How to Program Spectrum Remote Control To TV – The Ultimate Guide [2022]

You should have received a Spectrum remote control in your Spectrum TV box if you have just signed up. You may have to do remote programming to work with your TV after it pairs with your Spectrum cable box or receiver. The purpose of this article is to show you how you can program the Spectrum remote to control your TV.


You Must Know These Things Before learning how to program your Spectrum remote with your TV.

Here is a quick guide that shows you How to program your Spectrum remote

  • Setting up the Spectrum remote for the TV
  • Using Spectrum remote to control audio devices


How to program your Spectrum remote control to your TV using different methods.

The first thing I would like to do is verify that the remote that you are using is the right one for your device. Generally, Spectrum Guide Remotes are used by most customers, but other models may be used by some. Use Spectrum’s remote user manual to make sure you are adhering to the guidelines correctly.

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Take a look at the guidelines on How to program Spectrum Guide Remote to interact with your TV.

  1. For your remote control, you’ll need two AA-size batteries.
  2. You need to turn on the TV.
  3. These remote codes can be found on Spectrum’s remote guide page for the manufacturer of your TV. As an example, Samsung TVs of the modern era will use the code 12051.
  4. As soon as the input button illuminates two times, press the Menu and OK buttons together.
  5. Your remote should only be pressed once to turn the TV on.
  6. Finally, turn your TV off by pressing and holding the model number code.

It should take you no more than that to learn how to program your Spectrum remote. You may need to repeat the steps if that does not work.


In case the first step did not work, try these steps again:

  1. Press and hold Menu and OK buttons at the same time when the input button illuminates two times.
  2. Your TV’s model code should be entered
  3. When the input button blinks twice, it means it worked.

In the event that doesn’t work for you, try the steps again using another input code for your TV.

Note: Spectrum remotes should control most TVs, but they will not control streaming devices, such as Roku. The streaming device should come with its own remote for controlling the streaming service.


Here is a guide that shows you how to program your Spectrum remote control to work with audio devices.

It is possible to program Spectrum remotes to work with audio devices in a similar way. Programming Spectrum remote to your TV is as simple as this:

  1. Hold the Menu and OK buttons side by side so that the input button illuminates two times.
  2. In the event that more than one code is listed on your audio device, enter the first one listed. (The codes are available on this webpage).
  3. By pressing the power button, you can verify that the device works.
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How about universal remote controls?

You’ll need to consult the instructions for the third-party universal remote that you’re using to control your Spectrum cable box and your TV.

The Spectrum remote may still be difficult to set up even after following all of the steps above.

The following methods are available for contacting Charter Spectrum customer service:

  • Chat online with Charter Spectrum support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You can contact Charter Spectrum Support at (833) 267-6094
  • Furthermore, you can use the remote support page if you need assistance


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