TCL Roku TV Won’t Turn On [Fixed in 2023]

A well-known low-budget TV manufacturer, TCL is known for their products. Though its models provide excellent viewing experiences and are long-lasting, they may still malfunction at some point. Having trouble turning on your TCL TV? Here are some solutions. 

Ensure that all cords are properly connected if your TCL TV will not turn on. Remove your TV from the power outlet and hold down the power button for 2 minutes. Make sure the TV is plugged back in. You can also try pressing and holding the TV’s reset button if that doesn’t work.

The steps you’ve tried aren’t working for you. You don’t need to panic. The problem can be fixed without buying a new TV if you use other methods. 

Here are some things you can do if you cannot turn on your TCL TV.

What to Do if a TCL Roku TV Won’t Turn On

tcl roku tv won't turn on

TCL TVs last around ten years if they’re used constantly, which is comparable to most other TVs on the market. In spite of this, they are not perfect and are sometimes prone to malfunctions. 

The following steps will help you solve the problem if your TCL TV won’t turn on.

1. Check All Cord Connections

You should check the power cord of your TV first. You may need to plug in your TV’s power cord if it’s not properly connected. 

Perhaps the surge suppressor or extension you’re using is causing the problem. It may be necessary to connect the TV to another outlet in that case. 

Please make sure that all other connections to your TCL TV are snug and secure while you’re there. Every cord has to be disconnected, one by one, before it can be reconnected. All of the connections seem to be working properly, so this reassures me.

It is especially important to pay attention to HDMI cords, since these tend to cause the most trouble if not connected properly.

You can now turn on the television.

Please don’t worry if your TCL TV isn’t turned on yet. The problem can be fixed by following more steps. 

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2. Power Cycle the TV

Performing a power cycle before getting your TV serviced is the last thing you can do. In order to restart the TV, you must remove all of its electricity. 

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the TV is unplugged first.
  2. You can power up your TCL TV by pressing the power button on the TV (not your remote). For two minutes, hold it down (the TV’s capacitors will be drained of all residual power).
  3. Reconnect the TV now.
  4. Normal TV operation should be possible now.

You should consider getting the TV serviced if it still doesn’t work.

TCL support can let you know whether your warranty is still valid. Then you won’t have to pay anything to fix it. 

3. Reset the TV

Standby lights are located at the bottom of TCL TVs. If the TV is connected properly, this light will indicate whether it is on or off.

You can also check if the TV is malfunctioning or having other problems.

When you press the On button, the status light will blink, but your TV will not come on:

  1. Make sure your TV is connected.
  2. Reset the TV by pressing the reset button on the back. The USB and HDMI ports are usually located above a small hole in the back panel. 
  3. Using a paper clip or similar object, press on the button. Then release it after about 30 seconds. 
  4. Turn your TV on now.

Alternatively, you can press the reset button repeatedly without holding it down. It Takes around 30 seconds to do it. 

Note: If you reset your TV, all your streaming accounts will need to be re-logged in.

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4. Select the Correct Input Source

You may not be able to turn on your TCL TV if you are using an incorrect input source. In order for your TV to work correctly, you must choose the right input source.

Check that the HDMI port on your TV source/input matches the HDMI port on your streaming device, DVD player, or cable box. As shown below, you would set the TV to “HDMI 2”.

Two different methods are available for selecting the correct input source:

Method 1 – Enable Input Source using a Remote Control

  1. You need to turn on the TV
  2. Use your remote control to select Source
  3. Choose the input mode you prefer

Method 2 – Change Input Source without Remote Control

  1. Activate your television
  2. From the TV’s side or bottom, press the MENU button
  3. Navigate to the source option by pressing the volume button
  4. To select an input source, press the menu button

Note: To select your preferred input source, some TVs have a button on the side or back

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Common Problems With TCL TVs

tcl roku tv won't turn on

Technical problems can occur with TCL TVs. Despite their simplicity, these issues can become annoying over time. You may encounter some problems with your TCL TV if you follow these steps. 

Your TCL TV Has a Backlight Problem

An LED TV displays images through a backlight that emits LEDs. The TV will not turn on if one of the LEDs does not work properly. 

If the defective LED cannot be replaced manually, you can try to replace it with another one. However, this method should only be used if you are an experienced user. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort on this repair. 

Sending the TV for service is probably the best course of action in this situation.  

TCL TV Disconnects from the Internet

Different streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video are available on TCL TVs. If the TV constantly disconnects from the internet, you won’t be able to watch much content. 

You can follow these steps if you are having problems connecting your TCL TV:

  1. If your TV isn’t working, check your router. Using another internet-connected device will allow you to do this. Your TCL TV may be the problem if it works.
  2. Also, make sure that the router and TV are not located too far apart. If you have both your TV and your smartphone in the same room, try using the WiFi on your phone. 
  3. The router should be moved closer to the TV if WiFi doesn’t work. A WiFi extender can also be purchased to do this. 
  4. The TV and router should be restarted if the issue still persists.

Apps Not Working 

There is also the recurrent issue of apps crashing when used or launched on TCL TVs. 

Try deleting the app cache on your TV if this happens to you:

  1. Use your remote to press the Home button.
  2. Go to the Settings menu. 
  3. Click on Apps. 
  4. Choose each app you want to delete. Better results can be achieved by choosing all of them. 
  5. Click on Clear Cache.
  6. Then click OK. 
  7. It is now time to restart your TV.

Note: TCL TVs with Android operating systems are the only ones that will work with this method. 

It is imperative that you sign back in to all your streaming services as soon as you have deleted your app cache. 


Can a power surge damage my TCL Roku TV?

Yes, a power surge can damage your TCL Roku TV if it’s not protected by a surge protector. Power surges can happen when there is a sudden increase in electrical current, and they can damage your TV’s power supply or other components.

How can I prevent my TCL Roku TV from being damaged by a power surge?

To protect your TCL Roku TV from power surges, you can use a surge protector. A surge protector is a device that absorbs excess electrical energy and prevents it from reaching your TV. You can plug your TV into a surge protector and then plug the surge protector into a wall outlet.

Should I try to repair my TCL Roku TV myself if it won’t turn on?

No, you should not try to repair your TCL Roku TV yourself if it won’t turn on. TCL recommends that you contact their customer support team or professional repair service for assistance. Attempting to repair the TV yourself could be dangerous and may cause further damage.


There is nothing to worry about if your TCL TV won’t turn on. The problem can be fixed in several ways without sending it to the shop. 

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that all the cables are connected properly, including the power cord for your TV.
  2. A power cycle can be performed. It’s simply a matter of disconnecting the TV and pressing the On button for two minutes straight. Turn on the TV after reconnecting it. 
  3. Make sure the TV status light is on. It is important to reset the TV if the light blinks, but it does not turn on. By holding the Reset button for 30 seconds on the back of your TV, you can reset it. 
  4. Check the input source on your TV.

You should consider having your TCL TV repaired or purchasing a new one if you have tried all the steps above and it still won’t turn on.

Have you got any questions regarding troubleshooting your TCL TV?

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