Does Michaels Take Apple Pay? – Ultimate Guide [2023]

There were just a few days left until Christmas, and I still hadn’t bought a Christmas tree for the occasion. In order to get an amazing Christmas tree, I decided to stop by Michaels to buy one. As I was in a hurry to get there early, I forgot to carry extra cash with me. There was barely enough money for me to make the payment. In spite of this, I was wondering if Does Michaels Take Apple Pay?

Michaels is always crowded around Christmas, so I was unable to make another trip there around that time. 

It was my phone that I had with me, so if Michaels does take Apple Pay, then I would be able to use it to pay my bill. As soon as I saw the staff, I immediately asked if Michaels does take Apple Pay as a payment method.

In addition to getting an answer, I learned how to save money at Michaels next time.

There is no doubt, Michaels does take Apple Pay as a method of payment using an Apple Watch or your iPhone without the need for a click.


How Does Michaels Take Apple Pay?

Does Michaels Take Apple Pay

In addition to its widespread recognition, Apple Pay is convenient for many customers due to its ease of use. It does take Apple Pay as a payment option if you are carrying an iPhone or Apple Watch.


It is possible to pay without clicking a button.

  • You can do this by tapping twice on the side button of your iPhone.
  • By using features such as Face ID or Touch ID, you will be able to prove who you are.
  • Using a card reader that can read NFC cards, place your iPhone in front of it.
  • When you see confirmation that the payment has been made, keep the iPhone still.

All you have to do is open your phone and your payment went through without you having to click.


The Apple Watch is capable of being used to make payments at Michaels.

Using your Apple Watch as a payment method is another contactless payment option.

  • The easiest way to do this is to tap twice on the side button on your iPhone.
  • NFC card reader should be positioned in front of Apple Watch.
  • Wait until you see a confirmation of your payment on your Apple Watch.


Making payments with an iPhone.

Alternatively, you can pay with your iPhone if you are hesitant to use no-touch payments.

  • The Apple Wallet app is readily accessible via iPhone for making payments.
  • Your Apple Wallet will display a list of cards you have added.
  • The terms and conditions can be accepted by clicking the Continue button.
  • You can now tap on Next/Continue to finish.


Does Apple Pay allow users to take cashback at Michaels?

You might be able to get cashback on every purchase you make if you use Apple Pay at stores that support it.

As it does accept Apple Pay, you can use those points to buy future products through Apple Pay every time you make a purchase.


Does Michaels take a fee when you use Apple Pay?

Neither Apple Pay nor Michaels does not take any extra fees at Michaels stores if you make use of Apple Pay. Cell phone service fees, credit card fees, and debit card fees will still apply, however.



As a result, I am relieved to find out that it does accept Apple Pay. With cashback points I can use toward future purchases, I picked out the perfect Christmas tree for my home.

The only thing I needed to do in order to use Apple Pay at Michaels was place my iPhone near the contactless scanner, and I didn’t have to open any applications or enter any additional information.

If you want to use Apple Pay at Michaels, look for signs that read ”✔ Accepts Apple Pay”, just in case some old Michaels stores does not take Apple Pay.

Furthermore, Apple Pay does not allow businesses to access your credit or debit card information when you make a purchase.

As of right now, Apple Pay has not been accepted by Walmart, but there are some other retailers that accept it, including Target, Costco, and Ross.



What additional payment methods does Michaels take besides Apple Pay?

Paying with credit and debit cards, Google Pay, or Apple Pay is the most common way to make a purchase.


Does Michaels have any restrictions on Apple Pay?

The Michaels store should accept the app and you should be able to use it as payment as long as you have it installed.

Although certain stores may have limitations, Apple Pay has no price limit. Make sure the store accepts Apple Pay before you make a purchase.


What is the easy and convenient way to get cashback at Michaels with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay will automatically deposit the cashback amount to your bank account without your involvement.



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