Samsung Remote Blinking Red: Causes and Solutions in 2023

Samsung remote blinking red is a common problem faced by many Samsung TV owners. The red light on the remote may start flashing for various reasons, making it difficult for users to control their TV. In this article, we will explain the causes and possible solutions for this issue. So if you have been facing a similar problem with your Samsung remote, read on to find out what you can do to resolve it.

There are few appliances that are more sophisticated and reliable than Samsung appliances. The majority of them function smoothly, but if one of them malfunctions, it can be frustrating. What is the reason for the red blinking on your Samsung remote, for example?

Unless your Samsung device stops working, your Samsung remote blinking red isn’t always a serious issue. When the remote does not pair with the device or when the batteries are low, it flashes a red light. Blinking lights are caused by a number of factors, however.

Our article discusses troubleshooting steps for most of these issues, and most of them can be easily fixed. The goal is to demonstrate how to stabilize the blinking light so you don’t have to replace the remote completely.

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“What Causes Samsung Remote Blinking Red?”

samsung remote blinking red

The red light blinking on your Samsung remote could be caused by a few different issues, including:

Low Battery: 

One of the most common reasons for the Samsung remote blinking red is a low battery. The red light on the remote may start flashing if the battery is running low, indicating that it needs to be replaced.

Lack Of Proximity

The sensor and appliance may not be able to communicate because the remote is out of range. Try moving the remote closer to the appliance to see if it will stop blinking; move the remote closer to the appliance and see if it will stop.

Stopping the light solves the problem, and you know the light is caused by lack of proximity. Raise your hand closer to the television if the light continues blinking. There may be a problem with the sensor or the batteries if the light stops when the remote is closer to the TV.

A lack of communication

When the TV no longer responds to the remote, the remote may also blink red. There may be a glitch in the wiring or a wiring issue. If the TV receiver has a corresponding light, you can verify this. It indicates that they are not communicating effectively since there is no flashing light.

By pressing the B and C buttons, you can reset the remote. When the remote light on the TV flashes, it indicates a successful reset. Hold them for a few seconds. After you have reprogrammed the remote, you can use it to operate your television again by entering 981.

Interference from other Devices: 

Another possible reason for the Samsung remote blinking red could be interference from other electronic devices in the same room. This could cause the signal from the remote to be blocked, making it difficult for the TV to receive the commands.

Distance from the TV: 

The red light on the remote may start flashing if the remote is too far from the TV. This could result in the signal from the remote not reaching the TV, causing the remote to stop functioning.

Damaged Remote: 

The Samsung remote blinking red could also be due to physical damage to the remote itself. This could include broken buttons, a damaged circuit board, or other internal issues.

TV Software Issues:

In some cases, the red light on the Samsung remote may start flashing due to software issues on the TV. This could include a firmware update that has gone wrong, a software glitch, or a problem with the TV’s operating system.

These are the most common reasons for the Samsung remote blinking red. It is important to identify the cause of the problem in order to determine the most appropriate solution.

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How to Fix Samsung Remote Blinking Red?

samsung remote blinking red

If you’re experiencing a blinking red light on your Samsung remote, there are a few steps you can take to try to fix the issue:

1. Check The Batteries

In the event of battery failure, damage, or no longer viable batteries, the Samsung TV remote may blink red. When that happens, the remote stops working properly, and the batteries must be tested to determine if they are the source of the problem.

It may come as a surprise that many users overlook weak batteries when they should be aware of the problem. Batteries that are dead or damaged may leak fluid, which may lead to irreparable damage to the remote.

Put them into another device, observe the directional arrows, and remove them from the remote. In case the device works well, try checking the batteries; if not, continue troubleshooting. You will need new batteries for your remote if the device fails. Make sure they are installed correctly.

The old batteries need to be removed from the remote’s battery compartment so the new ones can be installed. Make sure the arrow is pointing in the right direction. Make sure the new batteries are inserted correctly by noting the polarity of the old ones. Ensure that the batteries are inserted correctly into the area marked with a + sign.

In the case of the – sign, the same applies. Ensure your Samsung remote works by using the correct AA batteries and testing it afterward.

2. Check The Pairing

It is also common for Samsung remote controls to blink red when they are paired. Previously, we discussed this possibility, but let’s explain why it’s a viable alternative.

You should have no problem pairing your TV with your remote when you first receive it. You can therefore use it to control the TV from anywhere in the room. In the event that the pairing comes undone over time, you may experience the remote blinking red every time you try to use it.

As a result, it is crucial to check whether the pairing is intact. You can then look for other issues and eliminate it as a possible cause. You may have to manually pair the remote control and TV again if the pairing is no longer working.

It is now impossible to use the remote with the television, so press the power button on the appliance to turn it on. The next step is to point the remote at the IR sensor on the TV. Be sure not to get too close to the set; keep a distance between one and two feet.

For about five seconds, hold down the Return and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously on the remote. When the pairing is complete and successful, you should see an icon of the battery and the remote on the screen. As soon as the blinking light stops, you should no longer see it.

3. Check For Obstructions

There may be other reasons for the blinking remote if you are able to see the remote and the TV clearly. No matter how big or small an item is, make sure it is not in the way. The IR sensor can be affected by even the tiniest obstruction.

TVs may be mounted on furniture, books, toys, bars, or any other item, depending on their location. Remote control is easily controlled from a distance thanks to the TV’s sensitive sensor. Because of its sensitivity, the remote can, however, be stopped from working by the smallest obstruction.

The remote may also not work if dirt is on the sensor. Similar to having a physical obstacle in the way, it works the same way. A cloud of dirt blocks the TV’s signal from reaching the sensor.

Remove possible obstructions from the sensor first, then clean it with a clean and damp cloth if that does not solve the problem. There is a possibility of damage if any liquid, spray cleaner, or dripping rag is used.

4. Check For A Stuck Button

It is possible that one or two buttons on a Samsung remote may be stuck, causing the red light to blink. If you release them, the remote will stop blinking and work again. Some buttons may become stuck due to grime, dirt, and oxidation over time and constant use.

If you are experiencing this problem, you can easily release them. Make several quick presses and releases of the affected buttons. It may be released from what causes it to stick when you apply pressure and speed during each press.

The remote may need to be disassembled if this process doesn’t work. The batteries must be removed by removing the cover over the battery compartment. After removing the back panel, unthread the screws in the battery compartment with a small screwdriver.

You can reach the buttons and circuit board by turning the remote over and removing the front panel. Make sure all buttons are clean and free of dust and oxidation by using a rubber eraser.

Rubber contacts and components can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol using a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. With warm soapy water and a soft cloth, clean the rubber padding over the buttons. Test the remote’s functionality by retracing your steps.

5. Check For Possible Damage

Some remotes may be damaged. The functionality of such a small device can be affected by any damage, whether external or internal. In order to prevent damage or stress to the remote, thoroughly inspect it. There are times when you can repair it, but there are also times when it cannot be repaired.

It is worth checking the connections inside the remote if there are no physical damages. You can test the connections by disassembling the remote and following the steps above. Especially if the remote and corresponding appliance are expensive, you should have a professional test it.

6. Restart the TV

Turn off your Samsung TV and turn it back on again if the remote blinks only when you use it. Depending on the outlet, you may need to unplug it. When the remote or TV malfunctions due to a bug or malware, turn it off for a few minutes to fix it.

You should wait several minutes before rebooting the TV. You may have to service the appliance if this simple process does not fix the problem. It is, however, possible to resolve the problem without rebooting the TV if the remote returns to normal function after rebooting the TV.

“Samsung Remote Blinking Red: Frequently Asked Questions”

What does it mean when my Samsung remote is flashing red?

A flashing red light on your Samsung remote could indicate a low battery, interference from other electronic devices, or dirty battery contacts.

Can I fix a blinking red light on my Samsung remote?

Yes, in most cases, you can fix the issue by replacing the batteries, moving the remote away from other electronic devices, cleaning the contacts, or resetting the remote.

What do I do if my Samsung remote won’t stop flashing red?

If your Samsung remote won’t stop flashing red after trying the above steps, it’s possible that there is a more serious issue with the remote. In this case, you may need to replace the remote or contact Samsung for further assistance.


A Samsung remote blinking red can be a frustrating experience, but it’s usually a simple issue that can be easily resolved. Whether it’s a low battery, interference from other electronic devices, or dirty contacts, there are steps you can take to fix the problem. If none of the steps work, you may need to replace the remote or contact Samsung for further assistance. Remember, the best way to prevent issues with your remote is to keep the battery contacts clean and replace the batteries regularly.

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