Does Blink Work With Google Home? Exploring Compatibility

Does Blink Work With Google Home? A Comprehensive Guide

Does Blink Work With Google Home
Does Blink Work With Google Home? The Integration Question

Ahoy, tech enthusiasts, gadget hoarders, and everyone who’s ever wondered if the coffee maker is secretly talking to the microwave when they’re not around. Today, we’re diving deep into the smart home universe with a question that has been asked in forums, whispered at cocktail parties, and screamed into the technology void: “Does Blink work with Google Home?” It’s like asking if Batman and Superman could be BFFs.

So, buckle up, Dorothy, because we’re not in analog Kansas anymore.

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The question at hand is more than just techno-trivia; it’s about a lifestyle. Yes, we’re talking about the smart home life, where you command your domain with the mere sound of your voice or the tap of a finger. Blink offers some great gadgets for keeping your home secure, while Google Home can feel like the master conductor of your smart home orchestra. So, wouldn’t it be marvelous if they worked in harmony?

The growing importance of smart home devices cannot be understated. They’re like the Swiss Army knives of the 21st century—versatile, indispensable, and intelligent. Being able to control your thermostat, lights, and, yes, security cameras from a single hub or even your phone is not just cool; it’s wildly efficient. So efficient that it makes your old ‘dumb home’ look like it’s still doing math with an abacus.

In this guide, we aim to answer the burning question, “Does Blink work with Google Home?” with the rigor a caffeine-infused detective might apply to a hot case. We’ll also delve into what makes Blink a noteworthy addition to your smart home arsenal, among other gems of wisdom. You’re welcome.

What is Blink?

Blink is like the James Bond of intelligent security systems; it’s sleek, versatile, and has your back. Created as a Kickstarter project in 2014, Blink quickly went from a tech startup to an Amazon darling. For the uninitiated, Kickstarter is where dreams go to either find their wings or get thoroughly crushed. Fortunately for us, Blink sprouted some significant wings.

Types of Blink Cameras and Security Systems

As we journey through the smart home aisles of the virtual store, you’ll notice Blink has a few key players on the roster. You’ve got the Blink Indoor, ideal for keeping tabs on your mischievous pets or the snacks in your pantry. Then there’s the Blink Outdoor for those who need to know what the neighborhood raccoons are up to at 3 a.m. Don’t forget the Blink Mini, the compact yet feisty solution perfect for smaller spaces, like your home office or, you know, monitoring your prized action figure collection.

Key Features

Let’s talk features. Blink is the Swiss Army knife we mentioned earlier, but if it were just blades and not, you know, a can opener, screwdriver, and that mysterious thing used to remove stones from horses’ hooves. The cameras offer HD video, motion detection, and two-way audio. Your app lets you see, hear, and talk to people (or raccoons). They even throw in free cloud storage for a set period, so you can revisit those pivotal moments when your dog discovered the trash can lid isn’t raccoon-proof.

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So there you have it for the first chapter of our exploration. We’ve laid out who Blink is and why you might want to invite it into your home. Still wondering, “Does Blink work with Google Home?” Stick around; we’re just getting warmed up. The answer might just make your day—or at least significantly impact your next Amazon shopping spree.

Stay tuned, and may your home be as smart as you think your kids’ smartphones are making them.

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The Ecosystem Question

Ah, ecosystems. No, we’re not going on a virtual field trip to the Amazon rainforest (though wouldn’t that be awesome?). We’re talking smart home ecosystems, where all your fancy tech gadgets live in digital harmony, like a well-rehearsed Broadway musical. In this utopian land of interoperability, your devices talk to each other seamlessly. Think of it as the device equivalent of finishing each other’s sandwiches—now that’s what we call relationship goals.

Now, why on earth would you want Blink to work with Google Home? You may be the type who enjoys watching Netflix while simultaneously keeping tabs on your front door for that next all-important Amazon delivery. Or you can dazzle your friends with a light show synced to your favorite tunes while ensuring the perimeter of your bright castle is secure. In simpler terms, compatibility equals convenience. When Blink and Google Home understand each other, life gets sweeter and more manageable.

Smart home ecosystems are like buffets; a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and you’ve got yourself a full plate of technological wonderment. You’ve got your voice assistants, smart plugs, lights, doorbells, and security cameras—all orchestrated to make you feel like you’re living in the future. But remember, not all buffet items go well together. Have you ever tried chocolate pudding with sushi? Exactly.

Does Blink Work with Google Home?

Drum roll, please! The moment you’ve been scrolling for: “Does Blink work with Google Home?” We’re thrilled, overjoyed, and just a smidge relieved to announce that, yes, indeed, they’re compatible! It’s like finding out that peanut butter and jelly were invited to the same sandwich party. Now, before you start dancing the happy dance, let’s talk details, shall we?

Limitations to the Compatibility

Compatibility is lovely, but let’s keep it accurate; it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. While Blink can work with Google Home, there are limitations. For instance, you can’t use Google Assistant to arm or disarm your Blink cameras—you’ll need the Blink app for that. Think of Google Home as your friendly but not entirely omnipotent narrator, not a full-fledged director.

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Steps to Integrate Blink with Google Home

So, you’re committed, thrilled, and can’t wait to set up this power couple? Awesome! Here’s how you can make these two play nice:

  • Open Google Home App: Open the magical gateway that is your Google Home app and find the ‘+’ icon. Tap it like it owes you money.
  • Add Device: Search for Blink under ‘Set up the device,’ then tap on it as if you’re tapping into a goldmine of convenience.
  • Sync Accounts: It’s about to get serious; sync your Blink and Google Home accounts. This is like the Facebook official stage of device relationships.
  • Choose Your Devices: Pick the Blink devices you want to sync. Yes, you get to choose—empowerment feels good.
  • Voila!: You’ve done it, you technologically savvy superstar. Give yourself a pat on the back, or do a happy dance.
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So, there you have it, folks! Blink does work with Google Home, with a few caveats. Whether it’s for the sake of convenience, security, or to show off your tech prowess, integrating these two can help you live your best smart home life. Stay tuned for more smart home adventures where we’ll further explore this modern-day wonderland—cheers to living smart—not just hard.

How to Set Up Blink with Google Home

You’ve read this far, so I’m guessing you’re as committed as a Hobbit on a quest to Mordor. Now that we’ve confirmed that Blink does work with Google Home let’s get you set up like a camping tent in the wild terrains of Smartlandia.


First things first, you need the ingredients for this tech stew. You’ll need a Blink camera system (Indoor, Outdoor, or mini—pick your player), a Google Home device, and both the Blink and Google Home apps downloaded to your smartphone. It’s like having flour, eggs, and milk for pancakes—you can’t make them if you don’t get them.

Installation Process

  • Power Up: Ensure your Blink and Google Home devices are plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi. This is your ‘mise en place’ in cooking terms, so you’re not scrambling later.
  • Blink App Action: Open the Blink app and set up your camera. Think of it as warming up before the big game.
  • Google Home Groove: Fire up the Google Home app. Go to the ‘+’ icon, then ‘Set up the device,’ then ‘Works with Google.’ Search for ‘Blink’ and give it a loving tap.
  • Account Tango: Link your Blink account by entering your username and password. Yes, it’s serious; they’re virtually holding hands now.

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Syncing the Devices

After you’ve paired Blink with Google Home in the app, it’s time to assign your Blink cameras to rooms. It’s like sorting your Pokémon cards into suitable decks—organization is critical.


Uh-oh, hit a snag? No worries, here are common issues and how to tackle them like a pro football player:

  • Syncing Problems: If the devices aren’t talking, try unlinking and then relinking your Blink account in the Google Home app.
  • Camera Offline: Ensure your Blink and Google Home devices are connected to Wi-Fi. Sometimes, they need a little nudge.

The User Experience

Now, let’s talk about what people are saying. User reviews about the Blink and Google Home combo is more mixed than a bag of jelly beans but generally positive. The ease of voice commands through Google Home for viewing Blink camera footage on an intelligent display is praised like an encore at a rock concert.

Pros and Cons of Using Blink with Google Home


  • One Hub to Rule Them All: Control multiple smart devices from a single ecosystem, including your Blink cameras.
  • Talk to Me, Baby: Use voice commands to stream footage to your Google Nest Hub.
  • Ease of Use: It’s like riding a bike with training wheels—simple and straightforward.
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  • Limited Features: While you can view footage on your Google Nest Hub, you can’t use Google Assistant to arm or disarm the system. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife, but the scissors are missing.
  • Minor Lag: Some users mention a slight delay when streaming. Not ideal for monitoring a high-speed car chase outside your home, but fine for watching your cat knock things off your table.

There you have it! You’ve navigated the maze and hopefully emerged with the golden chalice that is a functioning Blink and Google Home system. Whether you’re in it for the security, the convenience, or the sheer thrill of making inanimate objects bow to your will, knowing how to make Blink work with Google Home is your ticket to the VIP lounge of intelligent living.

Alternatives: The Other Fish in the Smart Home Sea

So, you’re a commitment-phobe for smart home devices, eh? Well, lucky for you, there’s more than one fish in this sea. Since we’ve been swiping right on whether or not Blink does work with Google Home, let’s see who else you could match with.

  • Nest Cam: A product from Google’s treasure chest. Fully integrated with Google Home, Nest Cam has advanced features like facial recognition. However, this Romeo is costly; prepare to swipe your credit card fervently.
  • Arlo: This one’s the life of the party. Arlo offers a range of options, from budget-friendly to “Oh, you fancy, huh?” It plays well with Google Home and offers a host of features like 4K video and advanced motion detection.
  • Ring: The popular kid on the block. Ring cameras are compatible with Google Home, although they prefer to hang out with their kind (read: Amazon Echo devices). They offer a variety of features, but just like Blink, can’t be armed or disarmed via voice commands.

The gist? While Blink holds its own in terms of price and features, other options offer a more seamless integration with Google Home but may cost you an extra organ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Blink work with Google Home?

You can view Blink camera footage via Google Home devices like the Google Nest Hub. But alas, you can’t arm or disarm the system using voice commands.

Is the setup process complicated?

It’s easier than explaining why cats hate water. Just follow the guide above, and you’ll be set.

Are there limitations?

As the Rolling Stones said, “You can’t always get what you want.” You can’t arm or disarm Blink via Google Assistant, but you can view live footage.

Conclusion: The Final Encore

Alright, we’ve been on quite a journey, haven’t we? Like Frodo and Sam reaching the end of their quest, it’s time to wrap up and go home (to your now more innovative home).

In summary, does Blink work with Google Home? A resounding yes, but with some small print. It’s like buying a ticket to a fantastic concert, only to find out your seat is behind a column. You’re still in the room where it happens, but some features are obstructed.

Blink offers a strong performance for its cost, and the compatibility with Google Home adds convenience, though not a full suite of control options. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife missing the corkscrew—you’ll get a lot of use out of it, but it might not uncork every bottle you need.

Is Blink a good fit for Google Home users? If you’re after basic integration and are excellent with the limited functionalities, then absolutely. It’s a budget-friendly, effective solution for diving into the smart home lifestyle.

So there you have it! Whether Blink and Google Home are your match made in tech heaven is entirely up to you, but at least you won’t be going in blind. Cheers to your smarter living!

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