How to Connect Vizio TV to WiFi Without Remote?

Television has always been a great technology for keeping us entertained. Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular today for a variety of reasons. Their intelligent features have made them the newest trend in entertainment because they appeal to television fans.

With smart features at a reasonable price, Vizio smart TVs are among the best options. In case you’re having trouble logging into the WiFi network on your Vizio TV, here’s what you need to do.

In this article, we will discuss How to Connect Vizio TV to WiFi Without Remote in 6 ways.

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Why connect to a network?

When using a smart TV, users have virtually unlimited entertainment options. When it comes to watching movies and music, a big screen is the best way to enjoy them.

Aside from streaming videos, it also offers the following options:

  • Online movie theatres allow you to watch movies, TV shows, and television shows.

  • Browsers are included with modern models. Internet access is available for finding information and working. 

  • The video playing on a smartphone is broadcast on an enormous screen. YouTube users often use this feature to watch videos.

What you need to do to connect your Vizio TV to Wi-Fi without a remote

It isn’t difficult to use Vizio TVs without remote controls, despite the fact that they are heavily dependent on them.

Vizio TV can be connected to Wi-Fi network without a remote to continue enjoying its top-notch quality.

How to Connect Vizio TV to WiFi Without Remote

How to Connect Vizio Smart TV to WiFi Without Remote

1. Make use of universal remote control.

In order to enable Wi-Fi, a universal remote can be used. Smart home appliances can be easily controlled with this device. Instead of buying multiple remotes for different products, you can use one universal remote to operate them all.

It is important to keep the following factors in mind when purchasing a universal remote:

  • It has convenient features.

  • Based on activity-based regulations.

  • Working with other devices

2. Ethernet cables should be connected.

Ethernet connections are readily available for connecting Vizio TVs to the internet. Ethernet cables let you access the internet at a high speed and take advantage of all its benefits. You can do this by following these steps:

  • The first step is to identify your TV’s ethernet port. A television’s rear panel should usually have this port close to the other ports.

  • Your TV’s Ethernet wire should be connected to it once you locate it

  • On the other side of the cable, there is your Wi-Fi router. You will be able to connect your television directly to the internet in this way.

  • Once the cable is connected, a few settings need to be made. You can do this by switching on your television and accessing the menu. Due to the fact that not all Vizio TVs come with physical menu buttons, there is a limitation here. 

  • To connect to your home network, you must select it from the menu. When you select the connection type, you will be able to choose a wired network.

  • It’s important to connect our Vizio TV to the internet or Wi-Fi after it’s installed.

The method is handy, but not everyone is comfortable using it. If your TV supports physical menu buttons and has an Ethernet port, you can try this method. The following option is available if you do not have them.

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3. Get SmartCast installed on your device.

Another way to start your TV without a remote is by using the Vizio Smartcast App for Android and iOS.

The following steps will guide you through the process:

  • From the App Store, you can download the Smartcast app for iOS or Android. 

  • The app will identify and pair your Vizio TV once your phone is held near it. 

  • Select Control from the bottom section of the app once pairing is complete.

  • Choose the display you prefer from the list of devices in the upper right section.

  • Using your phone as a remote for your TV is easy once you’ve decided on a device.

  • In the settings of your Vizio TV, go to the Wi-Fi button, connect to an available Wi-Fi network, type the password, and you’re done.

This is arguably the best technique out of all of them. You can control the TV with your phone. Internet connectivity for Vizio TV is as easy as using the mobile app.

4. Connect a USB keyboard.

  • Vizio TV should be turned on.

  • To reset it, hold the “Input” and “Volume Down” buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.

  • You must then hold down the “Input” button for another ten seconds before the TV will prompt you to do so.

  • A ten-second delay will then be required for you to press the “Input” button again.
    Install your internet connection on your Vizio TV by connecting a wireless or wired keyboard to the Internet USB port.

5. Install remote apps.

Based on the straightforward infrared theory, these apps use infrared technology. Because of this, IR Blaster hacks are also known as “IR Blaster hacks.”

The following steps will guide you through connecting a Vizio Smart TV to Wi-Fi via a Remote App:

  • Firstly, you need to download a remote control app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

  • The next step is to connect your Vizio TV to your Wi-Fi.

  • A connection code will now be requested by your phone. You can put it in now.

  • After navigating, there is an option for Wi-Fi Menu.

  • Using the Remote App, reconnect your TV to Wi-Fi and restart watching.

The Smartcast app for Vizio TV can be used in case these remote apps don’t work as intended or if you want to switch to another app that works better.

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6. A wireless adapter is needed.

An introduction to wireless adapters in a video

If your TV does not have an Ethernet port, you can connect it to your network using a wireless adapter. To connect your TV to Wi-Fi, you need a wireless adapter connected to the USB port.

Wi-Fi adapters can be connected to your TV using these instructions:

  • Your TV’s USB port should be connected to the wireless adapter.

  • Once your TV is connected to the network, turn it on. 

  • Once connected, you can use all features that require an internet connection.

Here are some things you should know about Vizio TVs:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Vizio Smart TV support 5 GHz?

In contrast to the newer Vizio Smart TVs, which can connect to the 5 GHz frequency band without any difficulties, earlier Vizio Smart TVs might have trouble connecting to this frequency band since they lack the antenna needed to interact with it.

What is the best way to connect a Vizio TV to a mobile hotspot?

Using a mobile hotspot to connect your Vizio TV is the same as using Wi-Fi.

Select “network menu” from your TV’s menu. Select the network you want to connect to from there. To ensure a strong internet connection, keep your phone near the TV.

What is the Wi-Fi Direct capability of the Vizio Smart TV?

There is Wi-Fi Direct functionality on Vizio Smart TVs. Any device that supports Wi-Fi Direct can be connected to your Vizio Smart TV using the same method. 

What is the process for downloading apps on a Vizio TV?

Start the Chromecast app download on Vizio smart TVs with SmartCast by downloading a Chromecast-compatible app. You can also stream media using an iOS app that supports Apple Airplay. Install an app on an older Vizio TV by pressing the V button on the remote.

Can VIZIO provide technical support?

Whether you have a question or concern, VIZIO is available by SMS and chat.

There is also phone support available from VIZIO. We are available for chat and SMS support from 8 AM to 8 PM (CST) Monday through Friday, and 9 AM to 8 PM (CST) on Saturdays and Sundays (CST). The VIZIO customer service department is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM  to 11 PM  (CST) and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM to 8 PM (CST).


It is our wish that you have found this article helpful in figuring out how to set up your TV with a Wi-Fi connection.

Nevertheless, we recommend buying a new remote (or a universal remote, if you can’t find your original), since it is undoubtedly the easiest and most practical way to operate your TV.

A USB keyboard, an ethernet cable, third-party apps, and an ethernet cable are also possible methods.

You are ultimately responsible for making the decision. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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