still some TV manufacturing plants operating in Japan.

In spite of this, the production is similar to last year’s.

In addition, Japanese TV is only targeted at the local market and is therefore only available locally.

This means that all Sony TVs sold outside Japan originate from different plants around the world.

#2: Malaysia.

The largest TV manufacturing plant outside of Japan is located in Malaysia, where Sony TVs are made.

Trivia: According to Sony, this is the company’s main production and development facility, and it houses a wide range of products.

It is a well-known fact that most of the Sony TVs that are sold on the market are manufactured in Malaysia.

It also produces TVs for Japan, Malaysia, other Asian countries, and Australia.

In addition to the TV plant in Penang, Malaysia, Sony also has R&D centers there.

Sony will no longer operate its main TV factory in Penang, Malaysia, as of September 2020. Selangor, Malaysia, is now home to the company’s production, which had previously been conducted in Penang.

“Are there any plans to stop production in Malaysia?”

Malaysian TV productions will continue, and the company only wanted to upgrade its production system.

The first unmanned TV manufacturing facility in Malaysia is to be deployed by Sony in 2021.

The manufacturing facility in Selangor will continue to produce Sony TVs with the help of robots and machines.

#3: Mexico.

There is a Sony TV plant in Tijuana, Mexico, from which Sony TVs in the Americas region are produced. 

In this plant, Sony TVs have been produced for decades already, and it has been doing so for decades.

Models ranging from CRTs to OLEDs are available.

Sony has only been making LCD TVs in this plant since 2005, when it began manufacturing LCD TVs in this plant.

Trivia: There are many manufacturing plants in Tijuana, Mexico that are run by different companies from all over the world.

Sony Baja California, however, was forced to sell 90% of its shares to a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer in 2009 in order to survive. 

The company that manufactures these products is Hon Hai, also referred to as Foxconn.

#4: Slovakia.

In Slovakia, there are two factories that manufacture televisions.

There is one in Trnava, which has been operating since 1996. 

As a result of this plant, Sony TV components are manufactured here, and these components are shipped to other Sony TV factories around the world from here.

LCD TVs were produced for the European market for the first time in 2006 at the plant.

In Europe, Sony TVs still have a long way to go before their journey comes to an end.

The Sony TV factory in Nitra, Slovakia, was built in 2007 in order to meet the demands for LCD TVs in Europe.

After a year, the company announced that it was going to expand production of LCD TVs in the future.

#5: China is also included in the list of countries that make Sony TVs.

Following the sale of its TV factories in Mexico and Slovakia, Sony established a factory in China as a replacement.

A LCD TV manufacturing plant was built in Shandong, China, by Sony and Foxconn in 2011.

Each year, about 30 million panels are produced at that plant. 

As a result of this, the plant in Shandong is considered to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LCD TVs.

It is now Foxconn that manufactures Sony TVs for the local Chinese market.

“Does it seem possible that my Sony TV might be made in China? ”

You are unlikely to encounter this problem unless you purchase your TV from a Chinese retailer.

A Foxconn plant in Mexico manufacture Sony TVs for Americans, and a Foxconn plant in Slovakia makes Sony TVs for Europeans.

#6: India.

It used to be that Sony had its own manufacturing plant in India where it produced TVs.

As a result of losses, the plant had to close down. 

In addition, production of Sony TVs in India ceased for about a decade after that.

Sony returned to the Indian market in 2015 after a long absence.

In order to manufacture Sony TVs in the country, the company teamed up again with Foxconn.

Thus, starting that year, there was a return of local Sony TVs to the Indian market.

There’s just one difference this time, Foxconn manufactures the TV, and Sony is the brand name.

In my opinion, Sony is losing profits when it comes to manufacturing TVs, so why did they open up yet another factory? ”

Technically, Foxconn owns and manages the factory, and Sony has only a small stake.

In order to comply with the Indian importation policy, Sony has no choice but to do so.

#7: Russia is also included in the list of countries that make Sony TVs.

Sony announced in 2009 that it would open a manufacturing plant in Russia.

There is only one difference between this one and the previous one.

There is a plant in Tver, Russia that produces Sony TVs for the Russian and European markets, and it is located in the country.

Sony is the brand name of the company that manufactures LCD televisions under the Sony brand.

As a result, every Sony TV that can be found in the Russian market is manufactured by a different manufacturer and is not a Sony TV.

#8: Spain is also included in the list of countries that make Sony TVs.

It is from a Sony plant in Spain that some of the Sony TVs sold in Europe come from. 

It is located in Barcelona, Spain, where the company has a local plant that manufactures TVs.

In addition to producing televisions for the European market, the company also produces other products.

It is a fact that LCD televisions were in high demand in Europe in 2005.

The plant changed from manufacturing CRT TVs to producing LCD TVs as a result of this switch.

The plant in Barcelona continued to produce high-quality Sony TV sets in spite of the economic downturn.

However, that only lasted until 2010, the year in which Sony sold its plant in Barcelona to two Spanish firms that bought it.

What is the reliability of Sony televisions?

Millions of people around the world trust Sony because it’s one of the best brands in electronics.

Is there a reason why their TVs are so popular?

Since many years ago, their TVs have consistently provided excellent viewing experiences.

There is no doubt that Sony TVs have outstanding picture and sound quality.

Whether you are looking for a TV with a 4K, 8K, or OLED display, Sony has everything you are looking for.

No doubt, Sony is struggling to manufacture its own products at the moment.

However, despite all of this, it still remains one of the best television brands in the world today.

The company set a high standard in the industry despite its losses and struggles.

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