Roomba Error 26: What It Means and How to Solve It [2023]

Dealing with Roomba Error 26: Common Causes and Solutions

The acquisition of a Roomba robot vacuum is a game-changer in maintaining a spick and span household. Yet, electronic apparatuses such as these are prone to errors and disruptions. Enter Roomba Error 26, a prevalent glitch users face. In this write-up, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Roomba Error 26, its origins, and the ins and outs of DIY solutions that could potentially bring about a resolution.

What is Roomba Error 26?

Roomba Error 26
Roomba Error 26: Causes and Fixes!

Error 26, a pesky malfunction that frequently arises in Roomba robots, crops up when the battery is low or completely depleted. If you’re unlucky enough to come across this issue, your Roomba may abruptly stop cleaning during its task and present an error message on its screen, making you scratch your head in confusion.

Causes of Roomba Error 26

It’s crucial to fathom the myriad of reasons behind your Roomba’s Error 26 message. Don’t get perplexed, here are some of the most common culprits:

  • Low Battery – The lifeline of your Roomba’s operations is its battery. But if it’s low or has fully run out of juice, then brace yourself for the dreaded Error 26 message.
  • Faulty Battery – The battery may be the prime suspect if your Roomba’s battery is faulty and unable to hold a charge. The result? You guessed it, Error 26.
  • Dirty Battery Contacts – The battery contacts of your Roomba may get gritty and corroded, making it difficult for your Roomba to charge correctly, leading to the Error 26 message.
  • Damaged Charging Dock – If the charging dock of your Roomba has been damaged or is inoperable, your Roomba may not charge correctly, and you guessed it right, it will flash Error 26.
  • Faulty Charging Circuit – If your Roomba’s charging circuit isn’t functioning correctly, it may not charge the battery properly, resulting in the notorious Error 26 message.

DIY Fixes for Roomba Error 26

In the event of encountering Error 26, stay calm and try these DIY solutions to fix the issue:

Juice Up the Battery – The first step is to charge the battery of your Roomba correctly. Ensure that the charging dock is properly connected, and the charging contacts are unsoiled.

Replace the Battery – If the battery of your Roomba is not functioning properly, you may have to buy a new one from the Roomba retailers or online stores.

Clean the Battery Contacts – Over time, the battery contacts can accumulate dirt and corrosion, which may prevent your Roomba from charging. You can clean them using a soft cloth or a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Examine the Charging Dock – Your Roomba’s charging dock may have some debris or damage that hinders it from charging correctly, so inspect it thoroughly. Repair or replace it as necessary.

Reset Your Roomba – You can try resetting your Roomba as sometimes it works to resolve Error 26. To reset, hold the Clean button for 10 seconds till you hear a beep, then let go, and your Roomba will restart.

Additional tips and tricks

In addition to the DIY fixes mentioned earlier, here are some additional tips and tricks to prevent error 26:

  1. Keep your Roomba clean: Regularly clean your Roomba’s sensors, brushes, and wheels to prevent dust and debris from interfering with its performance. Use a soft cloth or brush to clean the sensors and avoid using harsh chemicals or water.
  2. Use a virtual wall: A virtual wall can help prevent your Roomba from getting stuck in tight spaces or going into areas where it shouldn’t. You can set up a virtual wall using the Roomba app or by purchasing a separate virtual wall accessory.
  3. Check your Roomba’s battery: A low or dying battery can cause errors and prevent your Roomba from functioning properly. Make sure your Roomba’s battery is fully charged before each use and replace it as needed.
  4. Schedule regular maintenance: Regular maintenance can help prevent errors and prolong the life of your Roomba. Check the user manual for recommended maintenance procedures and schedule regular check-ups with an authorized service center.

By following these tips and tricks, you can prevent error 26 and other issues from occurring with your Roomba. Remember to always use authorized Roomba accessories and follow proper maintenance procedures to keep your Roomba running smoothly.

How to prevent Roomba from causing error 26?

Looking to avoid Error 26 and keep your Roomba running smoothly? Try these tips and tricks:

Keep it clean: A tidy Roomba is a happy Roomba. Clean your Roomba’s sensors, brushes, and wheels regularly to prevent dust and debris buildup. Avoid using harsh chemicals or water, and opt for a soft cloth or brush instead.

Use a virtual wall: Keep your Roomba in check by setting up a virtual wall using the Roomba app or a separate accessory. This will prevent your Roomba from getting stuck in tight spaces or going into areas where it shouldn’t.

Check your battery: A dying battery can cause all sorts of problems, including Error 26. Always make sure your Roomba’s battery is fully charged before use and replace it as needed.

Schedule regular maintenance: Don’t neglect your Roomba! Check the user manual for recommended maintenance procedures and schedule regular check-ups with an authorized service center.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep Error 26 and other issues at bay. Stick to authorized accessories and proper maintenance procedures, and your Roomba will be a reliable cleaning companion for years to come.

With these top-notch pointers in your back pocket, you can stay ahead of the game and prevent any unwanted errors, including the infamous error 26. Keep in mind that taking care of your Roomba is key to ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. So, make sure to follow these tips, and show your Roomba some love by scheduling regular check-ups and performing routine maintenance tasks.


  • What causes Roomba error 26?

Roomba error 26 is a pestering issue that arises when the vacuum’s cliff sensors decide to go rogue. When this happens, your Roomba might have delusions of grandeur and think it’s about to take a plunge off a cliff, triggering the safety protocol that shuts down the robot.

  • How do I fix Roomba error 26?

Fear not, as there are numerous DIY fixes that can be attempted, including clearing the sensors or doing a factory reset. But be warned, if these approaches fail, you may have to seek assistance from the wise folks at Roomba customer support or a professional repair shop.

  • Can I prevent Roomba error 26 from happening?

Well, don’t just sit there, take some preventive measures! For starters, make sure to keep those sensors clean and pristine and avoid exposing your Roomba to filthy, dusty environments. Furthermore, it’s always wise to stick to authorized Roomba accessories to avoid compatibility issues.

  • Should I attempt to repair Roomba error 26 myself?

Trying to fix Roomba error 26 on your own may seem like a fun adventure, but it could also be a hazardous one. If you’re not careful, you might void your warranty or exacerbate the problem. So, if your DIY efforts hit a brick wall, it’s best to seek guidance from Roomba customer support or leave it to the experts at a repair shop.

  • Is Roomba error 26 covered under warranty?

If your vacuum is still under warranty, then you’re in luck! Roomba error 26 should be covered. However, before you jump for joy, make sure to read the warranty details carefully to ensure that the issue is covered and that you follow the proper procedures when making a warranty claim.


Roomba error 26 can cause a lot of headaches for Roomba owners, but fear not, there are ways to conquer this troublesome issue. We’ve covered a lot of ground on the various culprits behind this error, such as grubby sensors, dysfunctional wheels, and insufficient voltage. But don’t worry, with some DIY fixes such as sensor cleaning and a good reset, you can banish this error for good. If those DIY tips fail to work, reaching out to Roomba’s customer support or finding a qualified technician might be in order. Preventing Roomba error 26 from the outset is paramount, so don’t neglect your Roomba’s upkeep.

Regular sensor cleaning, debris removal from the wheels, and maintaining a fully charged battery are musts. Using only Roomba-approved batteries and avoiding sketchy third-party ones is also advisable. Keep these hacks in mind to keep Roomba error 26 at bay and keep your Roomba humming. As always, refer to the user manual and customer support for guidance and seek help from the pros if need be.

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