Samsung Dryer Not Starting? – An Instant And Easy Way To Fix It

It will stop your laundry day in its tracks if you load a dryer with wet clothes and it won’t start. Are you wondering, Why your Samsung dryer is not starting? It is possible that the door has not been properly closed and latches properly, preventing the drying cycle from starting. The following are five causes of your Samsung dryer not starting and how you can fix them. Use this guide to fix your Samsung dryer if it won’t start and you don’t need to replace it or change it.


Here are several ideas to troubleshoot the problem of your Samsung dryer not starting.

There are simple adjustments, DIY fixes, and part failures involved in troubleshooting Samsung dryers not starting. Our goal is to pinpoint the most likely causes of Samsung dryer not starting so that we can determine the best solution.


1. There is no power connected to your Samsung dryer.

Do you notice that when your Samsung dryer is not starting, the control panel remains dark? There is a likelihood that the dryer does not have any power anymore.

There are several reasons why a dryer may not start due to these problems:

  • If the dryer isn’t plugged in, make sure it is connected to a working electrical outlet.
  • Any tripped breakers in your home’s circuit breaker box should be reset.
  • A dryer’s voltage cannot be safely conducted by extension cords, resulting in overheating.
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2. There is no latch on the dryer door.

Make sure that the door is properly closed and latched on your Samsung dryer if the lights are on but it is not starting. It’s important to close the door and engage the latch before the drying cycle begins. If you want to engage the latch, close the door firmly and make sure loose clothing doesn’t interfere.

The latch may still not engage if it is damaged, preventing it from signaling the start of a drying cycle. It is necessary to replace a damaged latch as soon as possible.


3. There is a need to adjust the settings on the dryer.

A Samsung dryer not starting issue is usually caused by certain settings that may negatively affect the performance of the dryer.

Changing the following settings prevents the drying function from starting immediately:

  • A delayed start is when a drying cycle begins at a later, predetermined time.
  • Samsung dryer will not start or respond to commands because of child lock.
  • Certain items might take longer to dry when using the Delicates or Damp Dry settings.

Identify active settings or error codes in your control panel by looking for icons or error codes. When the delayed start function is engaged, the control panel displays a clock. An icon that looks like a smiling lock or face appears on the screen when Control Lock is enabled. You can disable Control Lock by holding down the Drying Level and Time buttons for three seconds. By turning the dryer off and back on again, you can cancel the delayed start and any other drying function.

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4. Faulty thermal fuse in Samsung dryer.

Samsung dryers come with a thermal fuse that blows when the dryer is close to overheating. It is more common for overheating to cause a fuse to blow than a defective fuse. This can be caused by blocked dryer vents preventing air circulation, which can lead to overheating. There will be no starting of the Samsung dryer until the fuse has been replaced, so it will not work until then.


5. The start switch on the Samsung dryer is defective.

As soon as you press the Start button, electricity is delivered to the drive motor and the drying process begins. A defective Start switch will prevent the drive motor from receiving this signal, resulting in your Samsung dryer not starting. Which is the best way to identify if the start switch is defective? If you don’t hear a humming noise or any other sound when pressing Start, the problem is most likely with the start switch. There is a need to replace a defective start switch as soon as possible if it is defective.



Don’t worry if your Samsung dryer won’t start or is making clicking noises instead of working. Overheating or a short circuit may have blown the thermal fuse as the first place to look. In addition to a malfunctioning control board or door switch, the problem could also be caused by a broken drum belt or faulty idler pulley.

The bulk of these problems can be easily fixed by replacing faulty components. Check if your Samsung dryer is still under warranty if the problem becomes too complicated.

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