How To Force Close Apps on Firestick?

An app that becomes frozen or shuts down on the Firestick might need to be force stop fire stick manually. Besides increasing speed and increasing memory, force-closing apps can also help save processing power. Other apps will be able to run more smoothly.

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Using the Amazon Firestick, you can easily close background apps firestick with these two methods

Fire TV/Firestick apps can be closed
How To Force Close Apps on Firestick

  1. You can get to the Home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select an application.
  4. Installed applications can be managed by clicking Manage Installed Applications.
  5. You can close an app by selecting it. We will use Netflix as an example.
  6. Once you have selected Force stop, click OK. The application will be closed. This will not be confirmed on screen, making the process confusing. The app will be closed once you select Force stop.

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If you followed these steps, I hope your Firestick is now performing better than before, and apps are being forced to close. If you tried it and it didn’t work for you, leave me a comment.


Is it possible to see the apps running in the background on Fire TV?

There is no way to view running applications on the Firestick. An external program is required.

Amazon offers a free app called Background Apps and Process List that can be downloaded and installed from their app store. For years, Fire Tablets, Firesticks, and Android users have trusted this.

This app displays a list of all the apps running in the background on Fire TV. It makes it very easy to close multiple apps at once when you launch it. In Step 5 of this tutorial, you selected the apps to close and then selected Force Stop. This method is similar to selecting the apps from the main screen.

It is not possible to force stop all apps at once with one click or a feature such as the one-and-done button.

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