Orbi Satellite Colors – Meaning And Troubleshooting Guide

The Orbi satellite is designed to enhance the WiFi coverage and strength of Netgear’s Orbi WiFi router. On the other hand, when it comes to colors there are various color codes for the Orbi satellite.

There are two locations where the color codes of the Orbi satellite flash.

  1. There is also a sync LED ring (which tells you if there is a connection or not).
  2. An LED indicates the status of the power button on the back.

Each of these lights shines in a different colors, displaying the current state of the Orbi satellite. In total, there are 5 distinct variations of colors on Orbi satellite: green, white, blue, orange (amber), and red (magenta).


The color codes of Orbi satellite can be found here.

In the below list you will be pleased to find a variety of Orbi satellite color codes.


Orbi satellite green light color code.

A solid green light color code indicates that your satellite has been successfully powered on.

When you plug your Orbi satellite into the wall outlet, you should see the green light color code. If you don’t see the power button on the lower back of the satellite, try pressing it.

You probably don’t have a working outlet if you don’t see a green color power button LED. Make sure the breaker is not tripped.


Orbi satellite white light code.

A solid white light color code indicates that your Orbi satellite is actively trying to sync with your router.

In order to sync with your Orbi router, your satellite will automatically look for it after you plug it in.

Make sure you plug your satellite in close to your router when setting it up for the first time. It is possible to move it permanently once you have created a reliable connection.

Orbi satellites display a pulsing white light code on their sync LED ring when configuration or firmware updates are being applied.

There is a good chance that this will happen after your Orbi satellite has been successfully setup. Your satellite may receive firmware or configuration updates from Netgear from time to time.

It is simply a matter of waiting for your satellite to complete the update.


Orbi satellite blue light code.

A solid blue light color code for 90-180 seconds on the sync LED ring of your Orbi satellite means the satellite and router are connected.

When you see the blue light color code after you set up your Orbi satellite, it means everything is connected and working.

In case you do not see blue or orange (amber) color sync LED color codes on the Orbi satellite, make sure you do.

  1. You can sync your router by clicking on the Sync button situated on the underside of your router.
  2. For the satellite to be synced, you need to keep pressing the Sync button on backside of the satellite for two minutes at a time.
  3. Wait two minutes until the LED turns blue or amber.


Orbi satellite orange (amber) light color code.

A solid orange (amber) light color code on your satellite sync LED ring for 90-180 seconds indicates a good connection between your satellite and Orbi router.

When the sync LED light is orange (amber) color code, you can still use your satellite, but it will not be as effective. In addition, there is a chance that it would be an advantage to relocate the satellite closer to the router.

Orbi routers and satellites will reboot automatically if the LED on the power button is solid orange (amber).

It is possible that this can happen if your device loses power and then regains it later on. However, connecting to the internet and fully booting up your satellite will only take a few minutes.

A pulsing orange (amber) light color code indicates that your Orbi router and satellite need to be reset to factory defaults.

A paper clip or a pen can be used to reset both routers and satellites to their factory default settings. Additionally, for at least seven seconds, press and hold the reset button on the router or satellite until the LED blinks.

Once the router and satellite are reset, they will return to factory settings, and setup will begin again.


Orbi satellite red (magenta) light color code.

A solid red (magenta) light color code indicates the Orbi satellite is unable to connect to your router or obtain an IP address.

The possibility exists that you will have to walk through the setup process. Moreover, it might be worth your while to move the satellite closer to your router and see if the red (magenta) light color code disappears.

It means that the satellite is located too far from the router, and it needs to be moved closer to it.

A pulsing red (magenta) light color code on your Orbi satellite’s sync LED ring indicates that your satellite is trying to connect to your router for the first time. Moreover, for more than one minute, the ring LED should pulse the magenta color code on and off. It could be because the satellite lost connection to the router or it is unable to get an IP address from the router.

Using the red (magenta) color code, an Orbi satellite is pulsing for the first time. You are likely to be able to gain access to the internet soon through your satellite. However, if the satellite continues to pulse red (magenta) color for longer than a minute, move it closer to the router.

A pulsing red (magenta) light color code indicates that the firmware may be corrupted on your Orbi system.


Contact Orbi Satellite Support: Troubleshooting Orbi Satellite Colors.

The automatic firmware updates Netgear pushes to your device can occasionally fail, or become corrupted. You may be able to correct the issue if that is the case by performing a factory reset if that is the case.


How to troubleshoot the Orbi satellite not connecting problem.

During the sync process, if your Orbi satellite is not connecting to your Orbi router, the first thing you need to do is move the satellite into the same room as your router.

In order for Orbi satellites to function, they must be connected to Orbi routers.

  1. During the sync process, use the satellite location adjacent to the router. When you’re connected, you can move the satellite to its permanent location.
  2. A wall outlet should be used to plug in the satellite.
  3. Look for a solid white or red (magenta) LED on the satellite.
  4. Once the router has been synced, press the satellite’s Sync button within two minutes.
  5. White pulses will appear on the satellite LED as it attempts to sync with the router.


As soon as the Orbi satellite LED pulses a white color code, it illuminates one of the following colors.

  • Blue – The Orbi router and satellite have successfully synchronized and there is a good connection between the two.
  • Orange (amber) – There was a problem syncing the router and satellite; repeat Step 4 again. In addition, to fix the problem, move the satellite closer to the router if it keeps failing to sync.


  1. Within the next few months, a new location for the satellite is expected to be chosen.
  2. Check the satellite LED at the new location to make sure it is blue.
  3. When the satellite LED lights blue, the satellite has successfully synced.
  4. You might want to move your satellite closer to your router if the satellite LED lights orange (amber).
  5. For a good connection to the router, the satellite must be within the router’s WiFi range.


Additional support for Orbi Satellite color codes.

Please refer to the satellite user guide / manual if you weren’t able to find what you were looking for in this article.

It is also possible to contact Netgear customer support at +1(888)638-4327 if you really need help.


Conclusion: Orbi Satellite Color Codes.

As of now, there are 5 variations of the Orbi satellite color codes: green, white, blue, orange (amber), and red (magenta) – each representing a different satellite state.


  • Green
    • The LED on the power button (solid) indicates that the device has successfully powered on after it has been pressed.


  • Blue
    • A solid sync ring LED indicates a good satellite router connection.


  • White
    • The LED on the sync ring (solid) indicates that the router is actively attempting to sync.
    • Applying a configuration or updating the firmware of the synchronized ring LED (pulsing).


  • Orange (amber)
    • The Sync ring LED (solid) indicates a fair connection between the router and satellite.
    • The power button LED (solid) indicates that the satellite is rebooting.
    • Reset your satellite to factory default settings by pressing the power button LED (pulsing).


  • Red (magenta)
    • The Sync Ring LED (solid) indicates that the router is incapable of obtaining an IP address or that it cannot connect to the router.
    • The satellite attempts to connect to the router by pulsating the Sync ring LED. There was a problem obtaining an IP address from the router or the satellite lost contact with the router.
    • Orbi system might need attention if the power button LED (pulsing) is on.


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