How Big is a 65 Inch TV? Exploring 65 Inch TV Dimensions [2023]

How Big is a 65 Inch TV? A Complete Guide

How Big is a 65 Inch TV
How Big or Wide is a 65 Inch TV? Exploring 65 Inch TV Dimensions [2023]

The vastness of a 65 inch TV can spark the curiosity and ignite the passion of any ardent aficionado of home entertainment systems. If you are ruminating on an upgrade to your current setup, the inquiry of how big or wide is a 65 inch TV can potentially engross your thoughts. In this guide, we shall embark on an odyssey to illuminate this inquiry and furnish an all-encompassing analysis of the dimensions and width of a 65 inch TV, whilst also situating it within the broader panorama of TV dimensions. So, with no further ado, let us plunge into the unfathomable expanses of the 65 inch television and untangle its mysteries.

The Basics of 65 Inch Television Screen Size

The aphorism that larger screen sizes are invariably superior does not invariably hold up when it comes to the realm of television. An array of factors must be taken into consideration, ranging from the viewing distance to the room’s dimensions, before arriving at the optimal TV size. Whilst a 65 inch television undoubtedly has the potential to enrich the viewing experience in a capacious living room or a home theater, it may be an instance of overindulgence in a confined bedroom or a compact apartment. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise circumspection and perspicacity when selecting the appropriate TV size for one’s requirements, as an ill-informed decision can result in a subpar viewing experience and a remorseful squandering of resources.

How to Measure Dimensions of a 65 Inch TV

To deduce the measurements of a television, one must measure the diagonal distance spanning the opposing corners of the screen. In the instance of a 65 inch television, the diagonal screen size is precisely 65 inches, signifying that the TV’s width and height will fluctuate based on the aspect ratio. The complexities of aspect ratio, thus, play an integral role in defining the precise dimensions of a 65 inch television and can wield a substantial impact on the viewing experience. Hence, before embarking on a quest to procure a 65 inch TV, it is prudent to be knowledgeable about the interplay between diagonal screen dimensions and aspect ratio, as it can exert a profound influence on the dimensions and capabilities of the TV.

Understanding Aspect Ratio

When considering the grandiose spectacle of a 65 inch television, it’s important to contemplate the intricacies of its aspect ratio. The aspect ratio, denoting the proportional relationship between the width and height of the screen, is a vital factor to consider. Most modern TVs boast a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, meaning the width stretches an impressive 16 units while the height measures a comparably modest 9 units. However, one must also bear in mind that certain outdated TVs may still adhere to the antiquated standard aspect ratio of 4:3, resulting in a screen that appears more square-shaped.

How Big or Wide is a 65 Inch TV in Inches and Centimeters?

Inquiry regarding the dimensions of a 65 inch TV would be incomplete without discussing the intricacies of aspect ratio. The proportionate relationship between the width and height of a screen, aspect ratio plays a crucial role in determining the exact measurements of a TV. For most contemporary models, the widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 is standard, signifying that the width is 16 units while the height is 9 units. Nonetheless, older models may be found with a standard aspect ratio of 4:3, denoting a more square-shaped display. Bearing this in mind, it can be determined that a 65 inch TV, with its 163.9 centimeter diagonal screen size, would generally have an actual width of around 57.3 inches (145.5 cm) and a height of approximately 32.2 inches (81.8 cm) when using a 16:9 aspect ratio.

How Big is a 65 Inch TV compared to Other TV Dimensions?

When it comes to selecting the right TV size for your space, a 65 inch TV is a considerable option that will require sufficient room to accommodate its grandeur. A spacious living room or a home theater with generous dimensions would be a fitting place for a 65 inch television to showcase its capabilities. Yet, if your area is limited in space, opting for a smaller TV size would be more appropriate.

Here’s a comparison of a 65 inch television with other common TV dimensions:

  • 32 inch TV: 28 inches wide, 16 inches high
  • 40 inch TV: 35.5 inches wide, 20 inches high
  • 50 inch TV: 44 inches wide, 25 inches high
  • 65 inch TV: 57.3 inches wide, 32.2 inches high
  • 75 inch TV: 65.4 inches wide, 36.8 inches high
  • 85 inch TV: 74.1 inches wide, 41.7 inches high

The Benefits of a 65 Inch Television

A TV with a 65 inch screen size can offer an enthralling and engaging viewing experience, particularly for watching films and sports. The enlarged screen size facilitates the visualization of a greater level of details and enhances the cinematic experience, making it feel more true-to-life and immersive.

Some of the benefits of a 65 inch TV are:

  • Wider viewing angle: A 65 inch TV, boasting an impressive diagonal screen size, can offer a panoramic viewing experience, providing a wider angle for viewers to appreciate from multiple positions.
  • Better picture quality: This larger screen size also means that you can witness intricate details with greater clarity, heightening your cinematic experience to unprecedented levels of immersion.
  • More comfortable viewing experience: The larger screen size can also accommodate for more viewers, as it can comfortably provide a larger viewing space for a group or family, ensuring everyone gets a great view.
  • Enhanced gaming experience: Gaming enthusiasts can benefit greatly from a 65 inch TV, as the larger screen dimensions can display graphics with more precision and detail, amplifying the gaming experience and making it all the more thrilling.

The Drawbacks of a 65 Inch Television

While a 65 inch TV has many benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Some of the drawbacks of a 65 inch TV are:

  • Price: A 65 inch TV, being a larger size, comes with a heftier price tag, making it generally more expensive than its smaller counterparts.
  • Space: A 65 inch TV requires a larger space to accommodate its size, so it is imperative that you have sufficient space in your living area before considering purchasing it.
  • Installation: The installation process of a 65 inch TV can be more complicated and time-consuming than smaller dimensions, requiring a great deal of patience and technical knowledge.
  • Viewing distance: To fully enjoy the immersive viewing experience a 65 inch TV offers, you need to sit farther away from the screen than you would with smaller TV dimensions. This may pose a problem if you have limited space in your living area, as you may not be able to reap the full benefits of having a 65 inch TV.

The dimensions of a 65 inch TV bring about both advantages and disadvantages, so one must deliberate meticulously before deciding if this television size is suitable for their requirements.

Factors to Consider When Buying a 65 Inch Television

If you’re seeking the best 65 inch television for your viewing pleasure, it’s vital to consider various factors before buying. Here are some important factors to keep in mind:

  • Display Technology: The display technology is crucial since it has a significant impact on the image quality. There are multiple display technologies available, including LCD, OLED, and QLED, each with its pros and cons. Thus, extensive research is necessary to determine which technology suits your budget and preferences.
  • Resolution: The resolution of the TV is another important factor to consider. The resolution influences the sharpness and detail of the picture, and the 4K resolution is an ideal choice for a 65 inch television, providing four times the resolution of a standard 1080p TV.
  • HDR: HDR technology plays a critical role in enhancing the contrast and color of a TV, resulting in a more realistic and vibrant image. Therefore, when purchasing a 65 inch television, ensure that it supports HDR to optimize your viewing experience.
  • Refresh Rate: The refresh rate determines the smoothness of the TV’s motion and is particularly essential for fast-paced content like sports and action movies. A higher refresh rate provides less motion blur and smoother motion.
  • Smart Features: Various smart features such as built-in Wi-Fi and streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu are vital to consider. When selecting a 65 inch television, it’s essential to choose one with smart features that are significant to you.

How to Set Up Your 65 Inch Television

To maximize your viewing experience, it’s crucial to set up your 65 inch television correctly. Follow these tips for optimal performance:

Location is key: Avoid glare and ensure a comfortable viewing distance from the screen. The sweet spot for a 65 inch television is around 8-10 feet away.

Mount it right: If wall-mounting is your plan, use the appropriate wall mount and follow the installation instructions to a T.

Connect devices: Hook up all your devices such as gaming consoles and cable boxes to your TV using HDMI cables. To prevent confusion, label each device’s input.

Calibrate: Proper calibration guarantees the best picture quality possible. Use the built-in tools on your TV or hire an expert to do it for you.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with a 65 Inch Television

When it comes to a 65 inch television, it’s not uncommon to experience issues even with proper setup. In case you run into any issues, here are some common problems and their potential solutions:

Poor Picture Quality: If the picture quality is not up to par, tweaking the brightness, contrast, and color settings might do the trick. Additionally, you may want to check for any loose or damaged cables that could be interfering with the signal.

Sound Issues: If you’re experiencing sound problems, start by checking the TV’s volume settings to make sure it’s not on mute. You can also try connecting external speakers for an enhanced audio experience.

Remote Control Issues: If the remote control isn’t working, swapping the batteries or resetting the remote might help. Alternatively, you can try using a universal remote control if the issue persists.


Q: How big is a 65 inch TV?

A: The enormity of a 65 inch TV’s diagonal screen measurement is simply staggering, clocking in at a mind-bending 65 inches, or approximately 165 centimeters in metric terms.

Q: What is the ideal viewing distance for a 65 inch Television?

A: To fully bask in the glory of a 65 inch Television, one must position themselves at an ideal viewing distance of around 8-10 feet, or approximately 2.4-3 meters away.

Q: What is the difference between a 4K and a 1080p resolution on a 65 inch television?

A: 4K resolution on a 65 inch TV is truly a sight to behold, boasting an impressive four times the number of pixels compared to a paltry 1080p resolution. This means that a 4K TV can display far more details and have sharper images compared to a measly 1080p TV.

Q: What type of display technology should I choose for my 65 inch television?

A: The most common display technologies for a 65 inch TV are the ubiquitous LED and the superior OLED. LED TVs are definitely more wallet-friendly and offer a brighter image, while OLED TVs provide exquisite contrast and deeper blacks that are simply unmatched.

Q: Do I need a smart TV for my 65 inch television?

A: Although it’s not an absolute necessity to have a smart TV for a 65 inch TV, having smart features can offer unparalleled access to streaming services and other online content that one could only dream of in the past.

Q: How do I mount my 65 inch television on the wall?

A: If one is brave enough to attempt to mount a 65 inch TV on the wall, they must exercise caution and use the appropriate wall mount and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation to the letter.

Q: What do I do if I encounter issues with my 65 inch television?

A: In the rare event that you encounter issues with your 65 inch TV, you can troubleshoot common issues such as poor picture quality, sound issues, or remote control issues with ease. If all else fails, it may be best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional assistance to solve the issue at hand.

Q: How do I turn off my 65 inch television?

A: To power down your majestic 65 inch TV, simply press the power button on the remote or the TV itself. Alternatively, the TV may simply shut itself off after a period of inactivity, adding to the already impressive list of magical features.


Ultimately, the answer to “how wide or big is a 65 inch TV” is that it’s quite sizable, and can offer a captivating and cinematic experience. However, there are various factors to weigh when selecting a 65 inch TV, such as display technology, resolution, and smart capabilities. Once you’ve procured your television, it’s crucial to properly set it up and resolve any complications that may crop up. By doing so, you’ll be able to savor an immersive and movie-like viewing experience without ever having to leave the comfort of your abode.

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