iPhone Green Screen Issue? – Multiple Methods To Fix It [UPDATED]

Would you mind if I asked you if you have ever encountered a flicker on your iPhone or even a green screen when you are using it? It is possible that a flashing green light or green screen on the iPhone is caused by a software or system compatibility issue. Let me give you some tips on how to fix iPhone green screen issues before sending your phone to the shop.

What are the reasons of the iPhone Green Screen Issue?


There can be a number of reasons as to why there may be a problem with the iPhone screen going green, such as a software or hardware issue. After reading it, you can go directly to the appropriate methods to fix iPhone green screen.

In the case of an outdated iOS system and a software issue, this issue may occur unexpectedly. By updating your iPhone to a newer and more recent version, you will be empowered to fix this issue. Using an iOS repair program should be a good option if you are using the latest iOS version.

There can be a problem with your iPhone’s settings if they are incorrect. Alternatively, you can go to the display settings menu and there is also an option to reset all the settings to defaults in order to restore normal display settings.

If you have a damaged iPhone screen, it is imperative that you contact Apple Support for repairs or replacements.


I’ve put together a video tutorial that will guide you through the process of How to Fix iPhone Green Screen?



I will provide you with a short video that will show you how to fix the iPhone green screen issue, which is described in this part of the article. It is likely that after watching this video, you will be able to learn some tips about how to fix iPhone green screen issue roughly. Detailed information will be provided to you in the next part of this article.

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Listed below are the seven most effective solutions for fixing iPhone Screen Green.


Method 1. It is necessary to change the settings on your iPhone.


The wrong screen option or display feature on your iPhone is usually responsible for an iPhone green screen issue. The display settings on your iPhone must be adjusted, such as brightness, true tone, and others.


  • Your iPhone’s screen brightness may need to be adjusted.


In Settings > Display & Brightness, on your phone, you have the option of altering the brightness of your device by dragging the Brightness slider to the left or right.


  • As a matter of fact, there is not a shadow of a doubt that it is imperative that you enable True Tone.


Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Activate True Tone by tapping the switch next to it. By using this feature, your iPhone display will automatically adjust lighting conditions to ensure color consistency in different environments. Users can also use this method to fix the iPhone green screen problem by following a few simple steps.


  • It is strongly encouraged that you enable the auto-brightness feature.


Another option you can use is to turn on the Auto-Brightness feature. This feature can be enabled by going to Settings > Accessibility > Display Accommodations. Afterwards, you must turn on Auto-Brightness by finding the option and clicking it.


Method 2. Your iPhone should be cleared of all the apps that are still running on it.


There is also the possibility that your iPhone may run into the situation that the iPhone screen turns green if it runs too many apps in the background. Also, by removing applications that run in the background, you will be able to solve this problem as well. In the case of double-clicking the home button, all the running apps are shown. Your phone’s apps can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom.


Method 3. It is important that you perform a hard reboot of your iPhone.


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In some cases, it may be possible that you can hard reboot your iPhone depending on the model that you have.

For iPhone 8 or later (14, 14 Pro, or 14 Pro Max): Quickly release the Volume Up button after holding it for a few seconds. Once the volume down button has been pressed, quickly release it. If you see the Apple logo on your screen, you should press and hold the Side button as soon as you see it.

However, if you hold down the Volume Down button and the Side (or Top) button for at least about ten seconds, you will see the Apple logo.

If you have an iPhone 6s or earlier, hold down the Side (or Upper ) button and the Home button simultaneously for a minimum of ten seconds before releasing them.


Method 5. The iOS system should be updated to the latest version.


The iOS system on the iPhone can be updated to fix some burn-in problems, according to a number of technical specialists. If you don’t update your iOS system or have an outdated version of the app, your iPhone may display a green screen of death.


Option 1: You can do this from the settings menu.


1st Step: The most critical action you need to take is head over to the ‘Settings’ section.

2nd Step: You can find the software update option under ‘General’ > ‘Software Update’ in the control panel.

3rd Step: You will next need to click ‘Install Now’ to update the iOS system.


Option 2: You can use the iTunes application to do so.


It is also possible to use iTunes to update your iPhone if you are unable to update it from Settings. As a result, if you plan to link your device to a computer, you will need a USB cable. The device icon can be found in iTunes when you open it. Then follow the directions in the lower part of the screen to finalize the process of updating your iPhone.

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Method 6. Your iPhone’s settings should be reset if they are not already.


You can clear any customized settings that somehow trigger the iPhone green screen by setting your iPhone back to factory settings. Using this method, you will be able to restore the settings of your iPhone to their original state. To reset iPhone settings, follow these detailed steps.

1st Step: Next, on the main menu, choose the ‘Settings’ menu, then simply click on ‘General’.

2nd Step: Click on the ‘Reset’ button that appears on the screen.

3rd Step: Among the options that are displayed on the screen, tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.

Note: If you reset your phone, you will lose everything that is on it, so make sure you back it up using iTunes or iCloud first before you proceed.


Method 7. The iPhone can be restored using iTunes.


The majority of iOS system problems can be fixed by restoring an iPhone via iTunes, including the iPhone green screen problem, in most cases. You will, however, lose all the data and content on your iOS device if you restore your iPhone using iTunes. Backing up your iPhone via iTunes is a great way to prevent losing data on your iPhone. How to restore an iPhone using iTunes is shown in the following steps.

Step 1. Your iPhone must be connected to your computer using iTunes.
Step 2. Click on the little device icon once your iPhone has been detected.
Step 3. To restore your iPhone, select the Summary option and then tap Restore iPhone.




We have provided you with seven effective tips for you to use in order to fix the iPhone green screen. In order to fix the iPhone green screen issue step by step, you can follow the steps above.

You’ve fixed the problem with your iPhone or you’re planning to have it repaired by Apple. Let your friends and family know about the iPhone green screen issue by sharing this article! If you have found any other solutions, please leave a comment below.


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