How To Program Bell Remote To TV

If you need the guide on how to program Bell remote to TV, you are in the right place. Most people are not aware that the remote that comes with your Bell box doubles as a universal remote control. What it means that you can use the same remote to program not just your Bell box, but also your DVD player, TV, and VCR.

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To do this, you will need the Bell universal remote codes for it. Check this other post to get a list of Bell universal remote codes for most popular TV and DVD brands. You need this code to program your TV or DVD player with your Bell remote. Know that for some device, you will need to add a zero in front of the 3-digit code for the code to work. Also, we listed more than one codes for some TV brands. If one of the codes doesn’t work, simply pick another code from the list of codes on the menu.

How To Program Bell Remote To TV

Step 1. Get the Correct Codes For your TV brand. Check this post for the code.

Step 2. Switch on the TV you wish to sync with your remote

Step 3. Hold your Bell remote close to face your TV.

Step 4. Check your remote, you will see the TV button. Press and hold the TV button until the tiny LED lights on the VCR, TV, and SAT buttons turns on. Release the button once this happens.

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Step 5. Press and Hold the POWER button on your remote until the TV button comes on and stays on.

Step 6. Enter the correct Bell remote code you got earlier.  When you enter the correct code, your TV will switch off.

Step 7. Press the POWER button for your remote for your TV to turn on. When it turns on, press the # on your remote to save the codes you entered.

Step 8. The tiny LED light on your remote will flash three times to indicate that you got the steps correctly. If not, try to enter another code and repeat from steps 7.

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