Samsung TV AirPlay Not Working? – Five Easy And Instant Fixes

If you love technology and appliances, you’ll be interested in these helpful tips to fix airplay not working on Samsung TV. You won’t find a more comprehensive solution on the internet than those provided here. Music, videos, games, apps, photos, and so on are mirrored between Apple devices using the Airplay feature. What you have on your primary device is mirrored on your secondary device.

There is a possibility that you may have to deal with the difficulty of Airplay not working on Samsung TV suddenly.


What are the reasons for Airplay not working on Samsung TV and what can be done about it?

It is very probable that there are plenty of reasons why Samsung TV AirPlay is not working.

The reason why Airplay content from an Apple device is not working on a Samsung TV may vary depending on the device.

  1. Airplay might be disabled.
  2. Samsung TV incompatibility with Airplay.
  3. Host device not updated.
  4. Network Connection.
  5. Auto protection time feature on Samsung TV turned on.


You can try these 5 instant fixes for Samsung TV AirPlay not working.

It seems that Apple users who are experiencing the problem of Airplay not working on Samsung TV and we have a variety of explanations for why this is happening. Our solutions to these problems will be presented to you, so don’t get too worked up about what to do.

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Check out this checklist of the basics before you start worrying about Apple Airplay not working on Samsung TV.


Method #1: Perform a quick test.

  • You should check the status of your Bluetooth to see if it is enabled, and if so, you should disable it. When Bluetooth is enabled, it can cause connectivity issues and you might even get a message saying Airplay can’t find Samsung TV.
  • Ensure that VPN services aren’t running on your device, and if they are, turn them off immediately.
  • Additionally, if you are experiencing issues as a result of Apple Airplay not working on Samsung TV. When you get the Airplay cannot find Samsung TV error code, we highly recommend these solutions.


  1. There may be a technical issue with the network connection.

It is recommended that you retry the network status on your Samsung TV as most Samsung TVs come with this option. To find the General submenu under the TV Settings menu, you will have to find your way to the TV Settings menu. Click on the Network status tab in the Apple TV app’s Network section. Click on the Retry option if you can find it, and you should be able to see your network shortly.


  1. There may be a problem with Airplay.

If you are not using certain functions on your device, you can turn them off in the event that you are not utilizing them. If Samsung TV Airplay is not working, you might have toggled it off for these reasons. As a result, it is possible to activate Airplay by going to the Settings menu on your device and selecting Airplay. Activate the Apple Airplay settings by clicking on it, enabling it and restarting your device.


  1. Updates are not performed on the host device.

Apple Airplay not working on Samsung TV may be caused by the host device isn’t being up to date. When this happens, Airplay won’t find your Samsung TV, so update your iOS (whether it’s on your phone or Mac). Now that you have updated your devices (the Samsung TV and the host), you are ready to connect them.


  1. On Samsung TV, the auto-protection time feature is enabled.

TVs from Samsung have an automatic protection time feature that keeps the screen on after time has passed. You might lose Airplay connectivity if this feature is enabled. Moreover, the truth of the matter is that there is no need to worry about Airplay not working on Samsung TV. Disable the auto protection time in the settings menu by going to the settings menu.

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  1. There is incompatibility between Samsung TVs and Airplay.

There’s a common problem with Apple Airplay not working on Samsung TV, which they don’t know about.

In order to use Apple Play on your Samsung TV, it is crucial that you confirm that it is compatible. In addition, you can check Apple’s website for a list of supported devices, and get confirmation if your device is listed. It’ll fix that Airplay problem where Samsung TVs can’t find Airplay.

Restart your Apple TV and Samsung TV once you’ve confirmed your Samsung TV is compatible.


Method #2: Fixing other Samsung TV Airplay issues.

Although AirPlay is an interesting and very helpful feature, your Samsung TV may have a few issues with it.

It is imperative to take into account a couple of things if you are planning to use Airplay with your TV.


Is there still a problem with Airplay not working on Samsung TVs that you are experiencing?

Airplay might not work properly if your Samsung TV firmware and host device OS are outdated. Moreover, it is essential that your devices have the most recent version of Airplay in order for it to work.


The Airplay feature has been disrupted on Samsung TV.

If there is an error when configuring your Samsung TV settings, this might disrupt your AirPlay feature as well. However, to ensure your devices are all properly connected, you must carefully configure them.


There is no AirPlay device listed for the Samsung TV.

Airplay does not display the Samsung TV as a device on many Samsung TVs. If the timing is incorrect, especially if it’s just before a very important live presentation or online meeting, troubleshooting will be necessary.


Method #3: Use a screen mirroring tool to get Samsung TV.

In the unlikely event that Samsung TV Airplay is still not working, it may be a wise idea to consider using a screen mirroring tool. The easiest mode is screen mirroring, so you need to switch to that.


This is a guide to getting Samsung TV mirrored with AirDroid Cast.

AirDroid Cast can be used with a variety of devices with varying operating systems, as an alternative to AirPlay. AirDroid Cast does not require you to go through an extensive compatibility list. As long as your Samsung TV has a web browser, it will work perfectly.


With the help of these guidelines, you will be in a position to mirror your phone on your Samsung TV.

  1. On your iPhone or Android, download and install the AirDroid Cast app.
  2. AirDroid Cast can be accessed via the web version on your Samsung TV.
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Note: It is quite common for Samsung TVs to come with their own web browser. If you hold down the Smart Hub or the Home button on your remote control, you will be able to access your browser. The app may not appear on the home screen, but you can find it under the “Apps” section.

  1. Link both devices to the same local network.
  2. This feature lets you pair your phone to your Samsung TV by scanning its QR code or entering its cast code.
  3. You will be able to see your phone screen on your Samsung TV once you have completed the connection. With your iPhone/iPad device as your remote control, you can easily navigate between videos, games, and so on.


Mirror your Samsung TV using Chromecast.

The Chromecast media streaming adapter lets users share online content on their smart TVs. Using Chromecast, you can mirror the content on your mobile device to the latest TVs by simply casting it from your device.


Casting content via Chromecast is as easy as following these steps.

  1. It is recommended that you use the same Wi-Fi network to connect your phone and Chromecast.
  2. Your device’s Google Home app should have a Cast my screen option.
  3. You will finally be able to view your screen on Samsung TV.


Method #4: Basic and Major Requirements for AirPlay.

AirPlay doesn’t work on all televisions, including old Samsung TVs, because it has special requirements for working. Using AirPlay, you can stream from your smart TV to your Sony Apple TV 4K, Samsung, LG, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Airplay is available if you own a TV from the above-mentioned TV brands, but you own an old TV. There is no way to stream content through Airplay, unfortunately.


Method # 5: Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to set up Airplay on a Samsung TV.

The Samsung TVs of today come with amazing features like AirPlay, just like every other brand of smart TV. In addition, using AirPlay on an Apple device, users can mirror their device’s screen to another AirPlay-enabled device.

As a user, you should learn how to airplay to Samsung TV. The result of this will be that there will no longer be an issue with Apple Airplay not working on Samsung TV and Airplay not finding Samsung TV. Despite not having everything figured out yet, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Mirroring videos and games will be easier if you know how to AirPlay to Samsung TV. This feature will make it a lot smoother for you and the person you wish to share the screen with to share content (from your Apple device).


You can airplay your Samsung TV by following these simple steps.

  • Ensure that your Samsung TV is linked to the same internet connection.
  • A helpful place to start when you want to enable AirPlay on your Samsung TV is to navigate to settings – general – Apple – AirPlay.
  • It is optional to require a pairing code each time you use AirPlay (make sure it is enabled).
  • You have completed your setup.



It is my opinion that there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to use something that you have to its full potential. Additionally, a feeling of helplessness is such a deep feeling, and no one deserves to feel that way at any time in their lives. AirPlay Not Working on Samsung TV Fixes are provided for you here and they are not far-fetched at all. Moreover, your AirPlay needs can be met with Chromecast. You won’t have to worry about Samsung Series 7 Airplay not working with Chromecast. Mirroring your device to a Samsung TV is easy.


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