Does Safeway Take Apple Pay? – The Ultimate Guide [2022]

Apple Pay makes paying for anything like Safeway easy, and I recently learned about it. My regular grocery store is Safeway, where I get my groceries every week. Despite thinking of using it there, I never had the chance. If you’re wondering does Safeway take Apple Pay, then this is the place for you.

During my last visit to Safeway, I was caught in a heavy downpour. My dash from my car somehow kept me from getting all that wet as I entered the store.

Since I was in a hurry, the last thing I did was forget my wallet on the way out. I immediately recognized what had happened when I walked into the store for the first time. Then I remembered that I had Apple Pay with me and I wondered does Safeway take Apple Pay?

I thought it would be a great opportunity to put it to good use.


The first thing you should know before you ask does Safeway take Apple Pay is this:

All Safeway stores take Apple Pay, and all of them have NFC readers. You cannot use it to pay for your order on the website or in the app.


Have you ever wondered Does Safeway Take Apply Pay?

In my knowledge, one of the most repeatedly asked queries is, Does Safeway take Apple Pay? If you have used Apple Pay at another store equipped with NFC, you can use it at Safeway as well.

Payment information between your phone and the NFC reader is encrypted and shared continuously between the two devices until the transaction is completed.

If you are interested in learning more about How does Safeway take Apple Pay, You must-

  1. Apple Wallet App can be found on your iPhone. Open it.
  2. Near the NFC reader, hold your iPhone.
  3. You will be prompted to authorize using Face ID or your fingerprint.
  4. The phone screen will display a Checkmark icon when the transaction has been completed.

In addition, it should be noted that, as of now, Safeway stores does take Apple Pay as a method of payment. As of now, you will not be able to use the Safeway App or the Safeway website to make purchases.


Does Apple Pay take any fees at Safeway?

Apple Pay at the stores will keep your transactions safe, as well as help you find your exact order change without any confusion.

You should also know that Apple Pay has the added advantage of being free to use, which is one of its biggest advantages. It is not necessary to provide any hidden fees or charges to the stores or Apple Pay.

Whenever you pay with Apple Pay and the stores don’t charge you any processing or transaction fees.


Does Safeway Take Any Other Payment Methods Except Apple Pay

You should be aware that Apple Pay is not the only method of payment accepted at the stores. For payments, cash and checks are always accepted. 

Safeway accepts a number of other major methods of payment in addition to those listed below.


You can use your credit or debit card at Safeway

There are a number of major credit and debit cards accepted at Safeway. It is possible to use your American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards to make a payment. However, Safeway only accepts two kinds of debit cards – Visa and MasterCard – when paying with a debit card.


You can use your EBT Cards at Safeway

People who use electronic benefit transfer cards (EBT cards) can pay retailers such as Safeway directly with their cards to take advantage of government concessions such as food stamps. There are some similarities between the EBT card and a debit card in terms of how it works.


You can use your Gift and Prepaid Cards at Safeway

It is also possible to use a Safeway gift card if you have received one from somewhere else in the past.

There is also an Everyday Select Rewards prepaid card available from Visa, which you can purchase. With this card, you can reload your account for free every day and earn up to $40 cash back a year.

The gift and prepaid cards can also be used at other participating retailers, such as Albertsons, Shaw’s, Carry’s, Kings, Pavilions, and others.


You can use Google Pay at Safeway

Regardless of whether you use an iPhone or not, you can make contactless payments with Google Pay.

There is no difference between Google Pay and Apple Pay when it comes to how it works. It is as simple as opening the App, keeping your phone close to the NFC reader, and authorizing the payment.


You can use Coupons at Safeway

It is not uncommon for Safeway to offer promotional coupons from time to time. Your regular store visit may have already resulted in you receiving a Safeway coupon.

Coupons offer only a small discount on the total amount, so they need to be combined with other payment methods.


Final Thoughts: Does Safeway Take Apple Pay [Ultimate Guide 2022]

Apple Pay is now my preferred method of payment everywhere I go since my last visit to the local store.

Using Apple Pay is as easy as placing my phone near a NFC reader and authorizing the payment.

It’s that easy, and encryption ensures that every transaction detail is completely secure.

I have a problem with Apple Pay because I can’t pay for groceries at Safeway using it on the website or app. Currently, just credit cards and debit cards are acceptable for online orders.



How Does Apple Pay Works Safeway?

At Safeway, Apple Pay is a payment method that can be used. Authorize the transaction by opening the Apple Pay app and holding your phone near the NFC reader.


What are the payment methods at Safeway?

Safeway stores accept cash, checks, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, prepaid cards, EBT cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.


Does it sounds good and safe to use Apple Pay at Safeway?

There is no risk of using Apple Pay at Safeway because it is secure. The NFC reader and iPhone exchange encrypted information.


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