CHUNGHOP Universal Remote Control Codes and Setup Guide

If you have bought a Chunghop universal remote control and you don’t know how to program it, don’t worry! With this practical and straightforward setup guide, you will learn the different ways to program it to your TV and a list of Chunghop universal remote codes to do it.

A universal remote control is a device designed to work with any brand of TV and other devices such as cable satellite receivers and DVD/Blu-ray players. Therefore, you must learn how to use and program your Chunghop remote.
You can get a universal remote to work with any TV, regardless of the company that manufactured it.
In addition to working for TVs, you can also configure and link them at the same time to other devices such as DVD/Blu-ray video players, VCRs, surround audio devices, and even satellite TV receivers such as DirecTV.
As with the configuration of all electronic devices, this procedure requires time and patience. Make sure you are in a quiet place and have some time to quietly and unhurriedly set up your universal remote control.

CHUNGHOP Universal Remote Control Codes

CHUNGHOP Universal Remote Codes

What functions can you do with the universal remote control?

With the Chunghop universal remote control, you will be able to manage the essential functions of the TV, such as:

  • Power on and off.
  • Volume up and Volume down.
  • Change channels.
  • You will be able to access the TV source or menu (contrast, brightness, color).


There are many codes for your Chunghop universal remote compatible with your TV, Phillips, Sony, LG, air conditioner, or appliance. Below, we have compiled for you all the codes for most of the TVs usable with a Chunghop remote control and its models RM-L688, RM-88E, RM-133E, among others. With the help of these codes, you will be able to use your favorite TV brand Samsung, Aiwa, Sanyo, etc., once you enter the codes that we will show you below.


Universal Remote Codes for Chunghop List

  • Aiwa 057, 009, 058
  • Samsung 618, 619, 621, 620
  • Philips 024, 023, 013
  • Hisense 898, 677, 707, 676
  • LG 024, 098, 040
  • Agudo 018, 003, 016
  • Sanyo 066, 065, 064, 063
  • TCL 051, 053, 068
  • Panasonic 001, 020, 002
  • Sony 049, 005, 041
  • JVC 161, 909, 089
  • All other brands 073, 057, 044, 036
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Can’t find the correct code for your Sony TV? You might be interested in this post with the codes to program your universal control to your Sony TV.

How to program Chunghop universal remote for a TV?

There are four various methods to program the Chunghop universal remote to a TV. Whether it is a universal remote control or any other popular remote, the ways are almost the same.


How to setup step by a step your universal remote to a TV

To begin the Chunghop universal remote setup, make sure the TV is properly connected to an electrical power source. Now we start with a few simple steps:

Step 1

Make sure your Chunghop universal remote control has batteries in good condition. The configuration will not be possible if the batteries are at the end of their useful life. It is recommended that you take a couple of minutes to remove the battery compartment cover on the back of the universal remote and make sure they are in good condition, free of sulfate, rust, or leaks.


Step 2

You will need to press the “TV” input button, which is the device we are going to configure. This will tell the Chunghop universal remote that you are going to program an IR code for the TV. This button is located on the front of your universal remote control.


Step 3

Press the ON/OFF button on the Chunghop universal remote. This device must remain on for setup. On some of the remotes, you may need to press and hold the button for a few seconds for the TV LED to turn on.


Step 4

Have a look into the user manual that came with your Chunghop universal remote for the sequence of buttons to press, to enter programming mode. This button sequence will change depending on what type of remote you have. It is important that you properly review the manual that came with your Chunghop universal remote control. This way, you will have the exact order of the buttons to press.

If, for some reason, you don’t have the manual of your Chunghop remote at hand, you will have to enter one of the codes from the above list or go to the official website of the manufacturer such as RCA, LG, or Logitech to find the Chunghop universal remote code.


Step 5

Look in the “IR Code Index” part of the manual that comes with the Chunghop remote control to find the IR code for your TV model. The correct IR code is the one that will allow the Chunghop universal remote to work perfectly. You can access and find your IR code quickly on the manufacturer’s web portal. You will have to enter the supplier’s page according to the brand and type of device of your TV. 

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Step 6

Once you have the IR code corresponding to your device, you must press and hold the TV button of the device we are going to configure. Remember to point the Chunghop remote at the TV during setup. While holding down the TV button, enter the IR code using the numeric keypad on the universal remote. This code for Chunghop is how the remote knows how to communicate with your TV.


Step 7

After you have entered the IR code, you should wait for the LED light on the Chunghop universal remote to turn on or blink. If the LED on the remote lights up and stays on, you have entered the IR code correctly, and the device is successfully configured. If the LED light on your Chunghop universal remote control flashes on and off several times, it means that the code you entered on your remote is incorrect.

But don’t worry, sometimes it will take several attempts to get the configuration right. Hence, you will need patience. You can wait a few minutes before starting the procedure again until the correct Chunghop remote code is entered.

After you are sure that the setup was successful, you will be able to control the basic functions with your universal remote in the same way as you would if you were using the original remote.


Setup universal remote codes with automatic scanning

In the automatic search method, all universal remote codes for Chunghop go through the scanning process. Scan one code at a time to find the correct code that works for setup your Chunghop universal remote. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn on the smart device, such as a TV, that you want the universal remote control to operate.
  2. Turn on the Chunghop universal remote, touch the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, and OK / SEL) for 3 seconds. The flashing of LED light indicates that the device is ready for programming.
  3. Point the universal remote to the device and click the “CH +” and “CH-” switches. The remote control will display ON/OFF signals. Firmly press the UP or DOWN buttons continuously until the device turns off.
  4. Verify the code by clicking on the POWER button. The device should be turned on. If it starts, try swapping the channel to verify that the remote control is programmed correctly.
  5. Now touch the “device” button to save the code. The LED on the device will blink twice to confirm that the universal remote code for Chunghop has been stored.
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Setup universal remote codes with manual method

By using the Chunghop remote codes, we can easily set up these universal remote control. The code identifies the make and model of your TV automatically.

  • First, you must turn on the device.
  • Firmly press the TV button on your universal remote control.
  • Then, gently press and hold the SETUP button on the universal remote control until it shows the flashing light (it means it is in “learning mode”)
  • Finally, enter the Chunghop universal remote code selected from the programming guide. If you do not have a programming guide, you can use the universal remote codes for Chunghop from the list above.
  • Once you have done this procedure, simply point your remote control at the TV and then press and hold the POWER button.
  • You are almost done! You can release the POWER button when your TV screen turns off.


That’s it! Your TV will work perfectly now with your Chunghop universal remote. If your device doesn’t work, then try repeating the same procedure with a different code from the list above.


Setup universal remote with code lookup

If you could not find the Chunghop universal remote code that works for the gadget at that time, you can easily set up your universal remote control to search mode for the correct one. It is a code in the manual that forces the remote to search mode.

  • First, turn on the device.
  • Now press and hold the SETUP button.
  • Enter the code “9-9-1” (three digits)
  • Now firmly press and hold the POWER button on the remote control and then press the channel up until the device. In this case, your TV should turn off.
  • The above method may take a little longer, but it is very important to find the Chunghop universal remote code. Once you have performed the above procedure, your remote should be working for all functions.


To conclude

We hope the above methods and codes worked for programming your Chunghop universal remote for your favorite TV or device. Don’t forget to be very patient and persevering if you do not manage to set up your control at the first moment. 

Try it with several TVs if possible and verify that their batteries are charged. Good luck and success.



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