Does Petco take Apple Pay? – The Ultimate Guide [2023]

If you own a pet, you might visit Petco on a regular basis if you have a pet. My own family has adopted two golden retrievers over the years. Even with this in mind, I have always been curious: Does Petco take Apple Pay?

There is always chaos whenever I take them to Petco every time I take them there. My difficulty in shopping is that they are just too joyful and playful, making it difficult for me to do so. It is difficult for me to keep my wallet safe in this constant flurry of activity.

There was nothing I could do to stop their enthusiasm in their favorite store, so I had to find another method of payment.

It was then that I came across Apple Pay, which was able to seal the deal for me thanks to its two-step payment process.

Having researched whether Petco does take Apple Pay or not before switching, I also found a way to earn rewards points with every Apple Pay transaction.

There is no doubt in my mind that Petco does take Apple Pay at all of its locations in the United States. Petco does take Apple Pay in-store only, and you won’t be able to use it online.


Does Petco Take Apple Pay at Their All Stores?

Does Petco Take Apple Pay


Upon Apple Pay’s debut in 2014, Petco and Unleashed announced that Petco does accept Apple Pay.



Petco accepts payments through your iPhone or Apple watch if you have one.

In case you’re an Apple Pay user, you are already aware that Petco does take Apple Pay. I will walk you through the steps below if you are a first-timer.


Use Apple Pay at Petco Store to pay.

  1. Make sure the cashier knows you’ll be using Apple Pay.
  2. You will need to open the Apple Wallet application.
  3. It is imperative to ensure that your iPhone is placed closely to the NFC reader.
  4. Let it authorize and depending on your iPhone model, it’ll either be Face ID or Fingerprint.
  5. The payment will be confirmed by a checkmark on your screen.


Use Apple Watch at Petco Store to pay.

  1. Keep your Apple watch near the NFC reader until the payment notification appears.
  2. You can use the default card or scroll to find other cards by pressing the side button twice.
  3. Payment completion is signaled by a single beep and a soft tap.


Does Petco Take Any Fees When Paying With Apple Pay?

It is imperative to know the fees associated with Apple Pay before using it at Petco.

To your delight, you don’t have to worry about any hidden or extra charges levied on your purchases made with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is absolutely free to use, and Petco or Apple Pay does not take any processing fees.

Paying with Apple Pay does not incur any additional fees, but you can earn points as well.

If you would like to take advantage of Petco’s Pals Rewards membership program, all you need to do is enroll. When you purchase this membership, you will earn 1 Pals Rewards point for every dollar you spend at Petco.

We recommend that you review the Petco terms and conditions for more information about the Petco program.


What Are Other Payment Methods Petco Does Take Besides Apple Pay?

In addition to what I previously explained, Petco does take Apple Pay for in-store purchases. Some of you might have to use other payment methods for online orders accepted by Petco.

You can make a payment for your purchase with any of the other payment options that Petco accepts.


Petco Does Take Credit and Debit Cards.

For offline and online purchases, Petco accepts American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Visa cards.

When you swipe your credit or debit cards to pay, you can use the tap-to-pay feature as well.

In partnership with MasterCard, Petco also offers its customers a Petco Pay credit card that is exclusive to Petco.

With this card, you will earn twice as many Pals Rewards points as you do with the Pals Rewards card with no annual fee.

If you would prefer to get more details regarding the Petco Credit card, you can visit the website.


Petco Does Accept PayPal.

It is also worth mentioning that Petco accepts PayPal as a digital payment method. Your PayPal account must be linked to your credit card before you can use it to pay.

It is possible to pay for both online and offline purchases with PayPal.


Petco Does Accept Klarna.

With Petco’s recent partnership with Klarna, you can now pay online and offline using the Buy Now Pay Later option. 

Set up your Klarna account, place your order at Petco, choose Klarna at checkout, and pay in 4 interest-free installments. The Petco-Klarna page has more information about it which you can find on the website.


Petco Does Accept Gift Cards.

In addition to physical gift cards, Petco offers e-gift cards that can be purchased at their stores or on their website.

The majority of the time, this kind of payment is used for giving as a gift to family and friends.


Final Thoughts: Does Petco Take Apple Pay [Answered].

No matter what time of day you visit Petco, you will find it to be a busy store, but it does take Apple Pay. There were a number of reasons why Petco decided to adopt Apple Pay.

Petco wanted to make transactions easier for customers, according to its press release.

Even so, there has been some confusion regarding does Petco take Apple Pay since it does not appear on its payment options page.

Now that you know how to use Apple Pay at Petco, you can make your first payment.



Does Petco take contactless payments other than Apple Pay?

Tap-and-pay credit cards and digital payment options were introduced by Petco in 2012. Apple Pay has also been available since 2014, and now you can also pay with it.


Is it possible to use digital payments at Petco?

To make purchases at Petco stores, you are able to use digital payment options such as PayPal and Apple Pay.


Does Petco offer the facility for you to buy now and pay later?

As part of their partnership with Klarna, Petco is providing consumers with the option to buy now and pay later. Klarna provides you with the option to pay for your purchase over four months in interest-free installments.


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